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20130806-08The Do’s & Don’t At Afternoon Tea or Espresso ~ For Hosts & Friends!!

Notice: I’ve determined this can be a residing submit and it must be up to date on occasion. I preserve discovering little issues that must be added as I discover new issues, do my very own analysis about tea and occasional historical past and host my very own tea occasions. You may wish to verify again at times, for brand spanking new additions or clarifications. ~ Victoria Lynn

Everybody needs to slot in after they arrive at a bunch occasion. It doesn’t matter if it’s your neighbor’s ceremonial dinner, the luxurious Tea room on the town, or at your very personal Afternoon tea or espresso with the women. Whereas that is geared towards tea time, what’s right here can and does apply to espresso time as nicely.

However none of us are born understanding the right method to set a desk, serve tea and even behave with correct etiquette. Who serves the tea, how is it served, what in case you’re at a tea home? How do the foundations change once you’re out for tea vs once you’re dwelling and internet hosting a day tea?

Sooner or later it is advisable to learn the way issues are correctly accomplished. And what issues to not do. Your Mother and/or Dad begin the observe of manners once you’re younger. They usually share the practices that had been taught to them.

As a rule of thumb correct etiquette is designed to restrict illness and mess. It’s that straightforward. Way back individuals didn’t have the benefits of medical discoveries as we do right now. Correct etiquette was designed to restrict the potential unfold of lethal illness. Take into consideration what you’re doing and ask your self is that this probably sharing my germs or making a multitude. If that’s the case, don’t do it.

That is probably not attainable in terms of the right etiquette of afternoon Tea. Somebody with the information and expertise needs to be prepared to show you and share what they had been taught or what has been handed down by way of the generations of Correct Afternoon Tea gatherings.

Right here’s somewhat assist for the do’s and don’ts attending or internet hosting a day tea.

Invites & Friends Correct etiquette begins lengthy earlier than the occasion when visitors are first invited to tea. Invites are despatched out by mail and are at all times hand written. No retailer purchased invites with blanks to fill within the time or place and so on. Mail your invitation at the very least one week upfront. In right now’s busy world, it’s acceptable to mail it two weeks upfront, however no more than that. A correct tea consists of 4 or 6 visitors. They’re small intimate gatherings, not massive get together occasions.

In days of outdated, tea was held at 4pm. However our schedules have modified within the fashionable world and so has the suitable time for afternoon tea. Particularly if a few of the women have younger faculty age youngsters. Due to this a suitable tea time could be as early as 1pm. Take the duties of your visitors into consideration as you’re setting the time for the gathering. One factor it is advisable to take into consideration from the beginning, there’s a distinction between Low Tea and Excessive Tea. From the time of day the occasion is held, to menu being provided to your visitors. Take time to study the variations between “High & Low – What Time Is Tea”!

As a visitor, present respect to your host and make a degree of being on time. On time doesn’t imply early. Your host is counting the minutes they’ve left to arrange the menu and desk. Should you arrive early, they may really feel rushed and unprepared. Don’t attempt to be fashionably late. There’s no such factor. You may be forcing different visitors to attend in your arrival and that’s merely egocentric and impolite. Give your self a 5 minute window to reach. 10 minutes on the most. Should you’re operating later than that, have the courtesy to name your host and allow them to know. They’ve meals on the menu that will must be served. Your being late might break the complete meal for everybody.

coffeetimeMost afternoon teas denote a visitor of honor, however this isn’t a necessity for informal afternoon teas. You may maintain a day tea for somebody’s birthday or for some kind of congratulation, comparable to a commencement, engagement, anniversary or any kind of celebration occasion. As you’re writing out your invites select a time for the visitors to reach with a 15minute window between their arrival and the time of your visitor of honor who ought to arrive final if attainable. Be sure to’re planning your menu based mostly on that remaining arrival time.

Tea by no means begins till the visitor of honor arrives. And nobody leaves till the visitor of honor leaves first (you may inform them of this). This can be a observe that’s nonetheless in place right now at formal occasions. Particularly these on the White Home or any diplomatic operate. Should you shouldn’t have a visitor of honor, tea doesn’t start till everybody arrives.

When everybody has arrived, you may enter the seating space.

Sitting For Tea: In right now’s society most houses shouldn’t have a parlor to assemble in and a sitting room to carry a low tea occasion. At present each are usually held in the identical room. Due to this, it’s acceptable to ask your visitors in and direct them to a seat. The visitor of honor is at all times on the head of the desk or gathering area. For a low tea, the visitor of honor is seated in probably the most distinguished chair within the room the place they’re the main target. By no means squeeze them in on the sofa. As host try to be seated to the appropriate of your visitor of honor.

Moreover, you need your gathering to really feel intimate and shut. Chances are you’ll wish to rearrange the furnishings in a big front room to deliver everybody nearer and to make it simpler (and extra correct) to serve your tea. You don’t wish to pour tea after which stroll the cup to a visitor on the opposite aspect of the room.

At present many individuals like holding a day tea at a eating desk as an alternative of in a proper front room. That is acceptable, however keep in mind this doesn’t make your tea a “high tea”. Collect your visitors in the lounge and when everybody has arrived, direct them to the eating space. If it’s a backyard tea, collect indoors till everybody has arrived. Then escort your visitors to the backyard.

If that is a night excessive tea, your visitor of honor is positioned on the head of the desk and you’ll once more sit to the appropriate. Seating preparations at a desk are designated by identify plates on the desk so everybody is aware of the place they need to go. Do that for each a day tea held at a desk and particularly within the night at excessive tea. You don’t need your visitors loitering across the room in confusion.

Should you do have two areas to your gathering, nobody enters the tea space till all of your visitors have arrived. If somebody is operating late, hopefully they may have the decency to name and allow you to know. Ready 10minutes is a suitable time to attend within the Parlor for his or her arrival. If it’s longer than 10minutes, use your higher judgement however 15minutes or extra is impolite and your visitors needs to be taken to the placement of the tea.

The host/hostess escorts the visitor of honor to the entry of the tea space. As your different visitors enter the room introduce the visitor of honor to anybody they don’t already know. In the event that they know everybody, the 2 of you merely welcome the visitors and allow them to know you’re glad they’ve accepted your invitation and joined you for tea.

highteaThe Serviette: The all necessary serviette is the very first thing one ought to attain for upon sitting and is positioned within the lap. The phrase serviette derives from the outdated French naperon, which means “little tablecloth”. The primary napkins in Egypt had been the dimensions of our bathtub towels right now. Be mindful they ate with their fingers as flatware had not been invented but. The primary kind of flatware documented in historical past was a knife listed on 1297 tax doc. A Sheffield knife was listed within the King’s possession. (Cutlery – Wikipedia)

At present the right afternoon tea serviette is 9square inches. At low tea, the serviette could be an upscale paper serviette. At excessive tea, it ought to at all times be linen and they’re usually 12square inches.

The serviette is at all times picked up and unfolded into the lap. It’s at all times unfolded under the desk for prime tea. At low tea, the serviette is opened absolutely and covers the complete lap. At excessive tea, the massive dinner serviette is folded in half with the fold dealing with the physique.

In upscale eating places the wait workers is usually skilled to open the serviette for you and place it in your lap. Typically with manner an excessive amount of fanfare. Be affected person once you’re first seated and wait to see in the event that they do that, or if it’s going to be left to you. Nothing worse than each of you grabbing for the serviette.

Should you should depart the tea for a second, the serviette is positioned in your seat by no means on the desk. You may simply decide it up once you return and place it again in its correct place to rejoin the tea.

The host/hostess picks up their serviette to sign the shut of the tea. That is accomplished solely after making sure all of the visitors have completed their tea and servings. On the finish of the tea, the serviette is just not refolded however picked up by the middle and positioned loosely to the left of the plate.

Having fun with The Tea: A part of having fun with afternoon tea is the pomp and circumstance that goes together with it. Feeling all grown up in stunning apparel. Thus the etiquette of serving tea is of the utmost significance.

  • Serving Tea: Tea is at all times served first and by no means poured into the cup sitting on the desk. Decide up the saucer (with the tea cup), pour the tea and hand the saucer to your visitor. Don’t pour a number of cups and hand them out like a Frisbee. One cup at a time and handed on to your visitors.
  • Who Pours? In case you are the hostess, after all it’s best to pour. In case you are taking tea at a tea home, it’s the one that is closest to the pot when the pot is dropped at the desk.
  • Friends First: In case you are internet hosting the tea at all times serve the visitors first, starting in your left together with your visitor of honor (if there may be one) and dealing across the desk. As host, you might be at all times final.
  • How a lot Tea? To forestall saucer spills and supply room for added elements (milk, honey, sugar, lemon) fill the teacup solely three-quarters. Ask your visitor one after the other, if they like weak or sturdy tea. For weak tea, pour the cup half full leaving room for the addition of sizzling water. Add solely sufficient water to make the cup three-quarters full. For sturdy tea, merely fill to three-quarters full.
  • Should you’re serving tea in tea-bag type, By no means-ever bounce the tea bag up and down in your cup to assist the steeping course of. Enable the tea to seep into the water for 4 to six minutes. That ought to present greater than sufficient time to infuse the flavour into the water.
  • By no means drain a tea bag by winding the string round a spoon. Take away the tea bag from the cup, enable it to empty barely and by slight that’s about 5 seconds. Then place the bag on a plate on the desk. In case your host has studied afternoon settings, they need to know to offer a small plate for discarded tea baggage, sugar wrappers or any disposables used. If not, merely ask for one.
  • Additions To The Tea: Earlier than serving the cup, ask your visitor “With milk, sugar, or lemon?” Add the requested elements and place a spoon on the saucer if it isn’t already there. The spoon is positioned in entrance of the cup from the servers perspective. When handed to the visitor, the spoon will probably be correctly in it’s place behind the cup. The server by no means stirs the tea within the cup.
  • Correct placement of spoon: For serving and ingesting! The spoon by no means stays within the cup. Consider the saucer a clock face. The spoon and the deal with of the cup ought to level to 4:00. The spoon is at all times positioned behind the cup, with the deal with of spoon and cup pointing in the identical path. And by no means clank the spoon within the saucer.
  • Including Sugar and Lemon: It’s customary so as to add the sugar after which a thinly sliced lemon or milk. By no means add milk and lemon collectively as it would curdle the milk.
  • Milk goes in after the Tea AND Sugar: A pleasant little saying is “To put milk in your tea before sugar is to cross the path of love, perhaps never to marry.” (Tea superstition)
  • Mixing: By no means fold your elements along with the spoon. All the time gently stir, or delicately transfer the spoon forwards and backwards within the middle of the cup.
  • No Noise: It’s thought of poor type in most cultures to make pointless noises with the accoutrements one makes use of whereas consuming or ingesting. By no means strike the spoon in opposition to the perimeters of the cup.
  • Correct holding of cup: Use each palms to raise each cup and saucer to drink from, and please no pinkies*.
  • No Looping: By no means loop your fingers by way of the deal with, nor grasp the saucer with the palm of your hand.
  • What will get Eaten first? The right order when consuming on a tea tray is to eat sandwiches first, scones subsequent and sweets final. In our fashionable instances the order has modified barely. We like visitors to eat the scones first whereas they’re sizzling, then transfer to the sandwiches, and sweets are nonetheless final.
  • Scones: Probably the most sensible strategy in response to Debrett’s is to separate the scone horizontally earlier than including your favourite spreads.
  • Cream, then jam on scones? This relies. Devon custom places clotted cream first on scones, then jam. In Cornwall, preserves first. Right here within the U.S. the place clotted cream is usually substitute with a butter unfold, the butter is first and the jam is second. Oh and scones are eaten neatly with the fingers.
  • It’s acceptable to make use of your fingers: You may eat bite-size pastries together with your fingers, in addition to sliced bread, breaking off small items earlier than consuming. Nevertheless some pastries is likely to be a bit gooey so to talk, through which case it’s acceptable to make use of a dessert fork. Which must also be used to eat bigger pastries comparable to a slice of cake.
  • No dunk zone: No that doesn’t say “drunk” although that shouldn’t must be stated. Until your tea get together may be very casual, dunking treats in your tea will garner a scowl from anybody. Consider it this fashion, dunking generally is a messy enterprise. You may drop a chunk of deal with within the tea itself, or drop liquid in your lap or on you apparel. Thus, NO Dunking!
  • All the time preserve your tea cup and saucer shut collectively, don’t separate greater than 12 inches aside. Should you get up, the saucer goes with the cup!
  • Should you’re standing together with your tea, at all times maintain your saucer (with the teacup) within the palm of your hand at waist stage. While you raise the cup to drink, the saucer rises as nicely. 12 inches aside!
  • By no means place your empty cup, saucer and plate again on the tea desk once you depart. The tea desk is the show for the tea and meals and will stay stunning by way of the tea time.
  • All the time write your host a thank-you word after the tea get together.

lowteaFurther Issues: When contemplating correct etiquette here’s a rule of thumb. The much less you contact another person’s meals or consuming utensils the higher. As soon as it’s within the cup, or on the plate, it stays within the cup or on the plate. Getting it into the serving ought to preserve palms and mess away from the serving and consumption.

As an example, if somebody asks for honey of their tea you wish to present that with the least quantity of mess. Having a dish of honey with a spoon requires the server to move the honey from the dish to the cup, leaving a chance to create spillage on its journey. Utilizing the spoon you’ll hand to the visitor means stirring the tea to your visitor, that’s a no no. You don’t wish to use their spoon, dip honey right into a serving dish, add it to the tea, place the honey soaked spoon on the saucer and hand it to your visitor. All this creates some sort of mess in a roundabout way.

What ever you serve to your visitors needs to be as neat and sanitary as attainable!

Utensils: As a part of the sanitary consideration what’s utilized in a spot setting stays with the person. By no means use a knife or spoon out of your plate in a “community” serving bowl or dish. Because the host it’s your job to make sure your visitors have sanitary serving utensils. As a visitor, it’s your job to make sure you don’t unfold your germs to others. By no means use your spoon within the service of butter, jam or anything on the desk. You should use the serving utensil to put any extra condiments upon your plate after which use your plate as your private serving dish. NEVER double dip!!

*In regards to the Pinky: Since historical Rome, a cultured particular person ate with 3 fingers, a commoner with 5. This 3 fingers etiquette rule continues to be right when selecting up meals with the fingers and dealing with varied items of flatware. The pinky “up” rule is definitely a misinterpretation of the three fingers vs 5 fingers eating etiquette within the eleventh century. Thus, the delivery of the raised pinkie was an indication of elitism. However as a misinterpretation it will possibly present a scarcity of etiquette. Merely maintain your pinky comfortably together with your ring finger, barely curled into the palm of the hand.

Blue Rose TeaIn regards to the Cup: Tea cups haven’t at all times had handles. Initially tea was poured into small handle-less Chinese language porcelain bowls that held about 2-3 tablespoons of tea. It’s stated that the thought of the saucer developed within the seventeenth century when the daughter of a Chinese language navy official discovered it tough to deal with the recent bowls of tea she brewed for him and requested an area potter to plan somewhat plate on which to put the bowl. (Taken from “A Social History of Tea” by Jane Pettigrew).

About Sugar and Honey: Sugar cubes are preferable, not just for the ritual of utilizing elegant sugar tongs, however for his or her neatness. There’s nothing messier than spilled sugar granules. Enable the sugar to relaxation briefly to dissolve after which stir gently and noiselessly.

Some individuals want honey with their tea as an alternative of sugar. Particularly since honey was a recognized sweetener lengthy earlier than sugar was found. The easiest way to supply honey is to make use of a creamer service for the honey, This lets you pour the honey instantly from one dish to the subsequent. In an effort to keep away from spillage, merely be affected person because the honey drips from the creamer earlier than putting it again on the desk. It’s additionally a good suggestion to maintain the honey service on a saucer to catch any left over drips.

About Lemon: Lemon is agreeable with most black teas. Lovers of aromatic Earl Gray and smoky Lapsang Souchong. There’s an entire ritual about lemons, so pay shut consideration.

Lemon is obtainable in skinny slices and by no means in wedges! Due to this, it’s necessary to make sure your lemon is washed nicely earlier than slicing. You don’t wish to serve pesticides to your visitors. The lemon slices are positioned on a dish close to the milk and sugar. A lemon fork is used for serving. These are particular serving forks with splayed tines. As soon as the tea has been poured you may place the lemon within the cup. Bear in mind tea is at all times the very first thing within the cup, then the extra elements.

Ought to a visitor want one other cup of tea, the host/hostess will take away the slice of lemon from the cup and place it on an empty serving dish that was already ready on the desk for this function. That is relevant to low or excessive tea. The host will pour the tea, including a brand new recent slice of lemon. You may additionally supply a recent cup, relying on availability.

Because the tea drinker, by no means take away the lemon from the cup. It doesn’t go on the aspect of the dish, or in your serving plate or serviette. It stays within the cup! Neither the server or the drinker ought to take away the seeds from the lemon slice. Each the peel and the seeds add taste to the tea. The lemon isn’t squeezed or pushed into the tea in anyway. This may over infuse the lemon taste into the tea. You’re having tea, not lemonade.

This definitely isn’t the all and every little thing for correct etiquette. However hopefully this may get you began.

© 2013 Victoria’s Rose ~ All Rights Reserved.

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