how to make turkey salad out of leftover turkey

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How to make turkey salad out of leftover turkey

I recognize you are mosting likely to enjoy this very easy dish for Turkey Salad! It’s so basic to make yet it has an unanticipated spin … it has pecans, as well as it’s made with cranberries for flavor as well as nutty problem! This is the most effective spin on a traditional hen salad as well as a turkey sandwich you’ll yearn for!

The most effective component of Thanksgiving supper is leftovers, as well as I imply remaining turkey, naturally! There are a lot of terrific points to make from leftovers, like turkey supply or turkey rolls, soups as well as sandwiches.

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Turkey salad on bread on a plate

Exactly How to Make Turkey Salad

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It’s as very easy as 1, 2, 3 to draw this with each other, as well as it’s excellent to scoop onto an environment-friendly salad, usage for lettuce covers, or make right into sandwiches. It’s so basic I can make this without also needing to tremble myself out of my annual tryptophan coma!

  1. Slice remaining turkey right into pieces.
  2. Dice celery as well as onions.
  3. Mix all components with each other (per dish listed below) as well as cool in the fridge for at the very least thirty minutes prior to offering.

Turkey salad ingredients in a glass bowl

What to Place In Turkey Salad

I bear in mind when placing cranberry sauce and/or packing on turkey sandwiches ended up being a point. So I assumed I would certainly attempt making turkey salad with dried out cranberries as well as pecans, as well as it’s formally among those points everybody expects having in the night after a large Thanksgiving lunch. However this dish is so flexible; you can blend it up any kind of means you pick.

  • Usage toasted almonds or various other favored nuts instead of pecans if you want.
  • Attempt it with fruit like grapes, cut apples, or perhaps ordinary raisins, if you desire something various than cranberries. Grapes are my favorite, there is something regarding the sweet taste that is wonderful versus the mouthwatering Dijon as well as onions.
  • Baked garlic as well as chives are a fantastic enhancement! Or attempt bacon collapses!

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Utilize your creativity, as well as you’ll create means to make turkey salad right into something that is anything yet “plain old.”

Turkey salad on a sandwich with tomato and lettuce on a plate


You betcha. If you have remaining salad, you can cool it for 3 to 4 days. I do not suggest cold salads with mayo, they simply do not get on that well when you thaw them out. So utilize this turkey salad all up, it will not be tough!

  • Make it for lunches.
  • Spread it on biscuits to act as hors d’ body of work.
  • Make it right into covers with tortillas.

Or hell, simply consume it right out of the dish with a spoon! It makes a fantastic treat, lunch or a fast as well as yummy supper with turkey soup, so go right in advance as well as make great deals! You absolutely will not regret it! Delighted Thanksgiving!

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Recipes Perfect for Surplus Turkey

  • Turkey Roll Ups – excellent turkey supper packages!
  • Hot Turkey Sandwich – covered with sauce!
  • Turkey Pasta Salad – with cranberries & & almonds
  • Turkey Casserole – baked up until gold & & bubbly!
  • Turkey Soup – most likely to after vacation dishes

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