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This recipe for penne pasta with alfredo sauce is simple and easy to make. It takes about 15 minutes to prepare and the entire family will enjoy it!

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How to make penne pasta with alfredo sauce

More ONE POT Pasta recipes, you ask? Well, do I have a new one for you: One-Pot Penne Alfredo Pasta!

One-Pot Penne Alfredo Pasta

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This One-Pot Penne Alfredo Pasta wonder is crafted to make getting pasta Alfredo on the table in no time and a slightly healthier option. No, I am no deeming this version as “healthy”; however, the Alfredo sauce I grew up enjoying involved a carton of heavy creamer, 2 sticks of butter, and a ton of parmesan. It was glorious!

Here, similar to a lot of my one-pot pasta recipes, we are cooking the pasta in the same liquid that is the alfredo sauce. I do this because the starchy pasta water really adds a nice texture to the sauce and thickens it up nicely without the need of heavy cream or flour.

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One-Pot Penne Alfredo Pasta

The result is delightful and something the whole family will gobble up!!! Enjoy!!

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