How to make sun tea with mint

The best way to make sun tea with mint is to take a few sprigs of mint, put them in a cup and pour boiling water over them. Let it steep for about five minutes before removing the leaves. Add honey or sugar

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The right way to make recent mint solar tea? It’s such a simple and magical course of, combining fresh-cut peppermint (any selection is ok), clear water, and pure sunshine. For a keto/low-carb mint solar tea, sweeten with stevia; in any other case, you should use uncooked honey or drink it plain. It’s amazingly refreshing!

half-gallon jar of fresh mint sun tea sitting on a porch ledge

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So that you’ve bought recent mint popping out your ears, huh?

A pair summers in the past, I planted 3 peppermint crops in entrance of our home, as a result of peppermint is my favourite of all of the herbs.

And now?

From June via September, we’ve bought peppermint for drying, peppermint for decent tea, peppermint for mojitos, and peppermint for this Contemporary Mint Solar Tea.

Belief me, ought to the Zombie Apocalypse come, I’m your lady for recent peppermint. 😉

I’ve had individuals warn me in regards to the peppermint plant. “It’ll take over your yard!” they are saying. Or, “You’ll never be able to get rid of it!”

And, they’re technically appropriate. Peppermint (and different kinds of mint like chocolate-mint, apple-mint, orange-mint, and spearmint) is a kind of crops that’s laborious to regulate or kill.

However, I don’t take satisfaction in my yard. It’s stuffed with “weeds” like dandelions, wild violets, white and pink clover, and plantain — all with superb medicinal and culinary makes use of, none of which I wish to kill.

So, I’ll take the peppermint.

I find it irresistible, and it brings me pleasure to see it unfold. If you understand how to make use of it and cherish its worth, it doesn’t need to be a nuisance.

jar of fresh mint sun tea

Why Solar Tea?

Positive, you would simply boil some water, pour it over your recent mint, dilute it with chilly water, and serve over ice. That makes a stunning iced mint tea.

However, there’s simply one thing about recent herbs + clear water + pure sunshine…

In my view, you’re getting the complete essence or vibration of the mint by making Contemporary Mint Solar Tea. It’s like making a flower essence — however an herb essence (and a very large batch of it!).

It could sound hippie-dippy, however that’s simply how I really feel about it. 🙂

Making solar tea requires no electrical energy or vitality in any respect, exterior of getting a stunning time clipping recent mint out of your backyard and reducing it up.

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As soon as there’s water within the jar, the magic of the solar does the remainder. I usually go away mine to brew for a full 24 hours to harness the magic of the moon in my Contemporary Mint Solar/Moon Tea, too!

The right way to Make Contemporary Mint Solar Tea

Step #1 — Harvest recent mint and provides it a tough chop.

You want roughly 2 cups of the recent herb as soon as chopped. If in case you have a bit greater than this or rather less than this, it’s okay.

The great thing about making Contemporary Mint Solar Tea is that’s not about precise measurements. 🙂

chopped fresh peppermint

Step #2 — Put all of your chopped recent mint right into a half-gallon jar.

We’re not messing round right here… We’re making a complete half gallon.

For those who don’t have a half-gallon jar, divide the mint evenly between 2 quart-size jars as an alternative.

chopped fresh peppermint in half-gallon jar

Step #3 — Fill the jar (or jars) all the way in which to the highest with recent, filtered water.

I’m lucky sufficient to have pure, superb nicely water. For those who don’t, use filtered water, resembling that from a Berkey water filter.

Don’t use faucet water — as a result of chlorine and fluoride and all that junk.

jar of chopped fresh peppermint filled with water

Step #4 — Put your water + mint combination out within the solar.

Let it sit alllllllll day lengthy. I often go away mine out for a full 24 hours — all day within the solar, all night time within the moon.

You’ll understand it’s prepared when the water turns from clear to a greenish-brown tea colour. The longer you let it sit, the stronger the flavour, the darker your tea will likely be.

water and peppermint leaves in a jar sitting in the sun

#5 — Pressure and drink!

If you’ve determined to name it in your Contemporary Mint Solar Tea, carry the jar again inside the home and pressure the leaves out.

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I take advantage of a superb mesh sieve positioned over a glass pitcher to catch the leaves, then press all of the remaining water out of the leaves to “milk” it for as a lot peppermint-y goodness as attainable.

You possibly can additionally use a small mesh sieve and pressure into glasses when able to serve.

Fully as much as you!

fresh mint sun tea

Need to Sweeten Your Contemporary Mint Solar Tea?

Unsweetened, mint tea is beautiful and herby, however personally, I desire it with a contact of sweetness.

Nothing is best on a sizzling day than chilly, barely candy Contemporary Mint Solar Tea!

I merely use a tad little bit of stevia to style. My children do that as nicely.

For those who usher in your solar tea whereas it’s nonetheless heat from the solar, then pressure, that might be an excellent time to stir in some uncooked honey, should you desire honey over stevia.

Utilizing stevia permits me to sip on glass after glass of my Contemporary Mint Solar Tea with out including any energy, sugar, or carbs. Plus, it retains this Contemporary Mint Tea low-carb or keto, if that’s your factor.

Recipe FAQs

Can I take advantage of dried mint if I don’t have entry to recent mint?

Completely! You will have a lot much less dried mint, nevertheless. As a result of the power of dried herbs varies and is dependent upon the way it was grown, how outdated it’s, publicity to mild and/or warmth and/or air, you could must play with the quantity of dried mint leaves you employ. I’d begin with 1/2 cup of dried peppermint and modify from there.

Will this get moldy if it sits within the solar and warmth all day and night time?

Nope! That is an natural infusion, made with a naturally anti-fungal herb. Peppermint — dried or recent — is just not tea leaves, that are liable to mildew. Utilizing the recent herb just about ensures that mildew received’t be a problem.

I’ve by no means as soon as had a batch of this get moldy or have any off flavors in anyway. Now, should you left it out for two or 3 days, you might need an issue.

Can I make peppermint solar tea in a plastic pitcher?

I don’t advocate it. For one of the best infusion, glass is clear permits mild to totally penetrate the herbs and water, whereas plastic is translucent and diffuses the sunshine. Additionally, plastic pitchers are fairly loaded with chemical compounds, like BPA and different toxins, that shouldn’t be uncovered to mild or warmth. Utilizing plastic for meals preparation or storage ensures that these toxins leach into your meals/drink and go into your physique, which is NOT good. Glass is greatest!

If it’s useful, right here’s the tactic for easy methods to make Contemporary Mint Solar Tea in recipe type.

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Do you make solar tea? Do you develop peppermint?

Initially printed on July 4, 2019. Up to date on June 16, 2020.

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