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how to turn boiled potatoes into french fries | Family Cuisine

Boiled potatoes can be turned into french fries that are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. To do this, you will need a pot with a lid, a strainer, and a bowl of cold water. Cover the potatoes

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How to turn boiled potatoes into french fries

Check out how to make french fries that are perfectly crisp and golden brown! You can make fries just as good as your favorite restaurant!

I have made my fair share of French fries from scratch. And you know what? I’ve spent a lot of time doing it wrong. If you have scoured the internet hoping to learn how to make French fries from scratch chances are you will come across a lot of websites preaching the traditional double fry method that requires one long fry at a lower temperature and a second long fry at a higher temperature. This is the long-established accepted method, but it isn’t the best way.

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Homemade French Fries recipe

The problem with the double fry method is it results in dark brown fries that quickly turn limp after a few minutes out of the fryer. If given the choice, most people would rather have a nice crispy pale fry, more reminiscent of McDonald’s. Right?

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Well, fear not. I have a better method to make French Fries perfectly crisp and flavorful. Even my kids agree. After cooking these to photograph for this blog post, I invited the family to devour them and upon seeing the dining room table my son exclaimed, “You got us McDonalds’ fries!”

So gather your spuds and let’s make some fries!

Tools Needed to Make French Fries

  • Thermometer – I wouldn’t even try deep-frying anything without a thermometer. Without it, you will have no idea what the temperature of the oil is and your results will vary wildly.
  • Mandoline – Though a knife will suffice, a mandolin will help ensure perfect cuts and a uniform shape for consistent cooking. (affiliate links)

Best Cooking Oil for French Fries

What is the best oil for making French fries? Peanut oil, hands down. It has a very high smoke point and it imparts a desirable flavor to the fries at the same time. However if you don’t have peanut oil, any other high smoke point oil such as canola or even plain ol’ vegetable oil will suffice.

Best Potato for French Fries

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You will want to use russet potatoes, aka baking potatoes, when making homemade french fries. Russets not only will give you that classic french-fried flavor, but they also cook up considerably more quickly than Yukons or red potatoes.

How to make French fries

How to Make French Fries

You can peel your potatoes if desired. This is optional, and I personally prefer the more rustic look.

Cut your potatoes into ¼” strips. However, I also had success with slightly larger cuts if you enjoy thicker potatoes. Using a mandolin makes this easy otherwise it can also be done with a good chef knife. If using a knife pay extra attention to ensure strips are uniform so they cook evenly.

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