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Sausage Potato Stir Fry is a quick and easy dish to make for any night of the week. It's savory, spicy, and will fill your belly with flavor.

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How to make sausage potato stir fry

Sausage and Potatoes skillet recipe is made with pre-cooked smoked chicken sausage, peppers, onion, potatoes and a smoky sweet dry seasoning.

It’s a tasty meal ready in under 30 minutes. Clean out the fridge with this delicious dinner recipe.

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This is the perfect recipe for garden produce or whatever veggies you have in your fridge that fry well. Have carrots, fresh green beans? Slice em up and add them in.

Sausage and potatoes stir fry is a tried and true family favorite.

Having a busy day with no game plan for dinner? If you have potatoes and sausage get the skillet out. In short order you can have a crowd pleasing meal on the table.

Sausage And Potato Skillet Recipe

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Potatoes make a variety of excellent recipes. Here are a few of our favorite ways to enjoy potatoes.

  • Funeral potatoes are an amazing side dish for any gathering,
  • Fully loaded baked potato soup is great comfort food and movie nights.
  • Creamy Smoky Potato Salad uses the same smoky seasoning you find in this sausage and potato stir fry. It makes a tasty and unique potato salad.
  • Corned Beef Hash is a great recipe for leftover corned beef. It’s great with eggs!

Sausage and Potatoes Stir Fry Recipe:

Brown crunchy fried baby potatoes companion perfectly with onions, sweet peppers and your favorite smoked sausage.

Potato Sausage Dinner
This is a perfect Farm to Table Recipe

Do you Garden? An easy way to grow spuds is using Wire Potato towers or Potato Half Barrels. Both methods are considerable easier than growing spuds in hills. And you’ll capture more of them at harvest. 🙂

Skillet dinners are a fast way to put a dinner before your family in a hurry. You can also make this for breakfast with a side of eggs and toast. Or have breakfast for dinner with this as an entree.

You can play around with this recipe. Just keep it in the spirit of the original recipe. You want to celebrate that smoky sweet flavor.

Smoked Sausage Recipes With Potatoes
Delicious quick and easy

Three Things you MUST have:

  • Smoked Sausage
  • Potatoes
  • Dry Smoked sweet seasoning


  • If you are out of fresh onions and garlic, use dehydrated garlic and onion powders in a pinch. But fresh is best for texture and flavor.
  • I most often use smoked Chicken Sausage. Any smoked sausage will work well with this recipe if it gets along with potatoes. One of my personal favorites is Aidells Smoked Chicken Apple Sausage. You can find it at most grocery stores.
  • If you have a different potato variety on hand feel free to use them. Just be sure to cut large potatoes into one inch cubes or smaller so they cook fast enough to brown well and get tender.
  • You can choose a more robust pepper presence if you like. Roasting peppers like poblanos are great in this recipe. Hotter Jalapeños are great too if you like them. However, sweet peppers are tasty and most everyone will eat them.
  • I use a smoky sweet dry seasoning to enhance this recipe. My favorites are Sweet Mesquite Seasonings from Costco, or McCormicks Smoke House Maple.
Sausage And Potato Recipe
Sausage and Potatoes are so good together. This recipe makes a great family dinner.

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You may have a personal favorite smoky sweet seasoning blend right in your cupboard. I’d love to know if you have your own favorite sweet smoky seasonings or a homemade recipe for a similar seasoning mix you would like to share in the comments.

The recipe is simple with only a few peppers, onion and garlic added for flavor. However, you can add carrots or whatever vegetable you have that pairs well with smoked sausage and potatoes.

I do NOT recommend broccoli or cauliflower. They are just wrong for this recipe.

This keeps your dinner simple and the mess all in one skillet.

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Delicious! Enjoy your delicious potato sausage dinner!

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