How to treat fungal nail infection with tea tree

oilNail fungus is a fungal infection that can affect the nails and surrounding skin. It can cause discoloration or thickening of the nail and it may eventually lead to pain and discomfort. Tea tree oil is an effective treatment for

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Final week I noticed two sufferers who booked a podiatry evaluation as a result of they thought that they had uncontrolled athletes’ foot. They each offered with a purple, overly itchy rash which hadn’t responded to over-the-counter athletes foot lotions. One affected person solely had the pores and skin across the toe affected, one each ft have been purple uncooked, with open pores and skin which bled in components. Each had tried Lamisil lotions to no avail over quite a lot of months. Each had additionally tried homeopathic remedies together with tea tree oil, to no avail.

My analysis? These sufferers weren’t affected by athletes’ foot in any respect, no it was one thing much more easy. Each sufferers had really been making use of one thing extremely poisonous to their pores and skin which had brought on all of those signs. What was that product?

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Tea Tree Oil.

How is a homeopathic, usually advisable, available remedy, poisonous I hear you ask?

What’s Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree

Tea Tree Oil is a risky important oil which derives from the plant melaleuca alternifolia which is a plant native to Australia. Its has been used for hundreds of years and as early as 1920 has been documented as an antiseptic.

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Extra not too long ago it has been suggested within the remedy of athletes foot and fungal nails. Google these circumstances and pretty excessive up the instructed listing of cures is tea tree oil. It’s pretty cheap and available so you may see why so many individuals use it.

Now right here involves science bit – I’ll try to simplify it as finest I can.

If you open a bottle of neat tea tree oil (i.e. not blended with another agent), it oxidises (reacts with the sunshine and oxygen within the air). This creates by merchandise (a chemical change within the unique liquid). One in all these is named peroxide. You could have heard of this chemical. Its what a few of us girls (and males!) have placed on their hair to make it lighter – sure that’s it – bleach.

So, when you find yourself placing on the neat oil you’re primarily placing on neat bleach. Look on the facet of a bottle of bleach and it has a hazardous signal saying keep away from contact with the pores and skin and wash off instantly. But individuals lather this on to their pores and skin each day. The tip outcome – rashes, irritation, drying and cracking of the pores and skin, bleeding of the pores and skin, itching, soreness. The entire signs our sufferers above have been affected by.

So can’t I simply use it blended with one thing else so it isn’t “neat”?

Tea Tree oil

Analysis suggests that you simply want lower than 2% tea tree oil in a product to keep away from this chemical response and thus response with the pores and skin.

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Analysis additionally means that something lower than 10% focus is ineffective at having antimicrobial impact. I.e. You’ll be able to apply 2% tea tree oil to that nail, however it is going to do completely nothing to your nail or pores and skin, use extra and you’re going to get this identical response.

So does Tea Tree Oil really work?

Fungal nail

Studiess in 2006 and 2007 confirmed that truly there was no distinction between individuals who used tea tree oil and people who used a placebo at treating fungal nails. Lots of the reported success is more likely to be brought on by bleaching the nail plate.

Many podiatrists have been skilled utilizing this product in years passed by, and lots of who haven’t saved up with analysis nonetheless could suggest it. Additionally it is throughout google with no point out of the dangers related of utilizing this extremely poisonous chemical. Its not too long ago been added to the Poison Checklist in Australia at quantity 6! So assist me educate others who usually are not within the know and warn your mates and households. Sharing this weblog and the message inside might help others affected by pointless ache and pores and skin injury.

If in case you have fungal nails or athletes foot and would love recommendation on treating it with out using tea tree oil, contact your native podiatrist at present.

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