How to say bubble tea in chinese


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How to say bubble tea in chinese

Bubble tea, or boba, has turn into a worldwide phenomenon, with bubble tea chains opening up shops in cities throughout the globe. When touring to Taiwan or China, making an attempt bubble tea is an absolute should, and one of the simplest ways to just be sure you get the complete bubble tea expertise is to learn to order in Chinese language.

Ordering bubble tea in Chinese language will be surprisingly overwhelming, particularly in your first try. Menus typically have a seemingly limitless listing of drink choices, and when you’ve found out which drink you’d like, you’ll be confronted with a number of questions, together with

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“How much sugar? What about ice? Do you need a bag?”

Whereas it could seem to be loads of inquiries to reply for a drink, it’s value it to get a drink that’s made simply the way you’d like.

On this article, you possibly can study the fundamentals about bubble tea in addition to the right way to navigate a Chinese language bubble tea menu and order bubble tea in Chinese language.

Bubble Tea Fundamentals

What’s bubble tea?

Many individuals assume that the phrase “bubble” in bubble refers back to the chewy tapioca pearls that always are available in it, however that’s not the case! Bubble tea is definitely features a vary of drinks which are made with tea shaken with ice with a purpose to create frothy bubbles in it. Bubble tea is available in all kinds of flavors, from traditional pearl milk tea to easy iced tea to fruity concoctions. In Taiwan, bubble tea usually known as shǒu yáo bēi 手搖杯 (simplified: 手摇杯). This title interprets to “hand-shaken drinks,” as bubble tea was initially shaken by hand, though many retailers use machines these days.

The place is bubble tea from?

Taiwan is named the capital of bubble tea, and it’s stated to be the place the drink originated. There may be some debate about who first invented bubble tea, however many individuals consider that it was the well-known bubble tea retailer Chūn Shuǐ Táng (春水堂). In accordance with the model’s founder, he started serving chilly tea within the Eighties after seeing Japanese cafes serving chilly espresso. In the future, Chūn Shuǐ Táng’s improvement supervisor determined so as to add some tapioca balls (which have been a standard dessert) into her iced tea. The drink was a success on the assembly, in order that they determined to place it on the menu. Quickly, it was outselling all their different iced teas. After that, bubble tea’s reputation exploded, and it has since turn into an iconic Taiwanese drink.

At present, bubble tea is a favourite amongst locals and vacationers alike in Taiwan. In the course of the scorching sizzling summer time, you’ll continuously see individuals with a chilly tea of their hand or hanging off the handlebar of their scooter. Even within the workplace, individuals typically order bubble tea slightly than espresso as a day pick-me-up. With bubble tea being such an essential a part of Taiwanese tradition, it’s actually a must-try for anybody who visits.

Bubble tea is available in all kinds of flavors, from traditional pearl milk tea to easy iced tea to fruity concoctions.

How you can Order Bubble Tea in Chinese language

With a purpose to put together your self for ordering bubble tea in Chinese language, it’s useful to get a way for what you’ll possible be requested. Let’s begin by a typical dialog with a cashier at a bubble tea retailer:

Buyer: 我要一杯珍珠奶茶。wǒ yào yī bēi zhēn zhūnǎi cháI’d like one pearl milk tea.

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Cashier: 中杯或是大杯?Zhōngbēi huòshì dàbēi?Medium or giant?

Buyer: 中杯。Zhōngbēi.Medium.

Cashier: 甜度、冰塊 (块)?Tiándù, bīngkuài?Sweetness and ice?

Buyer: 半糖、少冰。Bàntáng, shǎobīng.Half-sweet, much less ice.

Cashier: 需要袋子嗎 (吗)? Xūyào dàizi ma?Do you want a bag?

Buyer: 不用,謝謝 (谢谢)。Búyòng, xièxiè.No, thanks.

Customizing your Bubble Tea

1. Dimension

Now that you understand the fundamental format for ordering bubble tea, all it is advisable study is the completely different choices on your order. The primary and most simple choice is the dimensions of your drink.

English Chinese language Pinyin small 小杯 xiǎobēi medium 中杯 zhōngbēi giant 大杯 dàbēi

2. Sugar

Subsequent, you’ll want to decide on how candy you’d like your drink to be, by saying how a lot sugar you need added to it.

English Conventional Chinese language Simplified Chinese language Pinyin Full sugar 全糖 全糖 quántáng Half sugar 半糖 半糖 bàntáng Low sugar 微糖 微糖 wēitáng No sugar 無糖 无糖 wútáng

3. Ice & Temperature

Lastly, you’ll must specify how a lot ice you’d like in your drink. Whereas most bubble tea is served chilly, some drinks do have an choice to make it sizzling.

English Conventional Chinese language Simplified Chinese language Pinyin Regular ice 正常冰 正常冰 zhèngcháng bīng Much less ice 少冰 少冰 shǎo bīng No ice 去冰 去冰 qù bīng room temperature 常溫 常溫  cháng wēn Chilly 冰的 冰的 bīng de Scorching 熱的 熱的 rè de

Understanding Bubble Tea Drink Menus in Chinese language

Primary Forms of Tea

Studying the fundamental tea sorts will assist you to make sense of bubble tea menus. These tea sorts are sometimes mixed with fruit, milk, or different flavors.

English Conventional Chinese language Simplified Chinese language Pinyin Black tea 紅茶 紅茶 hóngchá Inexperienced tea 綠茶 绿茶 lǜchá Oolong tea 烏龍茶 乌龙茶 wūlóngchá milk tea 奶茶 奶茶  nǎichá

Bubble Tea Toppings:

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Many drinks already embrace toppings akin to tapioca pearls, however you may as well add toppings to your drink for an additional value. Beneath are just a few of the commonest add-ins discovered on bubble tea menus.

English Chinese language Pinyin Pearls 珍珠 zhēnzhū Coconut jelly 椰果 yēguǒ Pudding 布丁 bùdīng Grass jelly 仙草  xiāncǎo Ice cream 冰淇淋  bīngqílín

What to Order & The place

When you’re new to the bubble tea world, you won’t know the place to start out. New bubble tea chains appear to pop up each day, they usually all supply a unique mixture of menu choices. Beneath are just a few drink ideas and a few locations you possibly can strive them!

Pearl Milk Tea – 珍珠奶茶 zhēnzhūnǎichá

Ah, good ole’ pearl milk tea! Easy, traditional, and satisfying. That is what most individuals consider when bubble tea is talked about, and what I’d suggest for anybody who hasn’t tried bubble tea earlier than. If you wish to strive the best-of-the-best, head to the well-known Chūn Shuǐ Táng (春水堂). For one thing extra reasonably priced, I like to recommend 50 Lán (五十嵐). I like that it presents a alternative of standard sized or small pearls (or a mixture of each) which supplies a enjoyable change of texture.

Brown Sugar Pearls – 黑糖珍珠hēitáng zhēnzhū

For a twist on traditional boba, strive brown sugar pearls. These pearls are cooked in brown sugar to offer them a wealthy, candy style and are sometimes added to recent milk slightly than milk tea. One chain that makes a speciality of brown sugar boba is Tiger Sugar (老虎堂 Lǎohǔ Táng). To strive their Brown Sugar Pearls in Milk, ask for 波霸鮮奶 (波霸鲜奶) bōbà xiān nǎi.


Fruit Tea – 水果茶shuǐguǒ chá

Fruit tea is usually a refreshing alternative on a sizzling summer time day. Essentially the most well-known store for fruit tea might be Yìfāng (一芳), which presents a Signature Fruit Tea which options chunks of blended recent fruits. To order it, ask for 招牌水果茶zhāopái shuǐguǒ chá. Different frequent fruit drinks embrace Ardour Fruit Inexperienced Tea (百香綠茶 / 百香绿茶/ bǎixiāng lǜchá) and Grapefruit Inexperienced Tea (葡萄柚綠茶 / 葡萄柚绿茶 / pútáoyòu lǜchá).

Taro – 芋頭 (芋头) yùtou

Taro is a traditional taste that has been round because the Eighties. It’s identified for its purple coloration, wealthy taste, and thick texture. Many retailers supply drinks with taro, together with CoCo. Strive the taro milk tea (芋頭奶茶 / 芋头奶茶/ yùtóu nǎichá) or the taro with milk (芋頭牛奶 / 芋头牛奶 / yùtóu niúnǎi).

Past Bubble Tea

Whereas ordering bubble tea could seem trivial, food and drinks is a vastly essential a part of Taiwanese and Chinese language tradition. You don’t wish to miss out on a drink as iconic as bubble tea! Plus, with the ability to learn a drink menu and order in Chinese language not solely means that you can get your bubble tea repair, it additionally supplies you with nice Chinese language talking observe.

Whereas this text can get you began with ordering bubble tea, there may be nonetheless much more to study! Glossika is the right place to proceed studying Chinese language. Enroll on Glossika now and begin your 7-day free entry:

How to Order Bubble Tea in Chinese

How to Order Bubble Tea in Chinese

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