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This Instructable is about how to make roses out of hard boiled eggs. You will need a few supplies for this project, but it is very easy and quick to do.

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How to make roses out of hard boiled eggs

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While making lunch today, I stumbled upon a happy surprise. I was trying to make egg wedges out of my hard boiled eggs and thought I’d use my apple corer/slicer. Much to my delight, the eggs looked like little flowers! The Mister said I needed to share them with you.

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To make egg flowers from hard boiled eggs, take an egg and sit it upright so that the narrow point of the egg is at the top. Take your apple corer/slicer and gently press down and slice almost all of the way through the egg. Carefully remove the slicer and discard the most of the middle part of the yolk. In the photo above, you can see the extra bits of egg white and yolk that I’ve removed from the flower.

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I’m sure there is already someone, somewhere, who has created a video for this “life hack” and there are probably lots of you who already knew this trick but I loved the serendipitous nature of this discovery that came about because I was trying to create a slightly more elegant presentation of my hard boiled eggs rather than the usual slices.

PS: You can also see that I battle with the sulfur rings around my yolks just like everyone else! Maybe one of my New Year’s Resolutions will be to finally learn how to boil an egg so that I don’t get “ring around the yolk.”

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