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Marinating chicken in a mixture of soy sauce, sesame oil and rice vinegar is a great way to infuse flavors into meat and make it more tender. It’s also a good way to cook vegetables or tofu for stir-

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How to marinate chicken for a stir fry

This Sticky Chicken Stir Fry makes a fantastic mid-week meal that’s prepared really quickly. If you marinade the meat the night before, you can have this on the table in 25 minutes! Chicken stir fry with vegetables on rice in a green bowl

I was having a cupboard clear out yesterday, and I found 7 – yes that’s SEVEN – bottles of soy sauce. I’ve obviously got some kind of lack-of-Chinese-food-phobia causing me to pick up a bottle every time I do the shopping. Or maybe I should just clear out my cupboards more often….

Reading: how to marinate chicken for a stir fry

I do seem to go through a fair amount when I’m in the mood for Asian ricey/noodley dishes like this crispy chill beef or these veggie Asian noodles.

And that was exactly what I was in the mood for yesterday. Something sticky, saucy and Asian inspired. I am trying to be a little healthier during the week, so I was looking for something packed with crunchy veg and bright colours too.

This one is a particularly good mid week meal that’s prepared really quickly. If you marinade the meat the night before, you can have this on the table in 20-25 minutes. If you forget to marinade it the night before (as I often do) then a 20 minute marinade will be just fine. You can still get this cooked in a little over half an hour.

Simply marinade chicken thighs with soy sauce, honey, garlic, ginger, chilli sauce, sesame oil, mirin, rice vinegar and a splash of sherry.:

Adding sesame oil to chicken along with other marinade ingredients.Stir together, cover and refrigerate for about an hour:Chicken with marinade being stirred in a glass bowl

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Then fry up the chicken in a wok until it’s browned, saucy and bubbly:Marinated chicken cooking in a wok

Add in any veggies you like – I’m using broccoli, mushrooms, sugar snap peas, yellow pepper and kale in this one:Kale being added to chicken stir fry

The addition of the veggies thins the sauce slightly, so I also stir in a little cornflour/cornstarch slurry at the end, to thicken the sauce and make sure it clings to the chicken and vegetables.

I used chicken thighs here – far better than chicken breast in a stir fry as they’re more moist and tender. Chicken breast can have a tendency to dry up and become a little chewy when it’s cooked quickly.

I used the veg I had in, so use what you have. Carrots, red onion, spring greens, pak choi, asparagus – pretty much anything will work here. You can even add in some ready-noodles or serve with some rice if you’re feeling hungry.

Coming back to that cupboard clear out – yes, I found some mirin, Chinese rice wine vinegar and a bit of sherry in the endless rows of bottles. The addition of these less-standard ingredients really helps to build layers of flavour in the marinade. If you haven’t got them though, you can leave them out and you’ll still get a delicious tasting dish.

Chicken and vegetable stir fry on rice in green bowl. Sliced chillies and sweet chilli sauce next to bowl

Can I make it gluten free?

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Yes, replace the soy sauce with tamari. I would use 3 tbsp of tamari instead of 4 as I find it can be a little overpowering.

Mirin and rice wine occasionally contain gluten – so check your brand. You can replace with an extra splash of sherry.

Also, serve with rice or gluten free noodles.

Can I make it ahead?

This stir fry tastes best when made right before serving. However, leftovers can make a great salad the next day. Simply cook quickly, cover and refrigerate until the next day. Add a few leaves and a little couscous and you have a great lunch.

Can I make it vegetarian?

Yes, replace the chicken with a meat-free alternative such as tofu or quorn, or you can leave out entirely. There’s no need to marinade if you’re only making it with vegetables. I’m i’m making a veggie version, I like to sprinkle on some chopped cashews before serving.

The Sticky Chicken Stir Fry Recipe:

This recipe was first posted in July 2014. Updated in October 2018 with new photos, tips and recipe video.

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