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Did You Know You Can Use Veggies To Thicken Your Soup?

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How to thicken vegetable soup

Who would not love an excellent, thick soup? Normally, thickening soup would imply utilizing starches however do you know there’s a greater approach to thicken soup? It is by utilizing veggies! Other than providing you with a wealthy, thick texture, it’s going to additionally offer you extra vitamins than simply starch. That is additionally an incredible concept should you realized on the final minute that you do not have the flours and starches you want.

Utilizing greens to make your soups heartier is simple if you already know what to do! Listed here are 4 methods to just do that:

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Did You Know You Can Use Veggies To Thicken Your Soup?

1 Use root greens.

Root greens are nice at thickening because of its excessive starch content material. Root greens you should use are gabi, potato, squash, and candy potatoes. There are two methods to do it:

In case you have leftover cooked potatoes, squash, candy potatoes, or rice, you may merely mash it into your soup after which let simmer till thickened. That is how potato soups are normally thickened.

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If you do not have mashed veggies already readily available, an excellent methodology can be to cook dinner your veggies after which mash it in. Right here what to do: Chop veggies into chunks after which cook dinner within the soup. Any of its pure starches would then seep into the soup, including one other factor of thickening energy to your soup. When the veggies are cooked correctly, you may then mash it proper within the pot! That is normally the strategy used for sinigang sa gabi.

Did You Know You Can Use Veggies To Thicken Your Soup?

2 Use veggie purees.

Veggie purees aren’t simply thickeners, however extra typically, it’s the physique of the soup. As a result of there are a lot extra greens in comparison with water, this soup turns into extraordinarily flavorful, wealthy, and vibrant. You need to use broccoli, squash, carrots, cauliflower, mushrooms, corn, and extra.

Pureeing your veggies is simple. You need to be sure that they’re cooked tender first in your liquid. If utilizing a blender, settle down your veggies first earlier than pureeing along with some broth or soup. This can assist the greens turn into extra finely chopped aka pureed. After pureeing, return it again into the pot and warmth it up once more. Desire a hassle-free manner of doing this? Use a hand or immersion blender which you should use straight into your pot.

Did You Know You Can Use Veggies To Thicken Your Soup?

3 Use rice.

Whereas rice is not a vegetable per se, it is a grain that just about everybody has readily available. Plus, you should use it should you do not need to add or do not have sufficient veggies to thicken your soup. We expect it is a nice possibility as a result of which means you should use cooked rice for extra than simply fried rice! The pure starches of rice will assist thicken your soup fairly simply, too.

There are 3 ways to make use of rice to thicken your soups. You can also make rice flour by merely grinding raw rice grains in your blender. Combine it into your soup by the tablespoon, simmer till the rice granules are cooked, and hold including till you are proud of the thickness.

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Puree cooked rice into the soup. You will want a little bit broth, or your soup, when utilizing a blender to puree similar to with the softened greens. Add a tablespoon at a time into your soup, simmer, and add extra till you attain the consistency you need.

The ultimate methodology is cooking the rice till it disintegrates. Identical to making lugaw, you simply must cook dinner the rice along with your soup till it is so delicate, it naturally thickens the soup.

Did You Know You Can Use Veggies To Thicken Your Soup?

4 Use okra.

Okra’s texture-what normally turns individuals off-is okra’s pure response when it is heated for a very long time. It is truly what’s historically used to thicken gumbo. Interested by tips on how to use it? Simply cube it and simmer. As quickly as you add the okra, add ten minutes earlier than you end cooking your dish. that is sufficient time to permit the okra to cook dinner via and assist enhance the thickness of your dish.

What’s in your kitchen proper now that you just need to rework right into a thick, hearty soup? We’re positive you may have one in all these components. So why not attempt it out now?


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