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Red Robin fry sauce is a popular dipping sauce at the chain restaurant. It's made with mayonnaise, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, and sugar.

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How to make red robin fry sauce

Red Robin Campfire sauce is the perfect dipping sauce to prepare for French fries, chicken nuggets, or onion rings. You can even drizzle it on a homemade grilled burger. It is so easy to make, and you will be blown away by the taste of this fantastic sauce.

Homemade Red Robin Campfire Sauce in a ramekin in front of a basket of chicken tenders.

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Everyone loves unique sauces for dipping. Chick Fil A has the Chick Fil A Sauce, Smashburger has the Smashsauce, and Caines has their amazing sauce as well. Red Robin Campfire sauce deserves to be known as one of those condiments everyone loves. And, there are so many ways to use this sauce.

A Smoky Sauce

If you don’t live near a Red Robin, you probably have never enjoyed this sauce in the restaurant. However, you can make it at home in just a matter of minutes. This sauce is a mixture of mayonnaise, inexpensive hickory barbeque sauce, and chipotle pepper. If you have never used chipotle before, you are missing out. Chipotle peppers are jalapeno peppers that have been smoked.

Chipotle Peppers

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Chipotle peppers are smoked and dried jalapenos. Jalapenos are green for most of the growing season, but turn red in the fall. Chipotle peppers are the perfect way to add small amounts of heat to a dish, and a lot of smoke.

Often chipotle peppers are used in Southwestern and Mexican dishes, and they are known for their earthy, smoky taste. It’s a great way to add a deep smoky flavor that does not taste artificial. You can buy chipotle pepper at Target and other stores and you can also find it online.

Red Robin Comes from the Song

In the 1940s, Sam’s Tavern opened in Seattle. Sam, the owner, loved to sing When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin‘ Along with his barbershop quartet. He fell so much in love with this song that he changed the name of his tavern to Sam’s Red Robin.

Fast forward to 1980, Red Robin opened its first restaurant outside of Washington State in Portland, Oregon. In 1983, Red Robin hatched its colorful mascot, “Red” and kids started to fall in love with this enchanting robin. Read more about the history of Red Robin by clicking here.

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Homemade Red Robin Campfire Sauce in a ramekin next to a basket of chicken fingers.

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You can purchase the bottled version of campfire sauce in the store. When you make homemade sauce, it tastes much better. So be sure to give this recipe a try and be amazed by the wonderful smokey flavor!

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