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Ketchup is a condiment that can be used to make a sauce. It's a popular topping on hot dogs and hamburgers, but it can also be mixed with tomatoes for a delicious pasta sauce. This recipe shows how to make

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How to make pasta sauce with ketchup

Last Updated on November 20, 2020

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Tomato Ketchup Pasta Recipe – Ketchup Spaghetti Recipe – Kids Friendly Recipes with step wise pictures.

Super easy ketchup pasta recipe which is loved by kids. Since it is made with their all time favourite ingredient tomato ketchup. It is a great recipe to put together in minutes.

If you are out of tomatoes or other stuffs. Then this recipe comes handy. It is made using ketchup and i am sure it is one of the staple ingredients in everyones house specially with the ones with kids. Then this recipe can be put together in under 15 mins.


1)Take a tsp of cornflour in a bowl.

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2)Add some water and make it into a liquid slurry

3)Heat oil in a pan

4)Add in garlic and saute for a min

5)Once it is well sauted

6)Add in oregano and chilli flakes

7)Add in tomato ketchup

8)Add a good amount of it in.

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9)Saute it for a min.

10)Add salt and sugar

11)Add in water

12)Mix well

13)Add in the milk mix.

14)Mix well. Cook for a min.

15)Now it is all thick.

16)Add in cooked pasta

17)Toss well in the sauce.


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