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how to use fresh country eggs for hard boiled eggs

This post will show you how to use fresh country eggs for hard boiled eggs. Fresh country eggs are the best way to make hard boiled eggs because they have less water content and a higher ratio of omega-3s, which is important for

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How to use fresh country eggs for hard boiled eggs

I kid you not, it took me 38 years to learn this trick.

We’ve always enjoyed hard-boiled eggs. In tuna salad, on lettuce salads, as a snack, or even to pack as an easy breakfast when we’re traveling. I take deviled eggs (along with a dessert or French bread) to nearly every potluck meal we attend, because I never ever return with any.

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We also enjoy farm fresh eggs, and are blessed with many sources for those. The problem is that farm fresh eggs do not make good hard boiled eggs. Actually, they do, but they don’t peel well. I’ll ruin several eggs just to get a dozen peeled.

Until now.

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I used to put the eggs in the pan, covered them with water, slowly brought it to a boil, cooked them for a few minutes, turned the burner off leaving the covered pan on the burner, then cracked, cooled, and grumped my way through peeling the ugly, falling apart eggs. OR I would just say forget it and buy a dozen from the store specifically for hard boiling purposes. (How sad is it that we all know the store eggs are so old that they’ll pretty easily peel?)

Now I do this.

The older I get, the more I realize I don’t know! What fun kitchen tricks have you learned in recent months or years? What have you been doing “wrong?”

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