How to open a soda bottle without a bottle opener

The best way to open a soda bottle without a bottle opener is by using your teeth.

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How to open a soda bottle without a bottle opener

While you actually need a crisp, chilly beer however do not have a bottle opener helpful, you would possibly suppose you are completely out of luck, destined to simply drool over that ice-cold, water-beaded bottle. However we have got excellent news. Like the numerous hacks which have uncorked numerous wine bottles sans corkscrew, there are many methods to popping off a beer’s metallic cap once you’re with no bottle opener. All you want is a bit of leverage.

1. Keys

Use your dominant hand to slip the lengthy aspect of your key beneath the cap, then twist the important thing upward to loosen the cap. You may need to show the bottle a bit and repeat till it lastly comes clear off.

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2. One other beer

We have seen this extra occasions than we will depend. And although it looks like an outdated wive’s story, it truly does work. It simply takes a bit of finessing: Flip one bottle the other way up and use the ridge of its cap to tug of the cap of one other, holding them robust and regular.

3. Steel spoon or fork

Simply slip the sting of a spoon of single fork prong beneath the cap and elevate till the bottle opens. Alternatively, you may simply use the deal with to pry it off.

4. Scissors

There are literally two ways right here. The primary is opening them and inserting the cap between the 2 blades, lifting till it pops off. The second is chopping by way of every ridge within the crown till it releases.

5. Lighter

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Maintain the bottle by the highest of its neck, leaving simply sufficient area for the lighter to suit between your index finger and the underside of the cap. Now push down on the opposite finish of the lighter along with your free hand till the cap flies off.

6. Lipstick

See directions for utilizing a lighter. Truthfully any weighty, stick-like object will do right here.

7. Door body

You have gotta tilt the bottle a bit on its aspect to make this one work: Line up the sting of the cap with the lip of the door or empty lock latch, then apply stress at an angle and the cap ought to pop off.

8. Screwdriver

Slip the sting of a flathead beneath the sting of the cap and use the remaining as a lever to elevate it off.

9. Greenback invoice

This trick is a bit of tougher to imagine, however it actually does work. By folding the invoice (or perhaps a piece of paper) sufficient occasions, it turns into sturdy sufficient to pop off a bottle cap.

10. Tree department

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If yow will discover one with a curve or knob, you are in luck. Simply maneuver the bottle till the cap catches and tilt slowly however forcefully till it comes free. (Skip to 0:13 within the video.)

11. Countertop

Or brick. Or some other floor with an outlined edge. Place the lip of the counter beneath the cap and whack the cap along with your hand or arduous object in a downward movement in order that it lifts off.

12. Ring

Place your hand over the bottle and put the underside of your ring finger beneath the cap. Tilt the bottle to about 45 levels, then grip the highest and pull again. It is likely to be greatest to stay to sturdy, titanium or gold bands for this one, although. As a result of who needs to bend a fragile silver ring out of form for the sake of chugging a brewski? Oh proper, all of us.

13. Belt buckle

This requires you to take your belt off, however booze is completely value the additional step. Place one fringe of the buckle beneath the cap and use your thumb to push down on the opposite aspect of the cap.

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