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how to soup up a golf cart

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How to soup up a golf cart

Last Updated September 15, 2020

An all as well acquainted concern that we hop on a day-to-day basis is: “How do I get more power out of my golf cart?” as well as”How do I make my golf cart faster?” Similar to a lot of concerns concerning this subject, there are lots of as well as a number of ways to an end. Right here, we are mosting likely to speak about exactly how you can raise your Club Vehicle, EZGO as well as Yamaha power, golf cart rate as well as torque.

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Golf Cart Rate

So, exactly how quick do golf carts go? The majority of brand-new as well as secondhand golf carts are made to go a full throttle of around 15 miles per hr. Although that is the excellent rate for a lot of people, there is an equivalent quantity (otherwise even more) of people around that are seeking to raise their golf cart full throttle as well as go much faster than 20 miles per hour allowed’s say. So, exactly how does one achieve this as well as just how much will it set you back? Can you do it on your own? We have the response to every one of your concerns!

Speedometer Graphic

6 Ways You Can Make a Golf Cart Faster

  1. Include Even More Torque to Your Golf Cart
  2. Upgrade Your Golf Cart’s Electric motor
  3. Boost the High-Speed Controller of the Cart
  4. Include Much Better Golf Cart Tires
  5. Make Use Of a Greater Powered Golf Cart Battery
  6. Enjoy the Weight in Your Golf Cart

There are lots of lots of means to make your golf cart much faster as well as raise your torque as well as total power.

Most importantly, allow’s take a couple of go back as well as consider specifying several of the standard electric principles as well as terms which are extremely essential to appropriately recognize as well as realize concerning your electrical golf carts power.

For the objective of very easy understanding, when we utilize words “power” that is identified with rate as well as torque. Note: Words “power” as well as “torque” need to not be utilized to deal with the leading end level ground rate. Additionally, to make it also easier as we review this subject, we will just be talking about DC electric motors utilized for golf cart applications.

1. Bonus Torque Way Extra Rate

You understand what ‘speed up’ is, obviously, however what is torque? Torque is the drawing power of the electric motor as well as is a feature of present. So, generally, the greater the present, the extra torque.

So, allow’s enter the meat of it: Just how do you obtain even more power from your electrical golf cart? In speaking about DC golfcart electric motors, the initial point to recognize is that:

Voltage = Rate

Amperage = Torque

If you wish to be evocative Speedy Gonzalez as well as obtain even more rate from you Club Auto, EZGO or Yamaha golf cart, you will certainly require to raise the electric motor RPM. ‘ Exactly How do I do that?‘ is what you are possibly asking on your own. Well, there are 2 means to do that:

1.) Make use of an electric motor with a greater ranked RPM. This enables you to leave your voltage alone.

2.) Offer your present electric motor with even more voltage. This alternative enables you to maintain your present electric motor as well as merely give it with even more voltage, which consequently, leads to greater leading end rate.

Note: Leading end rate is exactly how rapid your golf cart can go

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Currently, something to keep in mind, is that the legislations of power claims amperage as well as voltage are vice versa symmetrical. As one rises, the various other decreases as well as the other way around. An incredibly very easy aesthetic for this idea is merely to consider a seesaw, similar to the one you used as a child. As you begin to increase, your buddy would certainly begin to drop and so forth etc.

Currently, with lots of alterations as well as upgrades you make to obtain one or the various other, you MAY shed some efficiency in other places (not constantly, however sometimes, depending upon what it is). This is something you will certainly wish to bear in mind when searching as well as updating components to your golf carts electric power system. Similar to the seesaw: When you update power in one location, it might cost you performance/power in other places.

You’re possibly damaging your head, questioning exactly how you can prevent irregular power in your golf cart. The response is basic: Update every one of the components required to have also power as well as torque throughout your entire cart. Updating power, in our point of view, need to be an “All Or Nothing” task. Your cart will certainly thanks in the long-run.

2. Update Your Golf Cart Electric Motor

Collection Injury DC Torque Motors are made with a bigger area coil inside. A bigger area coil within the electric motor, enables a bigger electromagnetic field generation as well as holds the armature a lot more firmly, hence creating higher torque. This is a superb alternative if you’re trying to find even more torque in your Club Auto, EZGO or Yamaha golf cart, however are not so worried concerning the rate.

Collection Injury DC Rate Motors have a much smaller sized area coil than that of the Collection Injury DC Torque Electric Motor. This obviously generates a weak electromagnetic field as well as enables the armature to rotate at a much greater RMP. This leads to a better leading end rate. If you’re seeming a component of the “Fast Golf Carts” club, this is the alternative for you.

Typically, installment of a Torque Electric motor with gain you a lot more power, BUT, you will certainly compromise a little rate. Vice versa, equally as the name recommends, the Rate Electric motor will certainly lead to a greater leading end rate in your golf cart, however you will certainly compromise a little torque.

3. Boost Golf Cart’s High-Speed Controller/ Solenoid Contactor Relay

In addition to the electric motor, there are additionally a number of parts, that you need to take into consideration when updating. Basically, mounting a torque electric motor or rate electric motor might not be completion service. Keeping that claimed, something that you will certainly wish to bear in mind as you are updating, are both main/major electric parts within your electrical golf cart, that play a massive duty in your golf carts system:

The Golf Cart Solenoid Contactor Relay as well as The Golf Cart Electronic Rate Controller

These components (the Solenoid Contactor Relay as well as the Digital Rate Controller) lie in between the electric motor as well as the battery financial institution as well as equally as we recommended earlier belong to the”All or nothing” If these components are not updated together with the rate electric motor or torque electric motor, you risk of developing a “bottleneck” scenario (as well as no one desires that!). As an example:

If the electric motor is trying to attract 400 amps to itself, however your controller as well as solenoid are just ranked at a small 275 amps, due to present restriction, the electric motor will certainly not work at it’s greatest capacity.

We extremely advise updating ALL parts to the suitable amp degree. If you intend on updating the electric motor as well as raising your golf cart speed/golf cart torque by doing this, below is your shopping list:

  • Electric Motor
  • Solenoid Contactor Relay
  • Digital Rate Controller

Pro-Tip: We extremely advise an AllTrax Rate Controller as an upgrade. They are a superb brand name.

4. Include Much Better Golf Cart Tires

Updating tires as well as raising your tire dimension is without a doubt among one of the most affordable as well as most convenient means to obtain even more rate out of your golf cart. Just as used, this is a fantastic service for both gas as well as electrical golf carts. If you mount a tire with a bigger size on your golf cart, completion outcome is a greater full throttle.

The majority of supply brand-new as well as secondhand golf carts feature basic 8″ golf cart tires. Bigger golf cart tires alone (20” to 24”), with no other upgrades such as a new motor, speed controller, etc., can add an extra 2-4 MPH of speed to your golf cart depending on the tire size. Some perks to upgrading tires to achieve more speed is:

  • It’s Cost Effective: Most golf cart tires, even bigger / meatier golf cart tires, are not going to cost as much as some other speed upgrade options.
  • It’s Easy To Achieve: Putting bigger golf-cart tires on your new or used used golf cart could not be easier! It takes virtually no time to do and can easily be done by regular folks. You simply take off the old tires and put the new ones on and you’re ready to roll at a higher speed!

Note: Depending on the size of the tire and the make/model of your golf cart, some golf carts will require a lift kit to accommodate the size of the new tires. If you are unsure whether you need a lift kit for your golf cart before replacing them, we have an excellent Resource that discusses this topic in more depth.

Whether you decide to increase the size of your golf cart tires or not, always be sure to keep the tires properly inflated.

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Ideal inflation can vary depending on the size and type of tire that your specific golf cart is using (your golf carts proper inflation levels should be labeled on the sidewall of your tires – Better known as the PSI) so, always make sure, whether you plan on swapping your current tires for bigger tires or not, that you ALWAYS keep them properly inflated. This is probably the easiest and most essential step in ensuring your golf cart’s speed.

5. Use a Higher Powered Golf Cart Battery

 12 Volt Golf Cart Batteries - Trojan Battery T-1275 12V/150Ah (4 Loads, 48V)

Increasing your golf cart batteries voltage is a surefire way to increase your golf carts speed and overall power. This is also a super carefree upgrade that takes virtually no time. What you will need to do first is find out what your current golf cart battery voltage is.

Not sure how to find that info? So easy!

  • Check Your Current Batteries: If you have batteries in your golf cart right now, you can simply look on the batteries. The voltage will be printed right on the batteries themselves. Note: If the voltage sticker is rubbed off or worn off of the battery for whatever reason, no worries! We have you covered. Check out What Is My Golf Cart Battery Voltage. This resource will you determine your golf cart battery voltage.
  • Check Your Motor: Your battery voltage information can generally be found printed on the golf cart motor.
  • Check Your Golf Cart Owners Manual (If Applicable): The recommended battery voltage will be listed in the owners manual.

Simply put, most types of golf carts are designed to work with a range of different batteries. A new battery will increase a golf cart’s motor output. The result of the motor output increase is higher speed. Purchasing new batteries with a higher voltage maximum will increase your golf cart’s speed dramatically.

We highly recommend Golf Cart Batteries, if you plan to replace. They are the best in the industry, with innovative safety features, longevity and the highest level of power available. Trojan golf cart batteries pack a punch and will definitely not let you down.

Remember also: Keep your batteries clean of any corrosion and buildup. Dirty, corrosion covered batteries will can make your golf cart sluggish. We suggest using a battery cleaner to keep your batteries clean and clear. Golf cart battery cleaners are also preemptive so, using it as part of our regular golf cart maintenance routine will help to prevent buildup in the future.

Pro-Tip: If you upgrade your golf cart batteries, we also recommend that you replace your Golf Cart Battery Cables

6. Keep Your Cart Light / Keep It Clean

 Tidy Black Raised Golf Cart With New Tires

Likely a ‘no-brainer’ but, one that can definitely help the overall performance in the speed department is, keeping your golf cart clean and clutter free.

Although many golf cart owners keep their rides in pristine / tip-top shape, the underside of the cart can sometimes be neglected and ignored. Always check the golf cart undercarriage for things like:

  • Mud
  • Stones / Pebbles / Rocks
  • Caked-On Particles

These things can create a build up on the bottom / undercarriage of your golf cart and cause slower speeds.

Something also to consider is excessive ” things” in / on your golf cart. Before going on a trip or long haul with your golf cart, or even if you’re just driving around the neighborhood: Take a few minutes of time before taking off to make sure that the golf cart is free of any clutter or unnecessary items.

 Scrap in Golf Cart

Naturally, your golf cart will be happy to attain higher speeds if it is not bogged down by preventable, excess weight. A golf-cart weighed down by unnecessary clutter and debris is not a happy golf-cart!

In closing, something to keep in mind is: There is no ” catch-all” service to raising golf cart rate/ golf cart power. There are lots of variables to take into consideration such as, exactly how the components, items as well as modifications connect with your golf cart. Do your research, constantly discover your purposes as well as dip your toe in the water prior to entering headfirst. A scheduled technique as well as an organized technique will certainly constantly lead to much less migraines as well as even more complete fulfillment!

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