Point Salad Game Rules

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How to play point salad

Factor Salad is a card-drafting and also tableau-building ready 2-6 gamers. Gamers take transforms developing a salad of veggies and also gathering factor cards in order to rack up one of the most factors for the components in their salad!

Point Salad Game Rules


  • 108 double-sided veggie/point cards
  • 1 Rulebook

Double-sided cards include 18 each of 6 various veggies with 108 distinct racking up problems on their factor card backs.

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Point Salad Game Rules


  1. Based upon the variety of gamers, pass over or eliminate the complying with variety of each of the 6 vegetable cards from the video game (without checking out the factor card backs):

    • 2 Gamers: Suspend 6 of each vegetable (36 total amount)
    • 3 Gamers: Suspend 9 of each vegetable (54 total amount)
    • 4 Gamers: Eliminate 6 of each vegetable (72 total amount)
    • 5 Gamers: Eliminate 3 of each vegetable (90 total amount)
    • 6 Gamers: Utilize the whole deck

    Location any type of gotten rid of cards back inside package to ensure that gamers do not see which factor cards have actually been gotten rid of.

  2. Shuffle all staying cards and also develop 3 about equivalent draw stacks with factor card sides encounter up.

  3. Turn over 2 cards from each draw heap and also put them in a column listed below the heap. This produces a veggie market listed below the stacks.

  4. Arbitrarily pick a begin gamer.

Note: Given That Factor Salad is so quick-playing, you might determine to play numerous rounds! You might monitor ratings over numerous rounds and also proclaim a victor at the end.

For 2 gamers, we recommend splitting the deck right into 3 equivalent rounds of 36 cards each (see over), or for 3 gamers, 2 equivalent rounds of 54 cards each. This will certainly permit you to make use of the complete deck via numerous rounds and also invest much less time arranging the cards!

Point Salad Game Rules

Video Game Play

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On your turn you compose several cards. You might compose either

  • one factor card from the top of any one of the draw stacks or
  • 2 veggie cards from those offered out there.

After you pick your card( s), include them to a face-up tableau before on your own, after that your turn is full.

Optional totally free activity: As soon as per turn, you might pick to turn over any type of among your factor cards (either prepared this turn, or on a previous turn) and also transform it right into a veggie card (yet you can not turn a veggie card right into a factor card).

Note: The vegetable kind is suggested in the edges of the card.

Point Salad Game Rules

Transform End

As soon as you have actually prepared your card( s), fill up the vegetable market by attracting cards from matching draw stacks in each column, filling up any type of vacant ports.

Point Salad Game Rules

Turn the cards over from the factor side to the veggie side as they get in the marketplace. If among the draw stacks of factor cards goes out, divided the biggest heap about in fifty percent, and also relocate the lower fifty percent to change the vacant heap (making certain the factor card in addition to the biggest heap does stagnate).

Once the marketplace refill has actually been finished, play proceeds with the following gamer to the left.

End of the Video Game

The video game finishes when all cards from both the factor card stacks and also vegetable market have actually been prepared. The gamer with one of the most factors is the victor


Gamers arrange their success factors by counting the number of factors each of their very own factor cards deserve and also including these ratings with each other to get their last rating.

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If 2 gamers are incorporated complete success factors, after that the gamer that played later on in the turn order is the victor. When arranging a factor card, a gamer’s complete tableau of veggie cards are taken into consideration

for each and every factor card, suggesting that each vegetable card is made use of to rack up each factor card. Gamers might rack up a factor card numerous times, and also they might likewise make use of the exact same vegetable card to rack up numerous factor cards.

If 2 gamers are linked for a racking up problem on a card (e.g., many onions), after that the gamer with the factor card ratings the success factors.

Point Salad Game Rules

1 8 factors for each and every mix of tomato, lettuce, and also carrot: 8pts x 2 = 16pts.

2 5 factors for each and every set of carrots: 5pts x 2 = 10pts.

3 3 factors for each and every carrot, -2 factors for each and every onion: (3pts x 5) + (-2 pts x 3) = 9pts.

4 10 factors for having one of the most (or linked for the most) onions of all gamers: if it is one of the most = 10pts.

5 5 factors per vegetable kind with a minimum of 3: 5pts x 3 = 15pts.

COMPLETE RATING = 16 + 10 + 9 + 10 + 15 = 60 pts.

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