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This is a great recipe for those who love soy sauce, as it's made with the same ingredients as this popular Asian condiment.

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How to make soy sauce chicken drumsticks

Barbecue Soy Chicken Drumsticks are so quick & simple to make! Baked in a 3 ingredient sauce packed with so much flavour, this chicken is a hit!

Barbecue sauce mixed with soy sauce is like a shortcut to Teriyaki without any effort. Welcome to lazy persons EASY Barbecue Soy Chicken Drumsticks! There is so much flavour in this chicken recipe you’d think the sauce alone was made up of 22 ingredients, except the sauce itself only contains 3! No marinating or simmering = zero effort.

You’re welcome.

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Oven Baked Barbecue Soy Chicken Drumsticks are so quick & simple to make! Baked in a 3 ingredient sauce packed with so much flavour, this chicken is a hit! Ready and on the table in minutes! NO MARINATING |

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A lazy person (me) was one day craving Teriyaki like a crazy mad woman with plenty of drumsticks and nothing to put on them. So I threw together what I thought would work all over them; smothered them in barbecue sauce because barbecue sauce is a man-made god send to anything related to chicken; added garlic, and one of the best chicken dishes was baked in my oven and served on the dinner table.

Chicken Drumsticks packed with so much flavour |

The Sauce for this Chicken Recipe

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The base of the sauce needs only 3 ingredients:

  • Barbecue (BBQ) sauce — preferably regular, plain barbecue sauce. You could also use sugar free if counting calories.
  • Soy Sauce — light soy is the best option, then season with the amount of salt you desire. You can also use regular soy sauce, just skip the salt.
  • Garlic — fresh minced or finely chopped.

While baking, the chicken juices bake and mix through the sauce, creating the best pan juices to drizzle over your drumsticks when they are cooked!

Optional additions

After rubbing those ingredients into the drumsticks, you can also drizzle over some sesame oil if you like for added flavour. This is purely optional and adds a little something extra to the chicken, but is NOT needed to make it delicious!

Sometimes I add in a couple tablespoons of rice wine vinegar or Apple cider vinegar when I really want a Teriyaki flavour, BUT this is also an optional ingredient and not necessary.

You could also slice up red onion and place them underneath the drumsticks as well as smashed garlic cloves (sometimes I use 6-8 cloves, depending on how much garlic flavour I want).

Oven Baked Barbecue Soy Chicken Drumsticks NO MARINATING |

Crispy, Sticky AND Juicy Oven Baked Chicken Drumsticks

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When these drumsticks come out of the oven, they are juicy and tender, with a sticky, crispy skin. You won’t believe your taste buds that something SO simple can turn out so tasty, and with no marinating needed!


We serve our baked chicken with plain rice drizzled with all of the pan juices, but you can also serve them with mashed potatoes or roasted potatoes and a side of steamed or roasted greens OR a simple salad!

Oven Baked Chicken |

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