How to pronounce pu-erh tea

Pu-erh tea is a type of fermented tea that has been brewed in China for over 5,000 years. The process of making pu-erh involves re-fermenting the leaves with heat and/or age to

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What’s Pu-erh Tea?

Pu-erh (pronounced Pu-AR), a kind of tea that’s fermented, to not be confused with oxidation. Black tea for instance, is absolutely oxidized which supplies it it is darkish shade, nevertheless it by no means undergoes fermentation.

The place does Pu-erh tea come from?

Named for the county of Pu-erh within the Yunnan province in china, Pu-erh is created by taking unoxidized inexperienced teas and storing/growing older them. Over time the tea leaves ferment, giving them a definite style from their inexperienced tea counterparts. The method can take upwards of 10 years, with older teas being extra prized (very similar to wines). This turned an issue nevertheless, when within the 1970’s there was an elevated demand for Pu-erh in Hong Kong. With out the flexibility to satisfy this demand a brand new technique was devised to quickly age inexperienced tea into Pu-erh.

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What’s the distinction between uncooked and ripe Pu-erh?

There are two main forms of Pu-erh tea: “Raw Pu-erh” and “Ripe Pu-erh”. These two Pu-erh sorts are distinguished by their respective fermentation processes. Each forms of Pu-erh are produced from the identical uncooked supplies (mao cha) – freshly harvested tea leaves which were wilted, both fried manually or tumbled by means of a heated rotating cylinder, kneaded and solar dried in open air. The time period “Raw Pu-erh” refers to free leaves, tea desserts or bricks produced from uncooked supplies with out further processing. Uncooked Pu-erh will be consumed instantly to take pleasure in its contemporary, floral or fruity flavors, or it may be left to age in a pure atmosphere to attain a mellower, smoother and extra advanced taste. Naturally aged Uncooked Pu-erh teas, notably these produced from premium uncooked supplies, are probably the most sought-after by tea connoisseurs.

“Ripe Pu-erh” presents an alternative choice to having to attend ten to thirty years for the Uncooked Pu-erh to mature and obtain the aged taste that’s well-liked amongst many Chinese language. Within the 1970’s, the business developed a technique to speed up the growing older course of by “cooking” Pu-erh tea. This “cooking” course of, referred to as “wo dui”, includes incubating the tea in a moisture-rich atmosphere the place microbial exercise causes the temperature to rise, drastically intensifying the fermentation course of. This course of sometimes takes a couple of months to finish.

Here’s a comparability between a uncooked and a ripe Pu-erh:

Time required to attain full fermentation:

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Uncooked: 20-30 familycuisine.web: A couple of months.

Style variations:

Uncooked: Younger raw-Pu-erh shares comparable traits as inexperienced tea. Because the tea ages, it turns into extra advanced and is known for its stronger mouth sensation and long-lasting familycuisine.web: Earthy and mellow. Aged ripe Pu-erh turns into smoother and the earthy taste transforms into candy plum taste.

Shade of the brew:

Uncooked: Golden yellow to burnt orange, relying on the age of the teaRipe: Darkish chestnut Look of the leaves: Uncooked: The brewed leaves of uncooked Pu-erh are extra intact, plump and mushy. Ripe: The brewed leaves of ripe Pu-erh are usually damaged, black in shade and not mushy.

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Aged Uncooked Pu-erh just isn’t straightforward to search out, and far of it does not make it to export. Nonetheless, there are various good high quality ripe aged Pu-erh choices that compete on this market.

What are Pu-erh desserts?

As a result of Pu-erh goes by means of a means of fermentation which includes moisture, the leaves will be pressed into numerous shapes. As soon as pressed, they are often saved and aged. Pu-erh is exclusive amongst teas in that it may be saved for a few years and enhance with age, assuming stored below the appropriate circumstances.

The “cakes” as they’re referred to as are available numerous styles and sizes, from massive discs that you just break off into small servings, to mini-cakes or “birds nests” that make one pot. Fairly often Pu-erh is damaged up prematurely right into a free kind that’s straightforward to serve or mix with different teas

Well being advantages of Pu-erh

Final however not least, Pu-erh has it is personal distinct well being advantages. Whereas it’s a fermented product, it isn’t a “live” product when it reaches your teacup. Nonetheless Pu-erh is thought to have useful well being properties in relation to digestion and circulation. Many have used it to help in weight reduction and cut back ldl cholesterol.

What Pu-erh to strive first?

In case you are new to Pu-erh, it most likely finest to start out out with a flavored selection first. The earthy or ‘elemental’ taste profile of Pu-erh could require repeated tasting to get used to. Pu-erh will be resteeped a number of occasions. Most pure, unflavored Pu-erh must be briefly rinsed with scorching water earlier than steeping. Doing this could take away potential chalky taste from the primary infusion.

Whereas most Pu-erh is of the black selection, it’s also possible to discover some Inexperienced and White variations may have extra nuanced and fewer pronounced earthy notes.

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