How To Smoke Country Style Ribs On The Grill

Country style ribs are a favorite for grilling. They take less time to cook than baby back or spare ribs, and they have a more pronounced flavor. Country style ribs are typically cut from the rack rather than the loin, which means

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How to smoke country style ribs on the grill

These Smoked Country Style Ribs are the perfect Sunday dinner when you’re looking for something delicious and comforting to feed your family. The melt-in-your-mouth, rich pork ribs will knock your socks off with big smoky flavor.

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Country style ribs, smoked and sauced, served on a wooden plate. text overlay reads, "Smoked Country Style Ribs."

What are Country Style Ribs?

Despite their name, country style pork ribs do not actually contain any rib bones. They are cut from the pork shoulder, and most packages have at least a few pieces with bone (from the shoulder blade) in them. They are meatier than other rib cuts, so you’ll end up with lots of tasty meat with less bones to discard! Country style pork ribs are best when cooked low and slow to a high internal temperature to break down the tough connective tissue and make them super tender.

You know you’ve cooked these ribs right when they melt in your mouth and taste really rich. Another awesome bonus of smoking country style ribs is that they are super affordable and go on sale all the time. This makes for an economical family meal with tons of flavor (that you can eat for leftovers days after as well!).

Uncooked, seasoned country style ribs arranged on a baking sheet.

Smoked Country Style Pork Ribs

Growing up, I could guarantee a meal of country style pork ribs was a often on the table for Sunday dinner. The only difference was that my mom baked them start to finish in the braising liquid instead of on a smoker. Since I’m a fan of all things grilled and smoked, I just had to put my smoky spin on these ribs. Behold the most delicious recipe for smoked country style ribs you’ll ever have!

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My recipe for smoked country style pork ribs are sweet from my Signature Sweet Rub (you can purchase this from Patio Provisions pre-made!), apple juice and BBQ sauce, and smoky/savory from cooking on the smoker and rendering down with sliced onions.

These ribs are perfect shredded on buns for sandwiches or served with mashed potatoes or rice. Simply spoon that tasty BBQ sauce braising liquid over the top for a killer flavor!

Country style ribs arranged on the grill grate in the smoker.

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How to Smoke Country Style Ribs

Ready to smoke the best country style ribs of your life? Here’s what you’ll need to do to get these ribs smoked to perfection:

  1. Preheat the grill. Get the smoker running at 250 degrees F with apple, cherry, or oak wood. You can also use any wood you have on hand and experiment with different flavors.
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  3. Prep the ribs. Wipe down the ribs with a paper towel and remove any bone fragments. Drizzle the ribs with olive oil and season on all sides with Sweet Rub or your favorite BBQ sauce (my Everything Sauce tastes AMAZING on these ribs!).
  4. Smoke! Place the seasoned ribs directly on the grill grates, and smoke for 4 hours (or until the ribs reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees F). Remove them from the grill.
  5. Braise and finish smoking. Place onions, ribs, BBQ sauce, and apple juice in a disposable aluminum pan or 12″ cast iron skillet, and return to the smoker for another 2-3 hours (or until the internal temperature of the ribs reaches 200 degrees F).
  6. Rest and serve. Rest the ribs for 15 minutes and serve! You can serve with extra BBQ sauce or braising liquid. These taste simply amazing with my Smoked Mashed Potatoes!

A shot of a hand pouring Everything BBQ Sauce on top of Smoked Country style ribs inside a disposable aluminum tray.

How Long to Smoke Country Style Ribs

With your smoker preheated to 250 degrees F, you can expect these ribs to take approximately 6-7 hours to fully cook. As always, make sure you go by internal temperature and not by time. Make sure you have a reliable meat thermometer on hand and check the ribs as you near the 5 hour mark to know when to remove them from the smoke.

Allow yourself a couple hours leeway in case your meat is done earlier or later than you anticipate. Meat is done when it’s done, and each cook is going to be different than the last. Always give yourself some leeway when smoking meats. Finally, keep an eye on that temperature, and you’ll be golden!

Smoked and Sauced Country style ribs served on a wooden plate.

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