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Sausage stir fry is a delicious and easy meal that can be made with ground pork, beef, or turkey. It's a great dish to make with leftovers from your next barbecue or potluck.

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How to season a sausage stir fry

This simple sausage stir fry is a perfect quick dinner, and you can change it up with different types of sausage and veggies. This is my go-to version.

Sausage stir fry is a quick and easy way to get dinner on the table in a hurry!

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I should really make a list of my go-to dinners, the ones I make over and over and don’t even need to look at a recipe. This is definitely one of our favorites. You can’t beat sausage for easy recipes since it already has the seasoning built right in!

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This sausage stir fry is really just a starting point because you can do so many things with it. Add in peppers, broccoli, asparagus or whatever other veggies you like. Change the flavor of the sausage for a different taste entirely. Another good thing about sausage is that it keeps in the refrigerator for a while and freezes and thaws really well too. I always have a couple flavors of fully-cooked chicken sausage links on hand at any time so I can add them to a variety of recipes.

Want a versatile, easy dinner recipe? Try this sausage stir fry!

I typically like medium grain white rice with stir fries even though I know it’s not the healthiest choice. You can definitely serve this up with brown rice or even quinoa if you prefer. If you are low carb, you don’t need any rice at all and can eat it on its own, maybe with a salad on the side.

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What are some of your favorite sausage flavors? I almost always stick to chicken sausage, and my favorites are any kinds that have cheese inside. My boys love chicken apple sausage, so I usually keep some of those on hand for dinners for them. Hot links on buns are always a favorite with the grownups, and andouille sausage is perfect for Cajun recipes like gumbo or jambalaya. Whatever your favorite, I’m sure it will work perfectly in this easy sausage stir fry recipe!

Dig into this fast, delicious sausage stir fry for dinner!

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