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how to make udon noodle soup

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How to make udon noodle soup

Offered in a fragile umami brew, this timeless Udon Noodle Soup (or Kake Udon) is a dish of real convenience. Easy yet loaded with spirit, it is a point of elegance. Delight in the noodle soup as is or leading it with tempura, fish cake, tofu, or veggie.

A Japanese bowl containing fresh homemade udon noodles in clear soy based dashi broth.

Of all the Japanese noodles, udon is typically the one that I resort to when I need convenience. To me, these crunchy, unsafe noodles appear to have an unique power to relieve any type of difficulties and also please one’s cravings. We consume them at any moment of day – be it a fast lunch or a meeting supper. And also they are best warm, chilly, or throughout between.

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I like all sort of udon recipes, however absolutely nothing defeats the timeless easy warm udon noodle called Kake Udon. Today allow’s find out more regarding it and also exactly how we can make a genuine dish in your home.

What is Kake Udon

Kake Udon (かけうどん) is one of the most fundamental kind of warm udon noodle soup, constructed from udon noodles being in a savory dashi based brew. In my point of view, it is most motivating as it is precisely the type of food that commemorates simpleness.

In the Kansai area recognized for huge cities like Osaka, Kobe, and also Kyoto, this udon noodle soup is called Su Udon (素うどん). The significant distinction is the shade of the soup brew as it’s much lighter than the one in the Kanto area (Tokyo location). The Kansai areas typically utilize light soy sauce called Usukuchi Shoyu (薄口醤油).

soy sauce and usukuchi
Usukuchi Shoyu (light shade) left wing and also Koikuchi Shoyu (routine) on the right.

This easy udon noodle soup can be changed right into something much more when you alter the spices or garnishes. You can make Tanuki Udon with Tenkasu (fried tempura little bits), or you can make Kitsune Udon with skilled deep-fried tofu called Inari Age.

Kake Udon vs. Kamaage Udon

Prior to we proceed, I wish to briefly discuss Kamaage Udon (釜揚げうどん), which is an additional sort of udon noodle recipe that looks comparable to Kake Udon.

Lots of people often tend to obtain perplexed with both kinds of udon as they are offered with very little garnishes, in spite of being prepared in different ways.

Kamaage essentially converts to “pull out of the pot” and also it has a special offering design. Unlike the majority of udon noodles where they obtain a fast rinse under chilly running water after prepared, Kamaage Udon is offered in a dish straight from the pot, typically with the warm food preparation fluid. Due to the fact that the prepared noodle is never ever washed with chilly water, kamaage udon has an unique softer, silky structure and also starchy taste. You would certainly after that dip the noodles right into a dipping brew ‘tsuyu’ that is offered together with.

So it is instead various from Kake Udon where the noodles are crunchy with a flexible bite and also a dashi brew is put over right into the dish of noodles.

A Japanese bowl containing fresh homemade udon noodles in clear soy based dashi broth.

3 Essential Parts for Udon Noodle Soup

1: Udon Pasta

A bamboo basket containing homemade udon noodles.

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There are many areas (prefectures) in Japan that are recognized for udon noodles. One of the most popular prefecture is Kagawa in Shikoku area, adhered to by Fukuoka in Kyushu area and also Saitama in Kanto area.

Kagawa is recognized for Sanuki Udon (讃岐うどん), which is identified by its crunchy and also flexible noodles and also sardine soup supply.

In Japan, you can discover fresh udon noodles in the fridge area or dried out udon noodles on the rack. Below in the united state, we can just get icy udon noodles or dried out udon noodles.

Udon Noodles (Frozen and Dry) | Easy Japanese Recipes at familycuisine.net

I likewise advise making udon noodles from square one! Udon is really simple to make contrasted to pasta or soba noodles! Look into my tutorial on exactly how to make homemade udon noodles and also video clip.

Just How to Prepare Udon Pasta

To prepare udon noodles, prepare a huge pot of water. They have a fair bit of salt currently so we do not require to salt the water (exact same for soba noodles!). Prepare the noodles according to the bundle directions.

When the udon noodles are prepared and also drained pipes, constantly wash the starch under chilly running water. This offers the noodles a company, however crunchy structure.

For warm udon noodle soup, the noodles are rapidly soaked in cozy water (in a 2nd pot) prior to being offered in a dish. I do not constantly prepare the 2nd pot of cozy water (sorry I slouch), so I rapidly run the noodles in warm water in the sink (button from chilly to warm on the tap). Not the correct method, however it gets the job done.

2: Dashi Brew

A mason jar containing Homemade Mentsuyu (Tsuyu) / Japanese Soup Base for Noodles.

Following, prepare the soup brew.

The udon soup or brew is constructed from dashi (Japanese soup supply) skilled with fundamental Japanese spices -soy sauce, mirin, (often benefit), sugar, and also salt.

As I clarified previously, the primary distinction in between the eastern and also west of Japan is making use of various soy sauce.

  • Tokyo location – utilize routine soy sauce (Koikuchi Shoyu)
  • Osaka location – utilize light soy sauce (Usukuchi Shoyu)

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The brew shade is rather various in between the areas. I make my own with routine soy sauce.

Just How to Make the Udon Brew

I’ll share 2 techniques below so you have the alternatives.

Brew Made with Dashi

  1. Make dashi (Japanese soup supply) – You can make it from square one with kombu and also katsuobushi, or simply kombu (for vegan), or utilize anchovy/sardine supply. It takes just thirty minutes or much less, however if you require to speed up points up, utilize dashi package or dashi powder.
  2. Period the dashi – Include soy sauce, mirin, sugar, and also salt. All set to put over the noodles!

Brew Made with Mentsuyu and also Water

  1. Procedure mentsuyu and also water – Mentsuyu is made with kombu and also katsuobushi so you can miss making dashi.
  2. Warm Up – To make warm udon soup, warm up the mentsuyu brew in a pot. Or else, you can utilize it straight on chilly noodles.

In my fridge, I constantly have a container of store-bought Mentsuyu or a container of Homemade Mentsuyu. It’s really hassle-free if you wish to make noodle soup immediately. For those that delight in soba and also udon noodles, I absolutely advise maintaining Mentsuyu in the refrigerator.

Each udon dish needs about 300 ml (1 1/4 mug) of brew.

3: Covering Options

A dark bowl containing Kitsune Udon Noodle Soup.

Finally, the covering. Kake Udon is everything about simpleness, so we typically garnish the noodles with sliced eco-friendly onion which has to do with it. Nonetheless, you can include various garnishes to make it fancier!

There are a lot of alternatives and also these components are offered at Japanese markets.


  • Environment-friendly onion
  • Shichimi Togarashi (Japanese 7 flavor) (gf, vegan)

Toppings – No Preparation Required:

Tenkasu (Tempura Crisps)
  • Inari Age (gf, vegan) – see my Kitsune Udon dish
  • Kamaboko (fish cake)
  • Satsumaage (deep deep-fried fisih cake)
  • Katsuobushi (gf)
  • Tenkasu (Agedama) (vegan) – see image over
  • Tororo (or Oboro) kombu (gf, vegan)
  • Wakame algae (gf, vegan)
  • Grated yamaimo/nagaimo (gf, vegan)
  • Yuzu Kosho (gf, vegan)
  • Raw egg (called Tsukimi Udon)

Added preparation called for:

A white bowl containing chilled udon noodles, tenkasu, julienned cucumber, boiled egg, wakame seaweed, and grated onion, along with savory noodle soup.
  • Beef and also scallion – see my Niku Udon dish
  • Tempura or Kakiage
  • Egg – Onsen Tamago, soft-boiled egg

As you can see, the opportunity is unlimited. Despite exactly how you prepare it, udon is bound to please.

A Japanese bowl containing fresh homemade udon noodles in clear soy based dashi broth.

A Lot More Udon Recipes on Simply One Recipe Book

  • Cold Tanuki Udon
  • Curry Udon and also Cold Curry Udon
  • Kitsune Udon
  • Miso Nikomi Udon
  • Nabeyaki Udon
  • Niku Udon (Beef Udon)
  • Oxtail Udon

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A Japanese bowl containing fresh homemade udon noodles in clear soy based dashi broth.

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