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Sweet relish is a condiment made from finely chopped sweet pickles. It can be served with sandwiches, on top of hot dogs or hamburgers, or as a topping for fried eggs.

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How to make sweet relish with dill pickles

Sweet dill pickle relish is the perfect summer topping and adds just the right amount of salty sweet delicious to burgers, hot dogs, and more. It’s easy to make pickle relish at home, and there’s no better way to use up overgrown cucumbers.

A spoonful of homemade dill pickle relish after canning.

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I’ll be honest, I was really only looking for a way to use up gigantic cucumbers that were way too big to make a decent pickle. You see, the best pickles are made with tiny cucumbers, about the size of your little finger. Anything bigger and it’ll turn to a sad mushy excuse for a pickle in the canner. We love pickles on top of grilled sausages in the summertime, so relish seemed like a great way to use them up.

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Searching around online for dill pickle recipes was more or less terrifying. Crazy amounts of sugar leading me to believe people assumed that relish was supposed to be a candied jam. Or worse even, thickening it with cornstarch which sounded downright unappealing. I’m looking for dill pickle flavor, but mashed up into an easy to use condiment. That’s it. No funny stuff.

Home canned dill pickle relish ~ The results of using this canning recipe for dill pickle relish displayed on a table top.

As always, The Ball Complete Book of Canning and Preserving had my back. I’ve adapted their recipe for a small batch, because I prefer to use up cucumbers straight from the garden same day, and I try my best to avoid allowing cucumbers to reach gigantic relish sized proportions. Feel free to increase the recipe if you have more to use up.

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The original recipe included a small amount of sugar, which I was a lot more reasonable than every other recipe I could find. I used turbinado because that’s what I had on hand, but I think it resulted in fuller flavor than plain white sugar. The little bit of molasses in the sugar really brought out extra richness in the final relish.

Dill Pickle Relish Recipe for Canning ~ This simple dill pickle relish is a great way to use overgrown cucumbers, and the sweet/salty flavor makes the perfect summer bbq topping.

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Dill Pickle Relish Recipe for Canning ~ This pickle relish recipe has just enough sweet to balance the tangy vinegar and pickling salt, for a delicious, well rounded topping. Perfect as a hot dog topping or in all your summer recipes. Canning instructions provided, but you can also make it as a refrigerator relish pickling recipe. #relish #relishrecipe #dillpickle #canning #foodpreservation #preservingfood #homestead #selfreliant #selfsufficiency #homesteading

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