How to Master the Art of Pickling Cabbage

Quickly and easily preserve cabbage while adding a burst of flavor to your meals

Tangy and crunchy, quick Pickled Cabbage is the perfect condiment. Enjoy as a salad side with your meal, or on top of your burger or tacos or as a fresher substitute for sauerkraut.

Are you a fan of pickled foods? If so, you’re in for a treat! Pickling cabbage is not only incredibly simple, but it also yields a delicious condiment that can elevate any dish. Similar to pickled carrots, garlic, or peppers, quick pickled cabbage offers that tangy crunch we all adore. So, let’s dive into the world of pickling and explore the wonders of this versatile ingredient!

Is Pickled Cabbage the Same as Sauerkraut?

Yes and no. While sauerkraut is a type of pickled cabbage commonly found in grocery stores, it has been heat-treated and canned for a longer shelf life. Traditional sauerkraut, on the other hand, is naturally fermented and full of probiotics. If you’re curious, you can check out my recipe for Spicy Sauerkraut. Our quick pickled cabbage recipe, however, uses vinegar and salt for pickling, requires refrigeration, and has a shorter shelf life. Each type of pickled cabbage offers different flavors and benefits, but for now, let’s focus on the simplicity of our quick pickled cabbage recipe.

How Long Does Pickled Cabbage Last?

Ensuring the correct ratio of vinegar to water in the brine is crucial for proper pickling, especially for water canning. In this recipe, the vinegar ratio is slightly lower to achieve quick pickling. Once prepared and stored in a sealed glass jar in the refrigerator, your pickled cabbage can last for approximately a week. It’s the perfect condiment to enjoy throughout the week and enhance various meals!

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What Can You Serve with Pickled Cabbage?

Originally, I started making homemade pickled cabbage to elevate my Russian Beet and Potato Salad known as Vinegret. It adds the perfect amount of vinegar and crunchiness to the salad. However, pickled cabbage is incredibly versatile and can be used in numerous ways. Top your burgers with it, use it as a tangy condiment in tacos or tortilla wraps, or add grated carrots alongside the cabbage for an extra burst of flavor. Treat it as a delicious pickled salad and incorporate it into your diet as a side dish. You can even add it to a grazing platter or charcuterie board for an extra touch of freshness.

How Easy Is It to Make Pickled Cabbage?

Here’s the best part: pickling cabbage couldn’t be easier! If you have a mandolin slicer, thinly slice either red or green cabbage. Alternatively, use a knife and cutting board, taking care to slice the cabbage into thin pieces. I also recommend finely dicing an onion and adding it to the cabbage mix. Some people even grate a carrot into the mix for added complexity. Next, pour the hot brine over the mixture to initiate the pickling process. Allow the flavors to meld together for 30 minutes, or for enhanced results, leave the mixture on the counter overnight before transferring it to glass jars and refrigerating it in the morning. And remember, don’t skip the onion—it’s what adds all the incredible flavor!

Tangy and crunch, quick Pickled Cabbage is the perfect condiment. Enjoy as a salad side with your meal, or on top of your burger or tacos.

Enjoy the tangy and crunchy perfection of quick pickled cabbage as a side dish to complement your meaty mains, or indulge in the delightful combination it brings to your burgers and tacos. Get creative and experiment with various dishes to discover new and exciting flavors. Bon appétit! Приятного аппетита!

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