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How to stop thinking about food

The most important thing to remember when you're trying to stop thinking about food is that it's not a competition. You are not going to out-think, out-eat, or out-drink your thoughts. There is no winner
How to stop thinking about food

There are just a few the reason why you would possibly usually take into consideration meals.

Your mind makes use of two separate however interrelated pathways to control starvation and meals consumption. When one among these pathways is triggered, it’ll possible trigger you to consider meals. The next is a short overview of every (1, 2):

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  1. Homeostatic pathway. This pathway regulates your urge for food and is stimulated when your physique experiences a calorie deficit. That’s as a result of your physique wants energy to supply vitality and keep primary metabolic capabilities.
  2. Hedonic pathway. This pathway could override the homeostatic pathway and trigger meals cravings — significantly for hyperpalatable meals — even when your physique has sufficient vitality to take care of its metabolic capabilities.

Hyperpalatable meals embrace these which can be excessive in fats, salt, and easy sugars, similar to sweet, desserts, and fried meals, amongst others. These meals are likely to set off sensory receptors in your mind linked to emotions of delight and reward (1, 3).

What triggers the homeostatic pathway

The homeostatic pathway is one among your physique’s main mechanisms for letting the mind know that it wants vitality from meals (4).

Thus, the principle issue that triggers the homeostatic pathway within the mind is your physique’s present vitality stability.

When your physique wants vitality, it releases sure hormones, letting your mind know that you just’re hungry. The results of these alerts from the physique could manifest as ideas about meals.

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Two of the hormones your physique releases to the mind in response to its present ranges of vitality are leptin and ghrelin. You will have heard of those known as your “hunger hormones.”

Leptin suppresses starvation and ideas about meals, because it’s launched when your physique already has sufficient vitality. Oppositely, ghrelin is launched when your physique’s low on vitality, and it might trigger indicators of starvation, together with ideas about meals (4).

Typically occupied with meals usually could merely imply that you just’re hungry, significantly should you’re fasting or it has been some time because you’ve eaten.

What triggers the hedonic pathway

Whereas meals ideas triggered by the homeostatic pathway are a results of true bodily starvation, the hedonic pathway would possibly trigger you to consider meals even when your physique doesn’t want energy for vitality.

The hedonic pathway is triggered by many issues, together with (5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11):

  • the surroundings round you
  • meals availability
  • your ideas
  • promoting
  • feelings
  • stress

Typically environmental cues, similar to a meals business, being within the presence of sure meals, or just listening to another person speak about meals may cause you to consider it (12).

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Moreover, latest analysis means that hyperpalatable meals not solely stimulate the hedonic pathway in your mind but additionally would possibly even encourage addiction-like behaviors, similar to occupied with meals greater than regular (13, 14, 15, 16).

Nevertheless, a lot of the analysis performed on meals dependancy to this point has been in animals. Plus, some analysis means that the homeostatic pathway can also affect addictive-like meals behaviors, which is smart contemplating that the 2 pathways are interrelated (4, 16).

As such, extra research in people are wanted to higher perceive this situation.

Different starvation triggers

Along with the homeostatic and hedonic pathways, rising analysis has discovered that gastrointestinal sensors in your intestine would possibly set off an urge for food for sure meals (17, 18).

Regardless that you could not often take heed to these reactions in your mind and physique, oftentimes they’ll manifest as cravings or ideas about meals.


The mind makes use of two main pathways to control meals ideas. The homeostatic pathway regulates urge for food based mostly in your physique’s vitality shops, whereas the hedonic pathway could trigger cravings even if you aren’t bodily in want of energy.

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