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This is a how-to article on making sugar free sweet pickles. This recipe is not for the faint of heart, nor are its ingredients easy to find. However, it's worth it in the end because you get to eat delicious

These sweet and spicy low carb and Keto pickles have less than 1g net carb per serving.

“Smart moms know how kids minds grow upon… Sweet Pickles!”

I’ve had this jingle stuck in my head all morning as I worked on this recipe for sweet pickles (commercial below).

Sweet Pickles was this children’s book subscription service in the 1980’s.

The books chronicled a ragtag crew of over-sized animals. Each animal had a terrible character flaw. There was Jealous Jackal, Accusing Alligator, Yakety Yak and of course, their ringleader, Goof-off Goose. Every month their bad behavior got them into some kind of “pickle”.

Hence the name.

Like so many things from my childhood, there are elements of Sweet Pickles that would never fly today. Enormous Elephant the over-eating pachyderm? Unlikely. And I don’t even know what was going on with X-Rating Xerus (an actual character).

Nothing good.

But anyway, pickles.

Here’s my recipe for sweet and spicy pickles. Not to be a Smarty Stork, but this might just be the best low carb pickle recipe on the Internet.

Sweet Pickles!

Low Carb Keto Sweet and Spicy Pickles Pinterest Pins


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