how to make wasabi fried rice | Family Cuisine

This is a recipe for wasabi fried rice that uses white rice, broccoli, and green onions. It's a simple dish that can be made in less than 20 minutes.
how to make wasabi fried rice | Family Cuisine

Bacon and eggs, kicked up a notch! This spicy take on a simple fried rice is an exciting way to wake up your taste buds any time of day! The wasabi-bacon combination is super delicious, and topping it off with an egg is the ultimate way to go!

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Wasabi is like the Japanese version of horseradish…similar taste, different plant. So if you like horseradish, you’ll probably like wasabi too! It comes in the form of a paste in a tube, and is bright green in colour! Because wasabi is quite powerful, I recommend you taste as you cook to check the level of spiciness. You can adjust the amount of wasabi in the recipe to make it as spicy as you want! It doesn’t have to be super fiery, and it will still be packed with flavour, but if you love spicy food go for it!

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Putting eggs on things for me is like the icing on the cake. Really…what can I say? I love them! On pizza, on pasta, on burger, on salads, and yes – absolutely, without a doubt, an egg is the perfect addition to place atop this spicy rice! I would recommend a nice sunny side up, or an easy-over fried egg for this dish, the runny yolk pouring out over the rice is like gold on a plate.

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