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Stir frying is an easy and delicious way to prepare vegetables. It's also a great way to save time in the kitchen, especially when you don't have broth on hand.

Do you love stir fry meals and you want to prepare some at home, but you don’t know how to?

Maybe you are afraid of trying some of the common stir fry recipes because you don’t have a wok.

Alternatively, do you hate using a wok since it produces smoke with triggers your fire alarm every time? If you experience this every day, we have a solution for you.

Stir fry sauce without broth

You don’t need to forego your favorite stir fry dish because of a problem you can avoid.

Today, the internet is full of different stir fry recipes, but most people are not sure of the ones that would work out for them.

However, a stir fry meal isn’t so interesting without a sauce. This article shall show you how to make a stir fry sauce without broth. The sauce will make all your stir fry meals more interesting and superb.

You can use this stir fry sauce for chicken shrimp, and beef. The sauce is easy to make, and it very adaptable. You should store it in the freezer or fridge for future use.

It is important to note that one of the easiest meals that you can prepare is stir fry. Using a stir fry sauce makes things even easier since the sauce has all the seasonings that you require. Besides, you can also use the meat you have at the moment.

What to use in stir fry recipes

Beef, shrimp, pork, and chicken will work well. You can also choose to skip the meat and opt to use vegetables.

While using the veggies, they can either be frozen or fresh, but this will depend on your preference. Try using carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, peppers, snow peas, corn, onions, mushrooms, and beans.

This is a great and exciting way to use some extra vegetables. Stir fry can be eaten with just the veggies and meat or choose to serve it over noodles or rice.

If you’re looking for a keto stir fry sauce, look no further than this recipe right here

Tips and FAQs about stir fry sauce

a korean dish

Looking for something more specific? Look at these Okonomiyaki sauce recipes here

  • What is the ideal type of vinegar? You can use rice vinegar in this particular recipe. However, you can use apple cider vinegar or white distilled vinegar in the event you don’t have rice vinegar.
  • What is the right barbecue sauce required? Some people have different opinions when it comes to the type of barbecue sauce they need while preparing stir fry sauce. However, you can use any brand of barbecue sauce, or even use homemade one—just in case you have it. Also, you can choose to hoisin sauce in case you don’t have a barbecue sauce.
  • Is sesame oil necessary? This particular recipe requires sesame oil since it adds an extra flavor. However, you can also make the same recipe without a sesame oil and substitute it with olive oil.
  • What’s the substitute for minced garlic in this recipe? You can replace your minced garlic with garlic powder. If you like garlic, you then add the amount of minced garlic in the recipe.
  • How do you use the freshly grated ginger? You can use 3 to 4 teaspoons of freshly grated ginger since it adds a fabulous taste. However, you can prepare the stir fry sauce with dried, and ground ginger in you don’t have freshly grated ginger. Also, if you like ginger, you can increase the amount you use in the recipe.
  • How can I make this recipe spicier? You can add red pepper flakes, chili sauce, or sriracha sauce to make the sauce spicier.

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Important things to observe while preparing the stir fry sauce


This is one of the things that you need to observe while preparing your stir fry sauce recipe. You should make sure that the heat is intense and it remains so until you finish cooking. In addition, make sure that your wok or pan is hot before you begin the entire process.

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Prepare Everything Early In Advance

Preheating your wok or pan isn’t enough. Also, you need to prepare everything you need to use before you start using your pan or wok. In addition, make sure that all your ingredients are placed in the order that you will need them. This will greatly assist in preventing any confusion that might arise as you cook. In addition, make sure that everything you need is in room temperature.

Bottom Line

Stir fry dishes cannot be interesting without a stir fry sauce. Therefore, you need to know how to prepare one if you want to prepare a stir fry meal. This recipe is easy and will make all your stir fry recipes interesting.

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