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Stir frying is a cooking technique that uses a small amount of oil in a frying pan over high heat for quick cooking. It is commonly used to cook vegetables, meat, poultry and seafood.

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How to stir fry chicken wings
Easy Asian Stir Fry Served with Rice. Tasty Authentic Flavours with soy sauce shaoxing, garlic and green onions, Finger Licking Good! - Chinese Chicken Wing Stir Fry
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Chinese Chicken Wing Stir Fry Recipe isn’t a very common stir fry recipe, but it should be! Chicken wings are commonly deep fried and eaten with your hands at wing night at a pub. Most popped don’t associate chicken wings with a stir fry recipe.

This is a recipe that my mum made for us while we were growing up. My parents were born and raised in China, so growing up we ate a lot of delicious Chinese food. I’m not sure it has a Chinese name, as I think she might have made it up. As a kid, I never liked the chicken wings, and always wished there was more meat. As a kid, I especially liked the mushrooms and sauce that I would drown over the rice.

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My mom’s Chinese Chicken Wing Stir Fry recipe was made using only chicken wings as the meat. I added extra boneless chicken thighs to this recipe. Chicken thighs are so flavorful and make this meal extra meaty!

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Prepare Your Chicken Wings

Most chicken wings are sold as the complete wing, all three parts still connect. It’s going to take a few minutes to separate the wings into individual pieces. It’s super easy. You need a sharp knife, find the middle of the joint, and cut in half. The thin wing tips don’t go in this recipe. I freeze them and use them to make an Instant Pot Bone Broth.

Chicken Wing Stir Fry

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You want to marinate your chicken wing pieces and the sliced chicken thighs. I love this marinade flavors made with Chinese cooking wine, soy sauce and garlic. It’s best to marinate overnight in the fridge, but in a hurry, allow for 2-3 hours.

It’s best to cook this in a wok. It can be tricky to cook chicken wings in a wok, because of the bone. It takes longer to cook anything on the bone. It’s important to use a lid to cook the wings in the wok, because the bones need the heat to fully cook through. This traps the heat like a dome, ensuring even cooking. When the wings are cooked, I remove the lid and fry them extra on high heat, uncovered, to crisp up the skin.

This dish is not shy for garlic, don’t be afraid, add extra garlic! Mum always said that garlic is Russian penicillin (and the Chinese are no strangers to garlic also). As the garlic marinates, then fries out, it’s potency is reduced immensely.

I cook the wings and the chicken thighs separately. You don’t want to overcook the chicken thighs, or they will be too dry. For this reason, all the ingredients are fried separately and added back together in the end. Everything has different cooking times, and you get better flavor and caramelization when things are cooked by themselves.

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Thickening the Stir Fry

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Chinese Napa cabbage has a lot of water content, and cooks down very quickly. Initially it looks like a lot, but it its not really. The Napa cabbage is added from flavor, juiciness and texture. But you don’t want your stir fry too wet and runny. To thicken it, I use corn starch and water, and allow to cook for a few minutes.

TIP: For extra flavour, when I make the corn flour mixture, I mix it in with half a cup of cold chicken stock instead of plain water.

Chicken Wing Stir fry is a flavorful recipe that’s budget friendly and yet still meaty. Served over white rice, packed with flavor, it’s definitely worth the effort! Bon Appetit! Приятного аппетита!


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