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Making sandwich pickles is a great way to use up leftover bread. The bread will soak up the vinegar and become slightly sour, which makes it perfect for sandwiches.

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How to make sandwich pickles

Every sandwich needs a pickle! Preserve your own Sweet Sandwich Pickles using a water bath canning method – easy and inexpensive too! Both zucchini and cucumbers will work in this recipe!

In our home, pickles are like candy, but I’m the only one who likes Sweet Sandwich Pickles. The others like dill pickles only! Either way, pickles seem to disappear so quickly. Now, I know McKenna is quite the lover of pickles, and oftentimes, will pull the jar out of the fridge and eat a few pickles as a snack. As for me and John.e, we tend to like pickles on sandwiches, or served with some crackers and cheese. We very rarely just munch on a plain pickle right out of the jar.

There are many kinds of pickles, but the most common are dill pickles, and in contrast, a sweet pickle. Last year, I made Bread and Butter Zucchini Pickles, and these Sweet Sandwich Pickles were inspired by those zucchini pickles. This time, I used cucumbers rather than zucchini.

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Now, if you prefer zucchini over cucumbers, you can use zucchini in this recipe too. I find that with pickles, the two are interchangeable without affecting the overall taste. I used cucumbers simply because they were on sale at the time I was preparing this recipe.

When I was preparing the cucumbers, I sliced them very thinly – just between 1/8th and 1/4 inch thick. And, I also sliced them on a diagonal just because I thought they looked a little better that way. Keep in mind that I used mini cucumbers, so if they were sliced straight across, the pickle slices would be quite small.


Now, you can use regular sized cucumbers if you wish. That’s entirely up to you. But, the skin on mini cucumbers is a little more delicate so you’ll end up with a more pliable pickle after it has been sitting in the brine. If you’re looking for a crunchy pickle, this is not it. These pickles are thin and soft. They’re perfect for a sandwich with just the right amount of sweetness and tartness.

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I will put these pickles on just about any sandwich I make. They’re great on burgers too. You can even add a few to a salad! One of my favourite ways to enjoy these pickles is in tuna salad. Just roughly chop up about a quarter of a cup and stir them into your tuna salad. They add so much flavour to a basic tuna salad recipe.


Like all of my canning recipes, these Sweet Sandwich Pickles require only a water canner. The water bath canning method is my canning method of choice. I’ve never canned anything in a pressure canner. Now, I know there are canning professionals who advise against using a water bath canning method, but I assure you, all of my canning recipes have been tried and tested and have never failed me.

If you’re worried, don’t be. The amount of vinegar and sugar used in this recipe creates the perfect amount of preservatives. Water bath canning is widely used in recipes that are high in sugar and acid content. The cider vinegar in this recipe provided adequate amount of acid levels to ensure safe eating until you run out of your newly stocked pantry.

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