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In this article, I will be breaking down how to stir fry bitter melon leaves. In Chinese cooking, the bitter melon leaves are a popular ingredient that can be used in many different ways. They have a strong flavor and a crisp

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How to stir fry of bitter melon leaves

Hello Foodies!

Here’s another great summer harvest: Bitter melon vines/leaves. YES! Bitter melon leaves are edible and taste great stir fried. If you are lucky, you can find bitter melon leaves/vines sold at your local Asian grocery store or farmers market. I was lucky enough to have my relatives plant bitter melon and they were able to give us 3 bundles of the soft vines. If you know of someone planting bitter melon, ask them for the outer vines. 🙂 It’s slightly bitter but not as bitter as the actual melon. If you are accustom to bitter melon then this dish is just for you. But for those who doesn’t like bitter melon, give this one a try and see if it changes your taste buds in some ways 🙂 Today, I’ll show you how to take care of the outer softer bitter melon vines and how we like to cook it. It’s quite simple and very delicious during this time of year. We’ll be cooking it with pork and seasoning it pretty simple. Let me know if you’ve ever eaten bitter melon leaves before and how you like to cook it. A very nostalgic dish with my grandma in Thailand 😉

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Main Ingredients

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Bitter melon vines/leaves

Picking out the leaves for stir frySliced pork butt, ginger, garlic, mushroom seasoning, salt, and chili pepper to stir fry in with the leaves Cook the pork until golden crispy or just to your liking Adding in the leaves & seasonings And serve! It goes great with fresh steamed rice YUM!

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