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Kosher dill pickles are a classic American favorite. They're made by soaking cucumbers in salt water for hours on end, then draining them and packing them tightly into jars to ferment. The fermentation process creates lactic acid, which

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How to make vlasic kosher dill pickles
I had almost everything on-hand. The only ingredients I needed to buy were fresh dill and cucumbers.

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I love pickles. But not just any pickles. Dills are the pickles for me. Dill pickles are a classic topper for any sandwich or veggie burger. They also go great with mock tuna or egg-less salad. Or dice them up and mix them with some oil-free vegan mayo for Tartar Sauce, BeetEater style!

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Last week when shopping to make my Ultimate Veggie Burger recipe, I stopped by the pickle isle to peruse the selection. As I was checking the ingredients on the back of the Vlasic “Zesty” Pickles, a thought occurred to me: I have nearly all of these ingredients at home… and cucumbers are on sale!

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So for a fraction of the price of a jar of pickles, I picked up a large bunch of fresh dill and a couple of english cucumbers. I kind of winged the recipe based on the Vlasic label combined with the typical procedure for making refrigerator pickles. I made a few tweaks to put my own spin on these pickles. My most notable tweak was omitting the mysterious ingredient “Yellow Number 5!” A very healthy move I think – who wants creepy numbered colors in their food?

Prep for this is so easy – I don’t think I even spent a whole 10 minutes prepping the ingredients. After marinating only 6 hours they already tasted amazing. After a full day they were out of this world. For best results, prep these on Wednesday for your Friday night Barbecue!

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