how to make smoothie king smoothies at home

Smoothies are a healthy way to start your day or enjoy a snack. Smoothie King has the best smoothies, including their famous frozen yogurt smoothies, which can be made at home with these easy instructions.

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How to make smoothie king smoothies at home

Smoothie King Caribbean Way Recipe – This refreshingly sweet fruit smoothie recipe is made with banana, strawberries, and papaya to create perfect copycat Smoothie King Caribbean Way smoothies.

Smoothie King Caribbean Way Recipe | A Spicy Perspective

Y’all, it is getting hot.

Reading: how to make smoothie king smoothies at home

We are talking pavement melting, egg frying on a sidewalk, constantly sweating, bless my soul hot.

It must be summertime, huh?

As soon as the warm weather begins to arrive, we start to our cooling down plans, complete with sprinkler strategizing, and of course, getting excited about what deliciously cold and refreshing drinks and snacks we will enjoy all season.

Year after year my go-to drink for getting summer started right has been Smoothie King’s Caribbean Way Smoothie. It is seriously like a taste of tropical paradise with every sip!

Smoothie King Copycat Caribbean Way Smoothie Recipe

The Best Smoothie: Smoothie King’s Caribbean Way

In today’s post I’m showing you how to make a smoothie at home by recreating my all-time smoothie shop favorite, the Smoothie King Caribbean Way. I’ve been buying this smoothie for over 25 years, and thought it was just about time to learn to make them myself!

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If you have never had a Caribbean Way smoothie from Smoothie King, you have got to try this recipe. And if you have had them before, you will absolutely love how spot-on our homemade version is compared to the original tropical treat!

how to make a copycat Caribbean Way smoothie

What Ingredients You Need

There is nothing more refreshing than an ice-cold fruit smoothie that doesn’t require any yogurt, milk, or dairy alternatives! While I do love many cold and creamy dairy drinks, they don’t truly quench your thirst in the heat quite like a juice-based smoothie.

Sweet and refreshingly satisfying Caribbean Way smoothies are made with only 5 ingredients and your blender.

Here is what you need:

  • Banana
  • Strawberries
  • Papaya nectar
  • Turbinado sugar
  • Ice

Turbinado sugar is made by pressing raw sugarcane, and is considered a lesser-processed sugar than say granulated white sugar. It is recommended that you used turbinado in this fruit smoothie recipe to add sweetness without any “artificial” taste, but in a pinch you certainly can use another form of sugar.

Brown sugar and coconut sugar have a similar, slightly earthy molasses taste similar to turbinado sugar, but are still considered healthier than granulated white sugar.

If you cannot find papaya nectar, you can substitute with pineapple or mango juice. The flavor of your Smoothie King Caribbean Way smoothie will be quite different, but still perfectly tropical and utterly delicious!

strawberries, banana, and papaya nectar smoothie

How to Make Copycat Smoothie King Caribbean Way Smoothies

It is no wonder why smoothies are my favorite summer treat: They are just so easy to whip, or blend-up at home in only a matter of minutes!

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Here is how to make a fruit smoothie exactly like Smoothie King’s Caribbean Way:

  1. First, place the peeled banana, strawberries with stems removed, papaya nectar, and sugar in a blender. Cover and puree.
  2. Next, add the ice. Cover again and blend until smooth.
How to Make a Smoothie

Immediately serve these smoothies while perfectly cold.

Bonus points if you have cute eco-friendly straws and tiny umbrellas for garnishing.

Get the full vacationing-in-paradise feel by enjoying this smoothie with Tropical Fruit Salad with Vanilla Bean or my favorite Ahi Poke Bowl Recipe!

Get the Complete (Printable) Smoothie King Caribbean Way Smoothie Recipe Below. Enjoy!

Caribbean Way Smoothie

How Can I Make This A Thicker Smoothie?

For a thicker Caribbean Way smoothie you can use frozen fruit in this recipe.

Slice and freeze the banana and strawberries an hour before preparing the smoothies, or you can use store bought frozen fruit.

What If My Smoothie Came Out Too Thick?

If the smoothie consistency seems slightly too thick and isn’t blending properly, try adding a splash or two of water at a time and blend again.

Smoothie King Caribbean Way Recipe | A Spicy Perspective

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