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Vlasic pickles are a popular, crunchy pickle that can be served on sandwiches or as a side dish. They have the perfect balance of sweet and sour flavors.

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How to make vlasic dill pickles

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Easy refrigerator dill pickles are truly simple and full of that garlicky, salty goodness you crave. No heating means these stay crispy too-no saggy, soggy pickles here!

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I love Claussen pickles. Love them. Their garlicky salty goodness and the crunch are the best part. This is the perfect time of year (when you are being overrun with cucumbers) to make a big batch of my version and drink the juice when they’re gone.

The juice drinking is optional, but here’s whats great about these-first, my second grader could do this. I know a lot of you cringe at the thought of words like “pressure canning” or “water baths” so we don’t even have to touch that but you will need to keep these in the fridge at all times.

Step 1: Cut your cucumbers in to any size you like. I was doing “hamburger slices” here which are long vertical slices but you can do rounds, cubes, or leave your cucumbers whole if they are really tiny.

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Step 2: Pack your jars. Lay the jars on their sides (or use a huge jar like mine and make one big one) and lay in your slices. This is a ton easier than trying to get everything to stand up straight with the jar upright.

Step 3: Make your brine and bring it up to a boil. Stir everything well to dissolve the salt and pour it over the cucumbers. It may be a good idea to warm your jar under a little hot water before pouring in the brine so you don’t crack the glass.

And the final result is a crispy, flavorful and extremely affordable pickle. I make these by the gallon-no lie. We eat them all in just a few weeks. I raise my own dill, but most of you probably don’t so I went by the grocery to see how much it costs to buy enough to make a batch of pickles. Looks like it will cost you about $4-pocket change for a gallon of these yummy things.

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