How to treat skin tags with tea tree oil

Many people have skin tags on their neck, face or other areas of the body. They are often a nuisance and cause irritation. However, there is a natural remedy that can help to remove them naturally. This remedy is tea tree oil.

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How to treat skin tags with tea tree oil

Some strategies for eradicating pores and skin tags at house are simpler and protected than others. There are additionally loads of merchandise in the marketplace for this goal. Examine with a health care provider earlier than attempting any of the next:

Pores and skin tag removing bands and patches

A pores and skin tag removing band cuts off the availability of blood to the bottom of the pores and skin tag. With out a provide of blood, the cells die, and the tag falls away. This course of is called ligation.

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Removing patches comprise medicines. If an individual leaves a patch on a tag for a number of days or even weeks, the tag might come off.

Nevertheless, Dr. Mokaya says: “I’m honestly not a fan of over-the-counter skin tag removal devices, and especially removal patches. They are not regulated by the [Food and Drug Administration (FDA)]. Many simply don’t work.”

As an alternative, she strongly recommends having pores and skin tags eliminated in a medical setting.

Removing lotions

These lotions may be efficient in some circumstances. Dr. Mokaya recommends avoiding merchandise that comprise salicylic acid and tea tree oil as a result of these elements can irritate the pores and skin or trigger contact dermatitis.

The directions for utilizing a few of these lotions advocate cleansing the pores and skin with an alcohol wipe and submitting down the tag earlier than making use of the cream to make sure that the pores and skin totally absorbs it.

In accordance with the labeling on a few of these merchandise, the pores and skin tag ought to fall off inside 2-3 weeks.

Freezing kits

In a medical setting, healthcare professionals use liquid nitrogen to destroy undesirable pores and skin tissue. This is called cryotherapy.

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Cryotherapy might contain temperatures of −320.8°F (-195°C), says Dr. Mokaya. Benign lesions akin to pores and skin tags require temperatures of −4°F to −58°F.

Dr. Mokaya recommends doing analysis and deciding on the over-the-counter equipment that may attain the bottom temperature when used appropriately.

As at all times, comply with the directions. Folks might have to use the product a number of instances earlier than the expansion falls away.

When utilizing house freezing kits, keep away from letting the spray contact the encompassing pores and skin. Making use of petroleum jelly to the world across the tag beforehand can assist shield the pores and skin.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is an important oil that will assist deal with a number of pores and skin circumstances. Anecdotal proof means that it could assist eliminate pores and skin tags.

Individuals who attempt it apply a number of drops of the oil to a cotton ball, which they affix to the pores and skin tag with a bandage. They depart the cotton ball on the pores and skin tag for 10 minutes, thrice a day. It could take a number of days or even weeks for the tag to fall off.

Nevertheless, an individual ought to train warning, as tea tree oil can irritate delicate pores and skin. Don’t use this oil on tags within the eye space.

Apple cider vinegar

Little analysis has seemed into whether or not apple cider vinegar can take away pores and skin tags.

Individuals who do that typically soak a cotton ball within the vinegar and affix it to the tag with a bandage for 10 minutes, two or thrice a day, till the tag falls away.

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Nevertheless, look ahead to pores and skin irritation and cease utilizing it if any indicators of a response happen. Apple cider vinegar could be very acidic and might trigger chemical burns. Don’t use it close to the eyes.


Anecdotal studies recommend that folks can use liquid iodine to take away pores and skin tags. There’s little scientific proof of this, nonetheless.

Anybody who needs to attempt ought to first shield the pores and skin surrounding the tag by making use of petroleum jelly or coconut oil to it. Subsequent, soak a Q-tip in iodine and unfold the liquid throughout the tag. Cowl the world with a bandage till the iodine has dried.

Repeat this therapy twice a day till the tag drops off.

Chopping or clipping

It may be tempting to chop or clip off a pores and skin tag with a pointy blade, nail clippers, or scissors. Solely do that with the approval of a healthcare skilled, and cleanse the pores and skin and the device totally to stop an infection.

Whereas this gives the quick gratification of removing, it’s painful, says Dr. Mokaya. Individuals who use blood thinners or have bleeding problems ought to keep away from this methodology, she provides.

Additionally, don’t reduce or clip off medium or giant tags — doing so may cause bleeding. Tags normally measure anyplace from a number of millimeters to 2 inches in width.

As well as, don’t do that methodology on tags across the eyes or genitals.

The American Academy of Dermatology warning that attempting to take away a mole or pores and skin tag at house may cause a deep-seated an infection. Additionally, it may be straightforward to inadvertently nick a blood vessel or vein, resulting in vital bleeding.

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