how to make sauce for stir fry without soy sauce

This is a great recipe to make when you are in the mood for something different. It's also very easy and quick, so it's perfect for last minute dinner plans.

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How to make sauce for stir fry without soy sauce

A stir fry is known to be a quick and easy dinner, especially on a weeknight. If you have a soy allergy, or avoid so you may be wondering how you can make a stir fry without soy sauce. Some of the most commonly used ingredients stir fry sauce are usually soy sauce, and sometimes even oyster sauce or fish sauce. Sesame oil is also a popular oil for stir frying.

I’m allergic to all of those things, which is why I developed a great recipe for chicken stir fry without soy sauce, fish sauce, oyster sauce, or sesame oil. This is a great, easy, and simple allergy friendly stir fry.

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stir fry without soy sauce chicken

What to Use Instead of Soy Sauce in Stir Fry?

The first thing you are wondering is probably what to use instead of soy sauce in stir fry. A good direct replacement for soy sauce in stir fry are coconut aminos.

I’ve been allergic to so many things for such a long time, that I’m the queen of substituting things in recipes. Sure, I could have swapped in coconut aminos and basically been done, but I deduced to not do this in this case. Instead, I developed a whole new type of stir fry sauce that doesn’t try to mimic the original.

Instead, I looked someplace else and created something simple and delicious that can be made with things you probably already have in your pantry and in your home. This recipe simply uses lemon juice and olive oil instead of soy sauce in this stir fry. You can even add chicken stock if you really like a saucy stir fry.

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chicken stir fry without soy sauce over rice

This means this stir fry is super light and delicious, in addition to being soy free, fish free, gluten free, dairy free, and paleo.

By using fresh lemon juice and fresh vegetables, everything ends up with a fantastic flavor.

How to Stir Fry Chicken Without Drying It Out

Usually, stir fry meats are cut into thin strips. This is so they don’t dry out during cooking.

When it comes to how to stir fry chicken without drying it out there are a couple of things you can do:

  • Marinate your chicken. This recipe marinates the chicken in lemon juice and olive oil, which makes it more soft and moist.
  • Stir fry your chicken quickly over high heat. Use a high heat and stir fry fast! I like to put my chicken in the pan, and wait a few seconds to let it get nice and brown on the side I placed down on the pan. Then just a few more stirs a few moments apart each will have your chicken moist while stir frying it.

The thinner your chicken strips are, the faster they will cook. Always make sure your chicken is cooked to 165F!

Chicken Stir Fry Without Soy Sauce

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We love chicken, so I started with a chicken recipe for stir fry without soy sauce.

The ingredients couldn’t be simpler. Fresh lemon juice, some olive oil, carrots, red pepper, kale, and of course, the chicken.

It is light, fresh, and colorful.

chicken stir fry without soy sauce

It can be eaten alone, served over rice, eaten with salad, or just about anything else you want. It really goes with any side dish you like. This really is the best chicken stir fry without soy sauce, and it doesn’t include any fish or seafood sauces either.

By choosing olive oil (yes you can fry with olive oil), instead of sesame oil, this recipe becomes even more allergy friendly.

Looking for some more great allergy friendly meal suggestions with an Asian flair? Don’t miss our brand new fried rice without soy sauce.

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