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How to remove kitchen faucet without basin wrench

A basin wrench is a tool designed to remove the faucet from a sink or washbasin. To remove your kitchen faucet without this tool, you will need to use the following steps:
How to remove kitchen faucet without basin wrench

Lots of people want resolving their plumbing points by themselves. However fixing and putting in kitchen taps may be problematic, particularly with out the correct instruments.

A basin wrench, often known as sink wrench, is a plumbing device designed to make faucet elimination and set up extra environment friendly. It has a protracted shaft with a pair of uneven jaws at one finish and a transversal deal with on the opposite. These two jaws join with a pivot pin.

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Not all householders have a basin wrench, although, as a result of the device just isn’t that simple to make use of. Efficiently loosening or tightening a faucet’s mounting nut with a sink wrench can take some follow.

On this article, we’ll enable you to be taught another technique of eradicating a spout with out utilizing a fancy basin wrench device.

Issues You Want To Put together

In case your kitchen faucet requires cleansing or fixing, you will have to arrange the suitable cleansing instruments.

In case your faucet wants substitute, no extra instruments are essential. Simply just remember to have your new faucet substitute prepared earlier than you dismount the kitchen faucet.

If a basin wrench just isn’t obtainable at house, you might need socket wrench obtainable in your toolbox. You will want a ratchet spanner, and also you may want screwdrivers, channel lock pliers, a clear material, and water pump pliers as nicely. You may additionally use a sink drain wrench in case you have one.

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To maintain your kitchen from getting too messy, additionally, you will want a towel or a material.

How To Take away Your Kitchen Faucet And not using a Basin Wrench

How To Remove Your Kitchen Faucet Without a Basin Wrench

Step #1: Flip Off Valves & Find the Water Provide Strains

It’s essential to make sure that your cold and hot water line provides are closed as a precautionary measure. You can find the water valves under the sink.

Turning off the water valves will block the water stream to your faucet. Finishing this job will hold your kitchen from flooding whilst you work. Place a bucket beneath the sink to catch any remaining water which may come out.

Step #2: Open the Spigot

Whereas there isn’t a water flowing within the valve, it could nonetheless maintain some air strain inside. This leftover air strain could also be an issue for you.

Open the spigot and let the strain bubble launch for a couple of minutes. This job assures the faucet will probably be lighter and extra comfy to take away after the strain launch.

Step #3: Disconnect the Water Piping

Water strains join on to the kitchen faucet. If you’re fixing the tap or putting in a brand new one, you will have to chop off the water provide first.

Use the water pump pliers to detach the kitchen faucet from the water line. Though different improvised instruments may work, it’s endorsed you utilize water pump pliers as a substitute to assist keep away from harm.

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Gently fasten the water pump pliers to the water line and pull off every line with care. Moreover utilizing the best instruments, it’s important to carry out this step with warning. In any other case, some components may get broken, together with the tap and the water line itself.

Step #4: Take away the Faucet Mounting Nuts or Screws

As quickly as you may have indifferent the tap’s water line, the following factor to do is take away the tap mounting nuts or screws. These nuts and screws are simple to determine since they maintain the tap collectively.

Loosen these faucet mounting nuts with a socket wrench. If the bolts are locked tightly, use some grease to attempt to unstiffen the nut joints. In case your faucet has screws as a substitute of nuts, use a screwdriver as a substitute.

Step #5: Disconnect and Take away the Hose

After you have completed eradicating the nuts and screws set them apart. It’s now time to start disconnecting the hose from the sink.

Clear the sink and the tap. Examine the tap to see if it seems to be reusable. Whether it is in dangerous situation, equivalent to corroded or cracked, buy a brand new faucet to interchange the previous one.

After following the steps above, now you can reconnect your faucet.


Basin wrenches could be an environment friendly device for fixing plumbing points. However that doesn’t imply there isn’t a various device to make use of should you shouldn’t have one.

Repair your faucet your self by following these easy steps to take away your kitchen faucet and not using a basin wrench.

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