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How to make soft boiled eggs

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How to souve soft boiled eggs

Sous vide soft boiled eggs are one of the easiest breakfast recipes. They’re one of the fastest sous vide recipes with a cook time of only 9 minutes. Since these eggs cook in the shell and are ready to be served straight out of the sous vide cooker, you just need to know a few tips to get started.

Here you’ll learn right time and temp for sous vide eggs soft boiled, plus a few tricks I’ll throw your way to make them right the first time. Let’s sous vide some eggs!

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sous vide soft boiled eggs cut in half with salt and herbs
How do you like your eggs?? To me – these are cooked to perfection. These soft boil in 9 minutes when cooked in a sous vide cooker.

This recipe may be part of a beginners guide to sous vide eggs, but it’s still super impressive.

New to sous vide techniques? Learn why is sous vide so popular.

The bright, cheery yellow yolks stand out against white serving platters and if you’re serving these for brunch, guests can choose to add a variety of other ingredients like hot sauce, everything bagel seasoning, roasted tomatoes, or corn.

Make a delicious sous vide breakfast and start your day off right: yummy soft boiled sous vide eggs on toast, or with a warmed-over English muffin.

What is a soft boiled sous vide egg like?

Think smooth and delicious! These turn out with the egg white set, and the yolk a little soft boiled and runny.

If you’re wondering: Is it easy to cook soft boiled eggs at home? — yes! Cooking soft boiled eggs at home is as easy as toasting bread. If you’re new to sous vide cooking, it’s a perfect beginner recipe.

Once you get the basics of the egg, you can go on to make garlic avocado toast with sous vide egg.

I just love getting avocado toast out to eat!

sous vide soft boiled egg cut in half

First, some tricks for sous viding soft boiled eggs

There are some very accommodating sous vide recipes that have large windows of cook times. Sous vide t-bone steak, for example, can cook between 45 minutes – 4 hours. Those recipes are pretty forgiving!

Sous vide eggs, however are different.

You have to be super punctual, and set a timer to pull the sous vide eggs out of the Anova or Joule, one of the new Instant Pot sous vide machines, or whatever precision cooker you’re using.

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Be ready to plop the eggs into water that is ice cold the moment your timer rings so it stops the cooking process.

My idea of a perfect egg. I make a batch of these on the weekend and eat them on salads and avocado toast throughout the week. Simple. Delish.

You only need one ingredient

This recipe calls for only eggs. Season with hot sauce or a finishing salt if you’d like.


Step 1. Preheat sous vide machine to 194ºF.

Step 2. When sous vide bath is ready, add eggs (in shells) and sous vide at 194ºF for 9 minutes and prepare an ice bath.

moving sous vide soft boiled eggs to the ice bath

Step 3. When done, transfer eggs to the ice bath to stop the cooking process for 5 minutes.

Peel the eggs and slice in half or leave whole for plating.

sous vide soft boiled egg cut in half
Nine minutes in the sous vide machine, and you’ve got perfection: delicious sous vide soft boiled eggs to make your morning that much better.

Look at those beauties!

Sous vide soft boiled eggs. It doesn’t get much more beautiful than that, right there.

RE: sous vide soft boiled eggs time and temperature

There are so many sous vide egg recipes floating out there, and they can vary tremendously when it comes to the time and temperature recommendation.

After lots of experimenting, I’ve come up with my favorite temperature and time for eggs soft boiled in the sous vide bath. I also prefer this recipe because the very short cook time – under 10 minutes!

That’s why my recommended soft boiled egg sous vide temperature is 194ºF for 9 minutes.

I’ve tried them all, and for me, this recipe showcases the perfect way to have them cooked in a very short amount of time.

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Get details on the best sous vide egg times and temperatures

soft boiled sous vide egg cooked at the perfect time and temperature of 9 minutes
To me, this is a soft boiled sous vide egg cooked at the perfect time and temperature of 9 minutes

Test various times and temperatures for sous vide eggs

You can either make soft boiled sous vide eggs with very short cook times and higher temperatures, or with lower temperatures and longer cook times. Take notes on your favorite time and temps so you don’t forget them!

soft boiled egg sous vide cooked for 9 minutes

What to sous vide next? Check out this list of sous vide egg recipes.

What to serve with soft boiled eggs

Super simple. There are other ingredients you probably have on hand that go well with soft boiled eggs: hot sauce, salsa, and everything bagel seasoning.

For brunch. For starters – make garlic avocado toast with sous vide egg.

I also serve these with sous vide bacon or a bowl of onions sous vide. If we’re feeling in the mood for something super decadent, I might even make steak and eggs. That’s easy to do – I just sous vide a frozen steak. Or serve these on toast with leftover pork butt or sous vide beef brisket.

For salads. Just a little Jacobsen’s Black Garlic Sea Salt sprinkled on top, and I’m ready to dig in.

Closing tips to make these eggs right the first time

  • Use a timer- and stay close by! Pull them exactly at 9 minutes.
  • Ice water is your friend- get it ready on the counter next to the sous vide machine while your eggs cook.
  • Serve with golden brown toast or breakfast bagels for a quick, nutritious breakfast.
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Check out 100+ of my favorite sous vide recipes in The Home Chef’s Sous Vide Cookbook.

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sous vide soft boiled eggs cut in half with salt and herbs

Make them? Share them

Simple, nutritious, and oh so yummy, soft boiled sous vide eggs are the first step to many popular dishes. Avocado toast, for instance, a tasty open sandwich that is super popular everywhere I go for brunch in Portland, Oregon.

Share your favorite sous vide recipes with me @sipbitego on Instagram.

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