How to use a french press with pre-ground coffee

A French press is a glass beaker with a plunger and mesh filter. It's used to make coffee by steeping ground beans in hot water. The plunger forces the ground coffee through the filter, resulting in a rich, bold

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How to use a french press with pre-ground coffee

It is Not Actually French

What does a mug of French Press espresso and a slice of French Toast have in frequent?Contemplating their identify, it might be shocking to study they have been each invented in a spot higher identified for espresso. The primary French Press was patented in Milan, Italy over 80 years in the past and the basic design nonetheless persists to today.

On this information we are going to learn to use a French Press to make wealthy and flavorful espresso to enhance your French Toast, or breakfast of selection.

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How Does A French Press Work?

The French Press works by steeping espresso grounds and sizzling water in a beaker. As soon as the espresso is completed steeping, a metallic mesh filter is pressed to the underside of the beaker which separates the espresso grounds from the liquid espresso destined in your mug. The metallic mesh filter permits the pure oils present in espresso and high-quality particles to move by it giving the espresso a thick familycuisine.internet strategy of steeping espresso and water collectively for an prolonged time is named immersion brewing as a result of the espresso is immersed within the water versus drip brewing the place the water flows by the espresso grounds.

For the reason that espresso and water are combined collectively it’s straightforward to get a uniform extraction with immersion brewers. Nonetheless this technique is susceptible to over extraction if the espresso is floor too small or the espresso and water are left to steep for too lengthy.

To dig extra into the science of brewing take a look at the article Espresso Chemistry Made Easy: A Look At What Occurs Inside The Bean.

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The French Press separates into two fundamental elements:

1. The lid, plunger and filter

French Presses use a metallic filter that permits pure oils and high-quality particles from the espresso beans to move by into your cup. That is what provides French Press espresso it is wealthy and hearty physique in comparison with brewing strategies that use a paper filter.

The filter is related to a metallic rod that passes by the highest often known as the plunger which is used to press the filter to the underside of the beaker and earn the French Press the latter half of its identify.

The lid suits onto the highest of the beaker and the filter is sized to snugly slide into the beaker with sufficient stress on the aspect partitions to forestall espresso particles from sliding by when its pressed.

2. The beaker, base and deal with.

The beaker is normally created from glass however some fashions use plastic, metallic or ceramic. Its objective is to carry the espresso and water whereas it steeps and make it straightforward to pour the brewed espresso into your mug.

The configuration of the physique and deal with can fluctuate relying on the supplies used to make the French Press. We dive into these variations within the part about shopping for a french press.

The French Press is broadly used as a result of you don’t want fancy tools like a protracted neck kettle, a provide of paper filters or any electrical energy to brew with it. The minimal components to make French Press espresso are sizzling water, floor espresso and a French Press.

The standard of espresso you brew will considerably improve with a couple of extra instruments. Utilizing a burr espresso grinder to freshly grind your beans simply earlier than brewing will make the largest affect. As soon as espresso is floor it begins to oxidize and lose taste which suggests pre-ground espresso shouldn’t be an possibility if the purpose is to make high quality espresso.

A burr grinder can even produce a constant grind with uniform particle sizes. That is particularly essential when making French Press espresso as a result of the espresso grounds are steeped with the water for thus lengthy. In case you have uneven particle sizes, like those produced by a blade grinder, the small particles will get over-extracted (bitter) and the big ones can be under-extracted.

It’s unimaginable to constantly produce a high quality cup of espresso if the ratio of espresso and water shouldn’t be measured. A scale is one of the best ways to measure espresso as a result of espresso beans have completely different densities relying on how they have been grown, processed and roasted.

If a scale is not accessible it’s potential to measure by quantity. The measurement marks on the Handground hopper within the image above every signify ~10g. Flippantly roasted espresso usually weighs 6-7g per Tbsp whereas darker roasted espresso weighs 5-6g per Tbps. The evenly roasted beans weigh extra as a result of they spent much less time within the roaster and have the next moisture content material.

Lastly a timer (your telephone works nice) is helpful to measure the steep time as a result of French Press espresso is susceptible to over extraction if left to steep for too lengthy.

What You will Want To Make French Press Espresso

Minimal Optimum

• Sizzling water • Burr Grinder

• Espresso • Scale

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• French Press • Timer

• Thermometer

French Press Espresso To Water Ratio

What’s the finest French Press Ratio?

The reply is, it will depend on your style. Step one in utilizing the French Press ratio chart above is to determine how robust you need your espresso. Power is calculated by the ratio of dissolved espresso to water that leads to your mug, also referred to as whole dissolved solids (TDS).

The robust recipe is finest for including milk, sugar or different condiments whereas the Gentle recipe is nice for exposing finer flavors when consuming espresso black. When you decide a brew power observe that row over to seek out the recipe for a 3 cup French Press and eight cup French Press. For instance, to brew an 8 cup French Press at Medium power would require 68g of espresso and 900mL of water.

It may be useful to write down down the measurements you need to use within the step-by-step directions beneath.

If you wish to brew a distinct quantity of espresso, as a substitute of a complete French Press, checkout the French Press Ratio Calculator we made.

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Step 1 – Warmth water

Begin the water heating first as a result of it can take probably the most time. Espresso is 98-99% water so its essential to make use of clear filtered water with a low mineral content material if potential.

A water temperature of 195 to 205 levels fahrenheit is taken into account optimum for brewing espresso but when you do not have a thermometer go forward and warmth the water to a full boil.

The boiling water can be utilized to preheat and clear the french press earlier than brewing. The chart beneath will assist estimate how a lot time is required to attend after taking the kettle off of the range.

The period of time it takes water to chill to correct brewing temperature will depend on how a lot water was initially heated. Within the chart above the purple line represents the temperature in a kettle crammed with 36 ouncesof water and the blue line is a kettle with 24 oz.

It took 4 minutes for the 24 ounceskettle to succeed in the best brewing temperature of 200 levels and eight minutes for the 36 ounceskettle!

Remember these outcomes are a normal guideline and chances are you’ll expertise completely different ones primarily based on elevation, kettle building and room temperature. For finest outcomes – use a thermometer.

Step 2 – Measure espresso and grind it

Use the Espresso to Water Ratio chart above to measure out the quantity of espresso in your brew power and French Press dimension. As a reminder, it’s best to measure espresso with a scale and to grind entire beans simply earlier than brewing.

In case you are utilizing pre-ground espresso, it might be simpler to do step 3 first after which measure the pre-ground espresso as your pour it into the French Press beaker.

To grind entire espresso beans for French Press set the grinder to a rough setting that can produce a grind dimension as proven within the image above. In the event you personal a Handground espresso grinder, rotate the adjustment ring to setting 7.

Load up the beans and grind! In case your questioning why anybody would need to use a hand grinder for his or her French press recipes or any sort of espresso, there are 5 fundamental causes. The largest ones are the comfort and consistency of a hand grinder.

Handground Precision Grinder

Higher Grind, Extra Taste

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Step 3 – Preheat the French Press (optionally available)

It’s typically really useful to “warm up” the French Press and mug however there may be little proof that it impacts the style of your espresso. In case your French Press hasn’t been used shortly this step may also help wash out any mud or left over residue.

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As soon as the water is heated up, pour it into the empty French Press beaker to fill it 1/4 of the best way up. Place the highest on the beaker and push the plunger all the best way down. Swirl the new water round inside for a couple of seconds to interrupt free any previous espresso particles.

Take away the highest off of the beaker and pour the water out.

Step 4 – Mix floor espresso and sizzling water

Get your timer, scale (or measuring cup) and stirring spoon prepared.

Pour floor espresso into the underside of the beaker and gently shake it backwards and forwards to stage out the grounds.

Place the beaker on a scale and tare it out to zero. Pour sizzling water into the beaker till the size reads the quantity listed on the Espresso to Water Ratio chart above. The pour must be comparatively fast whereas making an attempt to get the entire espresso moist.

If a scale is not accessible, pour the quantity of sizzling water listed on the Espresso to Water Ratio chart above right into a measuring cup after which pour from the measuring cup into the beaker.

Step 5 – Stir and time the steep

Gently stir the espresso and water for a couple of seconds to make sure the entire espresso grounds are moist.

Place the highest on the beaker with the plunger pulled the entire means as much as assist maintain the temperature up whereas the espresso brews.

Set the timer for 3:30 and let the espresso steep in peace.

Step 6 – Take care of the crust

As soon as the timer goes off raise the highest from the beaker. There must be a crust-like layer of espresso grounds on the floor that shaped whereas the espresso was steeping.

The ultimate style and texture of the espresso may be modified relying on how the crust is dealt with.

For a full bodied last end result use the spoon to softly break up the crust and briefly stir it. This can trigger a lot of the espresso to fall to the underside of the beaker.

For a light-weight bodied last end result use the spoon to scoop the crust off and discard it. Preserve scooping till you’ve gotten eliminated all of the floating espresso grounds.

Step 7 – Press and pour

Place the highest again onto the beaker and gently press the plunger all the best way down.

If the plunger drops to the underside with nearly no resistance, the grind is just too coarse. Alternatively, if it takes a variety of effort to press the plunger to the underside the grind is just too high-quality.

As soon as the plunger reaches the underside, pour the brewed espresso slowly from the French Press into the mug and revel in.

Step 8 – Save the final drop

Keep away from pouring out the final 10% of brewed espresso that’s within the beaker. This final bit may have a excessive focus of silt.

Identical goes along with your mug, so keep away from consuming that final sip!

Need extra French Press Ideas?

We requested the baristas and low fanatics within the Handground neighborhood what their finest ideas for brewing French Press are.

Click on right here to see all 26 French Press Ideas

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