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How to remove rust from a kitchen knife

How to Remove Rust from a Kitchen Knife
How to remove rust from a kitchen knife

Eliminate this rust with somewhat vinegar magic.

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Kitchen knives are simply one of the crucial abused items of apparatus within the kitchen, not solely as a result of they’re put by quite a lot of arduous work, but in addition as a result of the overwhelming majority of individuals do not correctly care for his or her kitchen knives.

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What I imply by that’s, many individuals do not deal with their knives with any particular care. They throw them within the dishwasher, toss them in a drawer with all the opposite utensils and do not maintain them correctly sharpened.

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I am simply one of many worst offenders, as demonstrated by the image to the suitable. And when you’re something like me, you most likely have a number of knives with rust stains that you just cannot take away. Nevertheless, a tip from the OnePotChefShow YouTube channel could be the quickest and best solution to take away rust out of your cutlery.

The way to take away rust spots from cutlery

You solely want three issues to shortly take away rust spots out of your knives: white vinegar, a tall cup and a scrub sponge.

As soon as you’ve got gathered your supplies, the remaining may be very straightforward and can solely take a couple of minutes per knife.

  • Fill the glass with sufficient white vinegar to submerge the complete blade of the knife.
  • Place the knife within the vinegar and let it sit for no less than 5 minutes.
  • Take away the knife from the vinegar and use the sponge to clean away the rust.

To see it in motion, under is the unique video from OnePotChefShow.

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All clear!

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Some rust stains on my knives merely wiped away, whereas some have been tougher and required fairly a little bit of scrubbing. However that is undoubtedly the best solution to take away rust from knives that I’ve come throughout.

I’ll say that I struggled to discover a cup giant sufficient to totally submerge a few of my bigger knives. It might not work for all knives, but when the deal with is all steel, you possibly can merely flip the knife round to work on rust close to the heel of the blade. Simply watch out when eradicating the knife, because the sharp finish shall be pointing upwards.

Ideally, this could work for almost any of your steel kitchen utensils. And it is probably the rust will come again over time, particularly when you run the knives by the dishwasher. Hand washing and a coating of oil each few months will assist combat – however not definitively forestall – future rust stains.

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