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Pan frying quail is a quick and easy way to prepare this delicious game bird. Quail are small and their meat is tender and mild-tasting, making them perfect for pan frying.

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How to pan fry quail

This simple and quick cast iron pan fried and roasted quail recipe will impress your friends & family. The best way to cook quail is fast because it is so small and lean and will dry out easy (this is where a sauce or gravy comes in handy!).

Cooking the quail in the “stovetop to oven” method gives it the fast crisp sear on the outside while finishing the inside at a lower heat in the oven will keep it moister.

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Fresh quail is difficult to find, but can generally be ordered through a specialty butcher or found in the frozen section of grocery stores.

Quail is a very small game bird that tastes similar to chicken. Most quail on the market are raised in special game bird farms in the U.S.

Quail is versatile, like chicken, and you can stuff the small cavity with cooked sausages or vegetables and / or make a pan sauce to go along with it. This basic recipe will get you started.

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Don’t want to tie the legs together? Skip it – the bird will still cook!

Want the breast a little darker? Broil the last couple minutes (watch carefully so it don’t burn!) in the oven.

8 Quail Nestled Into And Cooked In A Cast Iron Skillet. side view

This blog post is sponsored by Smithey Ironware who makes this gorgeous and tough cast iron skillet. It’s made in the U.S. and handcrafted in my home-town of Charleston, SC. Smithey is like a regular cast iron pan but it takes it up another notch and finishes & polishes the cast iron for a smooth non stick surface that is easy to cook on and easy to clean.

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