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White fish sauce is a popular dipping sauce in South East Asia and Vietnam. It's also used as an ingredient in many other dishes, such as soups and salads. To make white fish sauce, you'll need to combine some white wine

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How to make white fish sauce

…garlic…butter…and lemon. Yum, yum, and yum. You can’t go wrong with that trio. It’s a winning trifecta that’s destined to become awesome sauce.

And awesome is this sauce. It goes superbly on this white fish recipe, of course, but it’s also fantastic over rice or veggies or whatever you’re serving this fish with.

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This garlicky buttery lemony sauce is light, yet bursting with flavor. Savory, succulent, rewarding.

Fish Lemon Butter Sauce, white fish recipe, lemon butter fish

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The best kind of fish for this recipe are firm white fish fillets; they’re wonderful for pan frying and don’t sport any unwanted fishy-ness. The fresher the better. Fresh = no fishy taste.

Go for mahi-mahi, halibut, or a firm white cod, with at least 1 inch thickness. Fillet size should be roughly 6 ” x 3 ” long and wide, give or take a little.

Quality does matter with fish, so if you’re buying flash frozen fish, get a good quality one. The high quality flash frozen white fish can work really well. Just be sure to thaw and thoroughly remove excess water/moisture from the fillets before starting on the recipe.

Serve this delicious lemon butter fish with your favorite rice, salad, or veggies. My favorite way to serve this dish is with jasmine rice and grilled veggies.

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Fish Lemon Butter Sauce, white fish recipe, lemon butter fish

I am a seafood lover through and through. I can devour seafood like nobody’s business. Spicy Thai Grilled Shrimp, anyone? Or Kung Pao Shrimp? How about Shrimp Ceviche? I’m down with it all. And down it all, I do.

Seafood is fabulous for a waist-friendly protein that tastes delish. Generally, I dish up healthy foods. Most of the time. These cookies are a total exception 😉



Source: Chew Out Loud, inspired by Williams Sonoma Essentials of Mediterranean Cooking

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