How to use a coffee filter machine

A coffee filter machine is a device that can be used to make coffee by filtering the ground beans through paper or cloth filters. The result of this process is coffee with a clearer and smoother taste.

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Figuring out methods to make filter espresso is a crucial ability for any espresso fanatic. Whether or not you like to bask within the ritual of pour-over otherwise you want the comfort of a drip espresso machine, there’s a filter methodology for everybody. However how have you learnt which one is finest for you?

Right here, we’ll stroll you thru the totally different strategies and offer you knowledgeable recommendation on each, so you can also make an ideal cup of filter espresso each time.

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Filter, pour-over, and drip: what’s the distinction?

First, let’s outline some key phrases. Filter espresso is made by pouring sizzling water via floor espresso beans, which sit in a filter (these might be disposable or reusable, relying on the fabric they’re created from). As gravity pulls the water via the bottom espresso and the filter, the oils and flavour compounds of the espresso are extracted and create an fragrant brew.

Pour-over and drip are two strategies of constructing filter espresso. With pour-over, the trace is within the title: you pour the water over the espresso beans manually. In the meantime, drip usually includes a machine that does all the course of for you.

How one can use a filter espresso machine (drip methodology)

Electrical espresso makers could differ barely from model to model, however the common methodology for making espresso in a drip machine is constant.

1. Measure the water and pour it into the reservoir.

Your espresso maker’s reservoir most likely has markings on it that point out how a lot water you’ll want, however it’s also possible to measure the water utilizing a digital scale for accuracy. Make certain the water is clear (filtered water is good).

2. Put within the filter.

Place the filter within the filter chamber. Disposable paper filters are wonderful to make use of, however most espresso makers include a reusable stainless-steel filter – higher for the atmosphere!

3. Measure and grind the espresso and add it to the filter.

You’ll be able to, in fact, use pre-ground espresso, however we all the time advocate grinding your espresso recent. A medium grind measurement is finest for filter functions. You’ll want round 10g of floor espresso per 180ml of water. Add the bottom espresso to the filter within the chamber.

4. Plug the machine in and switch it on.

This one’s self-explanatory. The fantastic thing about an computerized espresso maker is that after you’ve executed a little bit of prep, the machine does all of the exhausting work!

Filter coffee machine

How one can make filter espresso with out a machine (pour-over methodology)?

Three of the preferred items of kit for making filter espresso manually are the Chemex, Hario V60, and Aeropress. Right here’s a rundown of every:


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Invented in 1941 by Dr. Peter Schlumbom, the Chemex is an aesthetically pleasing, hourglass-shaped glass carafe. Except for its hanging look, it’s recognized for its glorious paper filters. These filters are heavier than most and go away behind undesirable oils and fat, so the ensuing cup is clean and lightweight. It is available in quite a lot of sizes, from a three-cup capability to a 13-cup capability.

How one can use it: First, you fold the filter right into a cone form and place it contained in the Chemex dripper.

Subsequent, grind and weigh the suitable quantity of espresso and warmth your water. You’ll be able to experiment with ratios your self, however begin with 10g of espresso per 180ml of water. You need your water at a temperature just under boiling, round 90°C-95°C.

Then, moist your filter with sizzling water – this is a crucial a part of figuring out methods to use espresso filter paper in any pour-over methodology, as a fast rinse can remove any paper flavours throughout the filter and cease them from tainting your espresso.

It’s time to pour! In a round movement, pour the water over the grounds simply till they’re saturated. Wait about 30 seconds for the espresso to increase and bloom, then pour the remainder of your water in that very same round movement. The brewed espresso will drip via the filter into the chamber beneath.


Hario V60

Hario is a Japanese firm that makes merchandise for labs and kitchens, but it surely’s change into recognized for its V60 pour-over equipment. The V60 consists of a cone-shaped chamber with a ribbed floor that sits on prime of a serving vessel. It is available in totally different sizes, and can be utilized to make a single cup of espresso. Its design is subtly totally different from the Chemex, however this can lead to vastly diverse flavours in completed brew.

How one can use it: The strategy for brewing espresso in a HarioV60 is essentially the identical because the Chemex.

Hario V60


Created by Stanford engineering professor Alan Adler, the Aeropress is a helpful gadget that means that you can make a single cup of espresso.

How one can use it: Whereas the Chemex and the Hario V60 work in related methods, the AeroPress is just a little totally different. It has 4 primary components: a round filter, a filter basket, a chamber that holds the bottom espresso and water, and a plunger. First you place a filter within the basket, screw the basket into the chamber, and place it over your serving vessel.

Subsequent you fill the chamber with sufficient floor espresso for a single cup, pour within the sizzling water and stir. Then you definately place the plunger on prime of the chamber, which types an hermetic seal. As you slowly press the plunger down, the strain forces the water via the espresso and the filter, leaving you with an ideal cup of espresso in about two minutes.


Which brewing methodology is finest?

Every methodology has its distinctive advantages, so the perfect brewing methodology for you is a matter of non-public choice. For those who incessantly make massive quantities of espresso at a time and worth ease and pace, an electrical espresso maker is an effective selection.

Nonetheless, if in case you have a bit extra time in your fingers, actually worth the flavour of your espresso, and need to make a number of cups without delay, go for the Chemex.

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For those who like brewing a single cup of delicious-tasting espresso at a time, the HarioV60 or AeroPress are your finest bets. Finally, we advocate heading to a restaurant to check out brews made utilizing every of the three pour-over strategies above, so you possibly can uncover which one you like earlier than you put money into the equipment.

How one can make espresso with out a filter

Your finest different for brewing espresso with out a filter is, in fact, a way that doesn’t contain paper filters in any respect, like a French press.

There’s actually no substitute for the specifically designed Chemex and HarioV60 filters, however should you’ve run out and easily can’t wait in your subsequent cup, you possibly can strive utilizing clear cheesecloth (folded over a number of instances to create a finer pressure) or a clear sock (very, very, very clear!). Sadly, we don’t advocate utilizing paper towels, as they’ll give your espresso a paper-y flavour and are sometimes handled with chemical substances.

Getting an ideal cup each time

If you’re studying methods to make good filter espresso, there are a number of key factors to remember, irrespective of which brewing methodology you utilize.

  • Use filtered water: Clear filtered water will enable the complicated flavour of the espresso beans to shine via.
  • Weigh your espresso beans and water utilizing a scale: Digital measurements enable for extra precision in brewing, leading to a balanced cup.
  • Grind your beans recent: Oxygen degrades the standard of espresso beans, and grinding espresso beans will increase their floor space, thus exposing them to extra oxygen. Due to this fact, grinding your beans as you want them will ship extra of their aromas and flavours to the completed brew.
  • Bloom your paper filter: As we talked about earlier, pouring sizzling water over your paper filter earlier than you fill it with espresso helps to remove its paper-y flavours.


Q. What’s the distinction between filter, drip, and pour-over espresso?

A. Filter espresso is made by pouring sizzling water via floor espresso beans, which sit in – you guessed it – a filter. The water flows via the grounds and the filter due to gravity, extracting the flavour compounds from the espresso to make the ultimate cup.

Pour-over and drip are two strategies of constructing filter espresso. For pour-over, you pour the water over the espresso beans manually, whereas drip usually includes an electrical espresso maker that does all the course of for you.

Q. What’s a Chemex?

A. The Chemex is a pour-over espresso setup that consists of an hourglass-shaped carafe and specifically designed filters, which produce a clean brew. It is available in quite a lot of sizes, from a three-cup capability to a 13-cup capability.

Q. What’s a Hario V60?

A. The Hario V60 is one other piece of pour-over equipment, incessantly used to make a single cup of espresso. It has a cone-shaped chamber with a ribbed floor that sits on prime of a serving vessel, and these design variations lead to totally different flavours in comparison with the Chemex.

Q. What’s an AeroPress?

A. The AeroPress is technically a chunk of pour-over gear, although it appears to be like totally different than most. It has 4 primary components: a round filter, a filter basket, a chamber that holds the bottom espresso and water, and a plunger. It makes use of an hermetic seal and strain to power water via the espresso grounds, and makes a single cup of espresso.

Q. I ran out of paper filters! What are some substitutes I can use?

A. Whereas we don’t advocate utilizing paper towels as a result of paper-y, chemical flavour they will impart within the espresso, you may strive a chunk of cheesecloth or a clear sock.

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