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This simple fried rice recipe is a great way to use up leftover vegetables and meat. It's quick, easy, and healthy!

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How to make simple fried rice without egg

Vegan Fried Rice #vegan #rice #simpleveganblog

It’s summertime! We love to cook, but in summer we prefer to make simple recipes, such as this awesome vegan fried rice. You need to try this amazing recipe, it’s fresh, easy to make and so tasty, in addition is ready in less than 30 minutes.

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This recipe is pretty light, and you can make a healthier and lighter version with less fat, we’ll tell you how, keep reading! Both versions are so delicious.

Vegan Fried Rice #vegan #rice #simpleveganblog

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To make this vegan fried rice you’re gonna need oil, veggies, tamari or soy sauce and rice, of course. As you can see, the ingredients are so easy to get and you can use your favorite vegetables. We’ve used garlic, onion, carrot, corn and peas. You can also add fresh or ground ginger.

Vegan Fried Rice #vegan #rice #simpleveganblog

We’ve used a wok to cook this recipe, but you can also use a skillet. We’ve also used extra virgin olive oil (we always use it!), but it has a lot of flavor, so many people prefer to use other oils when they use tamari or soy sauce in the same recipe, it’s up to you!

Vegan Fried Rice #vegan #rice #simpleveganblog

I recommend you to cook the rice the day before, but if you haven’t time or you forget it, you can cook your rice just before to make this vegan fried rice. This kind of rice is usually made with long grain rice, basmati is our favorite, but there are so many options.

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Vegan Fried Rice #vegan #rice #simpleveganblog

If you can make a lighter alternative, you can steam or boil the veggies, instead of fry them with the rice and then you can add tamari or soy sauce. You don’t need to add oil and your rice will be so delicious, but the original version is more tasty.

Vegan Fried Rice #vegan #rice #simpleveganblog

We use tamari instead of soy sauce because is wheat and gluten free, but you can use it if you like it. You can also use sweet and sour sauce, it’s also delicious and it’s really easy to make, and you can enjoy your vegan fried rice with these vegan spring rolls, they are scrumptious!

Vegan Fried Rice #vegan #rice #simpleveganblog

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