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how to make sweet and sour soup chinese

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How to make sweet and sour soup chinese

Chinese language sizzling and bitter soup 酸辣湯 is a standard northern Chinese language favourite full of the acidity of Zhenjiang vinegar, the spiciness of the white pepper and the nuttiness of sesame oil.

The flavour turns into much more complicated with the inclusion of bamboo shoot, dry mushrooms, wooden ear fungus and finishes with a crushed egg pour excessive above the soup to type a number of small egg ribbons floating on the thick soup.

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You solely want twenty minutes to organize it. Make it at residence to heat your loved ones (and their hearts) with this totally scrumptious soup with the enduring flavors of Northern Chinese language delicacies.

This Szechuan sizzling and bitter soup recipe may be very near the unique sizzling and bitter soup in Northern China, though I’ve unnoticed substances resembling ‘black tofu’ (see part 2 beneath) which is simply too unique for most individuals.

I can guarantee you that it’s means higher than many substandard sizzling and bitter soup that’s merely a tasteless, gloopy mess of cornstarch paste.

Let’s check out easy methods to put together the Chinese language sizzling and bitter soup intimately:

Authentic hot and sour soup recipe Szechuan style. It is a warm and hearty by itself. Also suitable to serve with rice or use it as the base of soup noodles.

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Notice: Scorching and bitter soup can also be translated as Candy and bitter soup in some English recipes.

The first step- Getting ready the meat.

You want some lean meat to make this soup. The meat might be both pork or rooster. Use the pork loin, and breast whether it is rooster.

  • There are two methods to organize the meat. You may put the entire piece of meat into the boiling water and let it boil till it’s cooked. Take away the pork from the pot, and preserve the water because the inventory for making the soup. Place the meat on the chopping board and reduce it into julienne.
  • The second technique is to chop the uncooked meat into the julienne and marinate it with gentle soy sauce, oil, and cornstarch. You solely have to marinate the small items of pork for fifteen minutes. Marination enhances the flavour of the meat, and the cornstarch could make the meat to be velvety easy. I’m utilizing this technique in my Szechuan sizzling and bitter soup recipe.

Are you a vegetarian?

You may omit the meat for a vegetarian model. Simply add extra of the opposite substances barely.

Step two- Getting ready different substances

There are a lot of variations of this soup. Nevertheless, tofu, mushrooms, egg, and wooden ear fungus might be present in nearly each recipe. Here’s a checklist of the widespread substances for this soup.


The Szechuan sizzling and bitter soup recipe name for Chinese language dry shiitake mushroom. Soak the mushrooms in water till it’s totally hydrated and turn out to be very tender and straightforward to chop. The time required varies from an hour to 2 or three hours, because it depends upon the thickness of the mushrooms. When you’ve got sufficient time, soak it prematurely and even in a single day. (Notice: they’ll not be ‘over-soaked’) In any other case, soak the mushroom in sizzling water to hurry up the method.

Take away the stem, reduce the mushroom into skinny slices. Put aside.

Ideas: the water for soaking the mushrooms has a great deal of taste. Use it as a part of the liquid to make the soup.

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You need to use different kinds of mushroom because the substitute. The very best different is button mushrooms. Minimize the mushrooms into skinny slices because the dry shiitake, minus the steps of soaking it.

Bamboo shoot

Bamboo shoot is the important substances of sizzling and bitter soup. I’m utilizing the vacuum pack bamboo shoot imported from China, however I do know that some locations promoting it in cans. You might also be capable of get it on-line.

Minimize the bamboo shoot into skinny slices. I take advantage of about two tablespoons of bamboo shoot slices. You may improve the quantity when you just like the crunchiness of the bamboo shoot. I bear in mind a Chinese language chef talked about in a TV program that reduce it lengthwise as an alternative of crosswise can improve the crunchiness.

Wooden ear fungus

Phrase ear fungus is an ingredient which may be very Chinese language.

It is advisable to soak the dry fungus with water, similar to the dry shiitake mushroom. The fungus will broaden in measurement and switch tender as soon as it’s totally hydrated. Drain and take away the arduous luster within the middle. Minimize the wooden ear fungus into positive julienne. Put aside.

Wooden ear fungus has a crunchy and slippery texture which is sort of distinct from another meals substances that I ever know.

Chinese hot and sour soup


The perfect tofu for this soup ought to be tender, however it may be troublesome to deal with. I often purchase the block tofu and reduce it fastidiously into two. Then use a chef knife to it into slices after which julienne it. The trick to chop tofu by not breaking it’s to make use of the ‘minced’ motion, chopping it with an up-down motion, not slicing it.

Switch the tofu strips to a plate and put aside. It’s best to add the tofu to the soup after all of the substances (besides the egg) are cooked since it might probably break simply.


You might also add some carrot to make the soup extra colourful. Since different substances are julienne, the carrot is of no exception.

Coagulated pig blood (a.ok.a black tofu)

This merchandise just isn’t my favourite. The identify does terrify some folks, even to the Chinese language. So they create a a lot acceptable time period black tofu (黑豆腐) to keep away from talked about it straight. The closest western meals I can assume off is the black pudding of the staple English breakfast.

It does seem like a bit of tofu, which is an genuine ingredient for the normal sizzling and bitter soup of Northern China. In case you are are in search of probably the most genuine sizzling and bitter soup, go for it. In any other case, skip it which is what most individuals do these days.


Add a number of slices of ginger to the soup to make the flavour. Since we solely need the flavour of ginger, discard it after the cooking.


The egg is one other must-have ingredient for the soup. I’ll elaborate on easy methods to add it to the soup in step 4.

You might also need to check out the Chinese language Rooster and Corn Soup on this weblog.

Hot and sour soup 酸辣湯

Step three- Getting ready the seasonings.

The mixture of vinegar, white pepper, and sesame oil create the flavour excessive is iconic to the genuine sizzling and bitter soup recipe.

Zhenjiang vinegar (Chinkiang vinegar)

The sourness of the soup comes from the vinegar. Zhenjiang vinegar 镇江醋 is better of this soup, and the shut different would be the pink vinegar 浙醋。 Zhenjiang vinegar (Chinkiang vinegar) has a sharper sourness notice than the pink vinegar. Purple vinegar is mellower than Zhenjiang vinegar and used primarily as one of many substances for marinade and sauces.

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Vinegar ought to solely add throughout the last step of cooking since it’s going to risky and misplaced taste after extended cooking.

Sesame oil

Add a teaspoon of sesame oil within the last step. We would like the flavour of sesame. So it ought to by no means be substituted with different oils.

Floor white pepper

The hotness of the soup originates from the pepper, not the chili. Floor white pepper is used for this soup by everybody, not black pepper.

The white pepper will launch a bitter style if heated for too lengthy. Add it to the soup within the last step of cooking.

Notice: Some readers reported that there’s an excessive amount of pepper within the soup recipe. Nevertheless, the quantity is what we usually used domestically, and it’s fully acceptable to cut back the quantity do you have to want a milder style.

Chili bean paste (Toban Djan) 豆瓣醬

This sauce offers the flavour of chili pepper and the broad bean paste. It’s the handy means so as to add Szechuan taste to any delicacies. Some folks will skip this by including some chili oil to the soup to supply the hotness of chili paper and create the signature pink hue of the new and bitter soup.

Gentle soy sauce

Add some gentle soy sauce to marinate the meat and to the soup. Soy sauce is the magic seasoning ingredient for the Chinese language cooking which is excessive on umami.

Darkish soy sauce

A small quantity of darkish soy sauce assist to darken the colour of the soup, You will note the acquainted coloration of the new and bitter soup when you add the darkish soy sauce and the chili bean paste into the broth.

Step four- Cook dinner and serve

Cornflour slurry

Add the cornflour slurry earlier than, not after forming the egg drops.

The corn flour will thicken the soup, and provides the soup a easy mouthfeel. Including the correct amount of cornflour slurry till you get the specified consistency.


Beat the egg. Pour the egg liquid into the soup by dropping it at a excessive place slowly in round movement. Watch for a second or two and use the ladle to push the egg strands round evenly. The egg strands will break into quick items and type many small ribbons.

Don’t over stir the eggs. That’s the reason I at all times alter the consistency and taste of the soup earlier than including the eggs.

Last adjustment of the flavour

Add the Zhenjiang vinegar, white pepper and sesame oil to the soup. The three substances are added final as extended cooking can scale back the depth of their taste.

Now you can have the ultimate adjustment of the flavour. Add extra vinegar and pepper if you would like a extra intense taste or some additional soy sauce for stronger umami. Add some chopped coriander on prime to garnish.

Szechuan hot and sour soup noodles
The recent and bitter soup noodles served at Dragon-i Restaurant

Flip your sizzling and bitter soup right into a savory soup noodle.

Make a twist of the simple sizzling and bitter soup recipe with some added lamian (Chinese language handmade noodles) for an entire meal. The noodles behave like a sponge, absorbing all of the flavors from the thick familycuisine.internet could make the soup extra concentrated by lowering the quantity of water or rising the seasoning (vinegar, salt bean paste, soy sauce, and so forth.) to care for the dilution by the familycuisine.netch the noodles in a pot of water till the noodles are tender and al dente. You may confer with the instruction on the packaging because it varies from model to model. Drain the noodles and place them in a big ceramic bowl. Ladle the new and bitter soup on it and garnish with some chopped familycuisine.internet substances of the soup might be assorted too. Use scallop or shrimps rather than meat for the seafood model, make a rooster sizzling and bitter soup or omit the meat when you want it to be vegetarian.

Associated Szechuan recipes

When you like this Szechuan sizzling and bitter soup, you may additionally prefer to attempt another Szechuan recipe on this weblog:Szechuan spicy wonton (红油抄手) is spicy and savory due to the mixture of a myriad of herbs and spices. The subtle taste has earned it an indeniable place on the restaurant menu.Twice cooked pork (回锅肉) is simmered in water, adopted by pan-frying and enrobed in a shiny thick attractive sauce. It has a wealthy savory taste and barely spicy, which is the hallmark of Szechuan meals.Dan Dan Noodles (担担面) a dry noodle dish with a robust savory taste because of the mixture of Sichuan peppercorn, chili oil, minced pork, vinegar, and siumiyacai (inexperienced mustard pickle).

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