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Canned cranberry sauce can be used in a variety of recipes and it's easy to make. It's also convenient, because you don't need to worry about cooking the cranberries or having them on hand.

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How to use canned cranberry sauce

Have leftover cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving? Choose one of these fifty ways create delicious meals with leftover cranberry sauce! Recipes include breakfast, lunch dinner, and dessert!

Jellied, canned or homemade. Which is your favorite?

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In our home, canned jellied cranberry sauce is hands-down winner. I should prefer the homemade stuff, but don’t. I don’t like ‘floaty’ things in my cranberry jelly!

Regardless of which kind of cranberry sauce you have – if you have a lot leftover from Thanksgiving, don’t throw it away! You can use one of these ideas to create even more meals using leftover cranberry sauce!

As a tip with all of these recipes – you’ll be using leftover cranberry sauce in recipes that may be made with plain cranberries. Yours will be on the sugary side, so make sure to compensate for that within the recipe.

Ways to Use Leftover Cranberry Sauce

Dehydrated Cranberry Sauce

Yes, you can do this. There are two ways you can accomplish this to make extremely tasty, sweet, tart fruit leather treats for your kids (or more to the point, for you!)

Jellied Cranberry Fruit Leather

Slice your jellied cranberry sauce into thin layers, or cut into fun shapes, dry at 140F / 57c until firm, leathery and dry. Think of these as being like cranberry gummies.

Cranberry Fruit Leather

Mix your sauce with about 30% applesauce, use an immersion blender or a blender to get a smooth consistency, spread into layers on your fruit leather sheets and dry at 140F / 57C until done.

See the full instructions here:


Cranberry Sauce Oat Breakfast Muffins

Pancake Topping – simmer a little of that cranberry sauce with some added orange juice and make a perfect pancake or waffle topping!

Cranberry Sauce Cinnamon Rolls

Bacon Egg and Cheese Cranberry Sauce breakfast sandwich – hands-up if you’ve ever put strawberry on your homemade breakfast muffins before? This is a perfect way of making it suited for the season! Add a little fresh spinach to remove any guilt from this sandwich!

Cranberry Sauce Muffins

Cranberry Orange Poptarts

Cranberry Sauce Breakfast Rolls

Cranberry Sauce Coffee Cake


Cranberry Banana Smoothies

Cranberry Spreads

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Cranberry-Jalapeno Cream Cheese Dip

Cranberry Cream Cheese Dip

Cranberry Mustard Sauce

Cranberry Mayo – sure, turkey sandwiches are all the rage for the week after Thanksgiving, but this sauce is good for

Cranberry Pistachio Baked Brie

Whipped Cranberry Butter

Rosemary Cranberry sauce glaze – instead of using cranberry juice, use some sauce with a little extra water and simmer to create a glaze – drizzle over your favorite veggies or meat.

Cranberry Chipotle BBQ Sauce

Slow-Cooker Meals

Slowcooker Cranberry Chicken This slow cooker meal is from the Croctober Extravaganza, but with leftover turkey and your cranberry sauce!

Cranberry Pulled Pork – add a cup of cranberry sauce to your favorite pulled pork recipe and serve it up on tasty buns or on top of a baked potato or sweet potato.

Main Dishes

Cranberry Buffalo Chicken Wings

Glazed Ham for Christmas!

Turkey Dinner Muffins

Cranberry Cocktail Meatballs

Cranberry Sweet and Sour Pork

Cranberry Ginger Chicken (remember, replace the cranberry/juice combination with your own cranberry sauce and continue with the recipe)

Cranberry Duck Breast – if you are like me don’t like the taste of warm whole cranberries, you can admit those and the honey and replace with your cranberry sauce.

Cranberry-Glazed Lamb Skewers

Cranberry Chipotle Chicken Enchiladas


Cranberry Butternut Squash

Sweet Potato with Cranberry topping – what’s better than a baked sweet potato for a quick lunch or snack? Top it with a little leftover cranberry sauce and orange zest for a treat!

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Sweet potato toast with cranberry – maybe this is an appetizer instead, but sweet potato toast with a little cream cheese and cranberry spread is a PERFECT way to give yourself the goodness of both of this season’s favorite flavors!

3 Sandwiches

Of course, the most basic use of any good cranberry sauce is that post-Thanksgiving Day Turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce, stuffing, and turkey meat! But try it as a panini-style sandwich if you have an indoor grill – or even on the outdoor grill!

Here are some other tasy ideas!

Brie & Cranberry Grilled Cheese sandwiches – this is fabulous with goat cheese as well!

Smashed Chickpea, Cranberry, and Avocado Sandwich

Vegan Holiday Sandwich

9 Desserts

Cranberry Crunch Squares

Spiced Tea and Cranberry Poached Pears

Cranberry Apple Pie

Cranberry Orange Poundcake

Cranberry Shortbread Bars

Cranberry Apple Crisp

Jellied Cranberry Sauce Bread

Peanut Butter and Jellies Thumbprint cookies

Cranberry Sauce Bars

Chocolate Cranberry Sauce Cookies

Cranberry Shortbread Cookies

Cranberry Sauce Cobblers

Cranberry Orange Crunch

Popsicles! Simply blend cranberry sauce with your favorite fruit juice or with some yogurt and pour into popsicle molds for a delicious treat!


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