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Pickles are a delicious way to preserve vegetables and fruits. Here is how to make refrigerator beet pickles.

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How to make refrigerator beet pickles

Beet Pickled Eggs are hard boiled eggs infused with sweet and tangy beet juice, transformed into a fantastic protein-packed nutritious snack that’s so pretty and crazy easy to make!

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My husband informed me that Beet Pickled Eggs are classic bar food…apparently they go really well with beer. I know nothing about this because I don’t like beer, but his parents used to own two bars, so I’m going to take his word for it.

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One thing is certain – they are super yummy and one of my favorite snacks. Similar to my Soy Sauce Eggs, but instead of salty, they’re sweet. And aren’t they pretty!?

How to Make Pickled Eggs with Beets

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After you make my hard boiled eggs and pickled beets, it literally takes 2 minutes to assemble these Beet Pickled Eggs.

Place peeled hard boiled eggs in a mason jar or glass container. Pour the beet juice from the pickled beets over the eggs, cover, and refrigerate. You can eat them right away, but ideally wait at least 24 hours (48 is even better!) for the flavors to deepen.

You’ve got yourself a protein-packed breakfast or afternoon bite.

NOTE: That beautiful pink you see in the pictures is only from 14 hours of marinating. The longer the eggs are in the pickling liquid, the deeper it penetrates into the whites (and even yolks), which results in a richer flavor. Flavor is also dependent on the brine you use.

sliced beet pickled eggs on white plate with whole eggs in background

How Long Do Pickled Beet Eggs Last?

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Pickling was (and still is) a way to preserve food, so these will last for months and still be safe if stored properly in the refrigerator, but when eggs stay in brine for an extended period of time, they can become rubbery and chewy. Because of this, it’s my preference to eat them within a week.

NOTE: these pickled eggs should be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator at all times. These are not shelf stable and not meant to be canned for the pantry.

overhead picture of 4 beet pickled eggs on white plate

How to Use Beet Pickled Eggs

We love these as a snack or appetizer with a little sprinkle of pepper and chopped chives, but they are also great on sandwiches or sliced over a simple salad.

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