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how to make swedish porridge rice

The Swedish people cook a delicious rice dish called swedish porridge. It is made with oats, water, and milk that are cooked together in a pot.

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How to make swedish porridge rice

Though Sweden wasn’t instantly concerned within the World Wars, the nation nonetheless noticed instances of strict rations and restrictions on meals. In newspapers from the Christmas of 1917, you could find ideas for diluting sausages with cheaper elements and gathering leftover fats from meat as a foundation for pastries. Notably one problem appeared to trouble these in command of cooking: the Christmas rice porridge.

In any case, the Swedish authorities had hoarded rice for a time frame. The reduction is noticeable when the Swedish rice was launched firstly of December, rationed to 100 grams per particular person. Nonetheless, shortages on milk merchandise have been nearly as dangerous, and the recipes include ideas for making do with much less or no milk. At present, Swedes stay in comparative abundance and usually should not have to worry for missing their Christmas rice porridge.

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A short historical past of Swedish Christmas porridge

Cooking porridge might be as outdated as farming, however in accordance with meals historian Jan-Öjvind Swahn, rice porridge is first talked about in Sweden in 1542 in Malmö. It began to develop into extra widespread within the 18th century.

Julens kokbok from 1963 notes that the Christmas porridge used to include unhomogenized milk and barley grains, “only in later times has the barley been replaced by rice”. And the portions appear to have been huge—in Norrbotten, you boiled sufficient porridge that you just’ll have a provide “at least until Twelwth night”.

At first of the twentieth century, Nils Keyland studied meals throughout Sweden, and he has loads of observations in terms of Christmas porridge. For instance, in Sätuna in Västergötland, the porridge was manufactured from barley and milk and referred to as vitergröt (white porridge), whereas in Grinstad in Dalarna, it consisted of home-made oat flakes and milk.

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However Keyland observed that the porridge didn’t simply consist of various grains, however was served in numerous methods. In Grinstad in Dalarna, the porridge had a knob of butter within the center and sugar and cinnamon sprinkled on high. In Sko, it was served with golden syrup. In Ysby in Halland, the porridge was adorned with cinnamon, “whole and ground”, with the bottom cinnamon sprinkled onto the porridge in a patterns of crosses. In Kräklingbo on Gotland, the porridge was flavored with anise and blended with milk, buttermilk, beer, or an area small beer, with some golden syrup trickled on high.

Kräkla, an outdated device for stirring the big pot of porridge. Photograph: Nordiska museet.

Traditions surrounding the Christmas porridge

The principle custom that surrounding Christmas porridge that appears to nonetheless be extensively unfold is the thought of placing an almond within the porridge. Whoever finds the porridge will get married. However in accordance with Julens kokbok (1963), there’s a lengthy listing of issues that you would cover within the porridge. Right here they’re, along with the which means for the particular person discovering them:

  • an almond—you’ll marry through the coming yr
  • a bitter almond—you’ll stay single
  • a brown bean—you’ll marry a widower with 5 youngsters (!)
  • a hoop manufactured from a twig from a kitchen device—you’ll develop into engaged (“with rings”)
  • a ten öre (cent) coin—you’ll be wealthy

However what you place within the porridge and what you meant appears to have differed over the nation. For instance, in Sko within the county Uppland, it was a brown bean quite than an almond that confirmed who’d get married, in accordance with Nils Keyland in Julbröd, julbockar och Staffanssång (1919).

In På spaning efter den jul som är by Christina Mattsson, a part of Gastronomisk kalender 2013, Mattsson mentions grötgubben, “the porridge man”. This was a small china determine that you just put within the Christmas porridge. It additionally had names corresponding to grötpojke, grötdocka, and Gröt-Nisse. Whereas Mattsson believes that the customized was most in use proper earlier than and through the First World Warfare, the archive of Nordiska Museet exhibits these two collectible figurines from 1885:

Two grötdockor, “porridge dolls” manufactured from china. In some elements of the nation, you hid within the Christmas rice pudding. These are from 1885. Photograph: Nordiska Museet.

Julens kokbok additionally mentions “a nice custom” which meant that the particular person discovering the almond additionally obtained en mandelgåva, “an almond gift—a small present, which lies waiting on the Christmas table, until the right moment has come”.

Rhyming for the porridge

In keeping with Jan-Öjvind Swahn, there was an outdated custom amongst individuals residing on farms of rhyming when serving porridge, not simply throughout Christmas. The rhyming allowed you to joke, “roast” individuals above you within the hierarchy, or say one thing controversial with out being punished. Earlier than you would tuck in, you needed to give you a rhyme—oh, the lots of horrible poetry that has been compelled out of hungry Swedes. When different elements of society took up these customs throughout Christmas, they made the jokes extra family-friendly and harmless. There have been even booklets with porridge rhymes that would assist those that feared for his or her potential to get supper.

Don’t neglect your pleasant gnome

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Then, there’s the custom of leaving some porridge out for the farm’s tomte, a gnome who would deal with the barn and animals in the event you stayed on his good aspect. Annoy him, and animals may get ailing and stables burn. To appease tomten, you’d miss a very good portion of porridge, in all probability with a very good knob of butter—and a few even left a small drink of sturdy spirits or beer, too.

A Christmas card by Jenny Nyström depicts tomten, the farm’s gnome, providing the porridge from the farmers to the animals. Photograph: Bohusläns museum.

make Swedish Christmas rice porridge

To maintain peace among the many youngsters, my Mum often places a number of blanched almonds within the porridge, as a substitute of only one—ensuring that everybody could have luck, and that we will give you terrible jokes like “oh, getting married three times next year, I see”. For six individuals:

2,5 dl (1 cup) short-grain rice (“porridge rice”)5 dl (2 cups) water0,5 tsp salt8 dl (3,4 cups) milkoptional: a cinnamon stick

For serving: milk, sugar, floor cinnamon. Non-compulsory: blanched almond(s).

  1. Add the rice, water and salt into a big pot and produce it to a boil. Let it simmer on a low warmth for about ten minutes, stirring often so it doesn’t follow the underside.
  2. Add the milk and produce it to a boil. Take note of the pot, as milk considers it a sport to boil over or burn…
  3. As soon as it has boiled, put it on a low temperature. Add a cinnamon stick, if you’d like. Cowl the pot with a lid and let it simmer for 30-40 minutes. Stir often.
  4. Serve the rice porridge nevertheless you want. The normal manner means milk on the aspect and sugar and cinnamon sprinkled on high. In fact, you’ll be able to at all times add one (or a number of) almonds, too.


As soon as she’s added the milk, my Mum often lets the porridge cook dinner within the oven as a substitute of on the range. Do it nevertheless you please—the consequence will likely be scrumptious.

In case you like, let a cinnamon stick cook dinner with the porridge. I are inclined to favor it unflavored, so I simpler can use the porridge for ris à la Malta or saffron pancake.

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