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Making sour pickles is a labor of love. It takes patience and time, but the result is worth it. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to make your own brine for making sour pickles at home.

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How to make sour pickles brine

Sour Pickle Recipe

When I was a kid growing up in Chicago, my mother would occasionally take my brother and I to a restaurant called The Pickle Barrel where every table had sour pickles and popcorn. I’m thinking the tables were made from old pickle barrels, but that may just be a fond enhancement of my memory. Having Russian/Ukrainian grandparents on one side of my family meant regular appearances by dill pickles for snacking as well. If you’ve never made your own, the first bite you Sour Pickle Recipetake of your own homemade pickle will inevitably cause you to exclaim “oh my God, they taste just like pickles!” And they do. And deliciously so at that. You’ll find sour pickle recipe to be simple and the taste will be puckeringly pleasing.

It can be easy for these kosher pickles to become mushy and there are a few techniques to help prevent that from occurring. The primary technique is adding tannins through the addition of tannin-containing leaves such as oak, cherry, bay or other. According to Sandor Katz’ The Art of Fermentation, using unrefined sea salt can help because it can contain calcium and magnesium reinforce the cell walls. When I once received a lesson in making kimchi cucumbers, a korean woman taught to first pour steaming hot water over the cucumbers in order to kill off a microorganism which can lead to faster decomposition. I didn’t try that here, but if you encounter problems, that may help to familycuisine.net sour pickle recipe / dill pickle recipe comes from the FermentationForum community here at Fermentation Recipes. A contributor with the username of Butterflies contributed the bulk of this recipe but I’ve modified it some based on the forum contributions of others. Thank you all!

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