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how to use soba noodle soup base

This article will teach you how to make soba noodle soup with a soba noodle soup base. You'll need some water, salt, and the noodles.

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How to use soba noodle soup base

Kake soba is a straightforward Japanese soba noodle soup. In the event you love Japanese noodles, you may need to strive these heat and flavorful soba noodles. Benefit from the number of toppings with umami-rich dashi soup.

Kake Soba (Japanese Simple Soba Noodle Soup)

Have you ever ever tried soba noodle soup and questioned the best way to make it?

Reading: how to use soba noodle soup base

There are such a lot of variations of soba noodle soup, however this the most straightforward recipe referred to as Kake soba.

Additionally, I’ll present you the best way to make the soup from scratch. It is likely to be overwhelming for the primary time, however don’t be concerned, it is really simple.

  • This recipe is for you if:
  • You’re keen on Japanese soba noodles.
  • You need to make easy or hearty soba noodle soup.
  • You need to make soba noodle soup from scratch.

Along with the recipe, you’re going to get data about soba noodles, particulars of substances, the best way to make dashi and soup, and vegan choices.

Let’s get began!

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About this recipe

  • Genuine Japanese soba noodle recipe
  • Many concepts for toppings
  • Make the soup from scratch
  • Vegan adaptable

What’s Kake soba?

Kake soba is a noodle dish made by pouring heat soup on boiled soba noodles. “Kake” means “pour something over” in Japanese, so if it is udon, it is referred to as “Kake udon”.

Topping may be easy, like solely chopped scallion, or for those who like hearty noodles, then you may have numerous toppings.

I’m going to introduce what substances are good for toppings later.

An prolonged model of Kake Soba

Kake soba is a broad time period for heat soba. Listed below are a few of the prolonged variations of Kake soba.

  • Tempura soba: Tempura (more than likely shrimp) on high of kake soba.
  • Kitsune soba: Seasoned aburaage (deep fried skinny tofu) on high of kake soba.
  • Kakiage soba: Kakiage (a sort of tempura) on high of kake soba.

By the best way, in case you are aware of Japanese soba noodles, you may surprise what zaru soba (or mori soba) is. The type is completely different from Kake soba. It is served chilly, and the soup is in a separate bowl, so that you eat it by dipping soba noodles within the soup.

Kake soba: Fundamental

Let’s dig into the best way to make kake soba. Principally it is made up of those three elements.

  • Soba noodles: Dried soba noodles, contemporary one, or frozen one is accessible in a retailer. Any soba noodles are wonderful.
  • Soba soup: Make dashi (soup inventory) from katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes), kombu (kelp), and niboshi (dried child sardines), and season with mirin and soy sauce.
  • Toppings: Scallion, wakame seaweed, some greens, and the record goes on.

You’ll discover the small print for every one within the following.

Soba Noodles

freshly made soba noodles

Soba noodle is a Japanese conventional noodle and initially produced from solely buckwheat flour and water, and it is referred to as Juwari Soba. (By the best way, udon noodle is produced from flour.)

However it incorporates no gluten and never simple to make the form and maintain the standard. That is why flour is added to extend gluten.

Soba noodle’s title is completely different relying on how a lot flour included. Listed below are some variations.

  • Juwari Soba (十割そば) – 100% buckwheat flour
  • Nihachi Soba (二八そば) – 20% flour, 80% buckwheat flour
  • Gowari Soba (五割そば) – 50% flour, 50% buckwheat flour

The ratio of buckwheat flour ought to be greater than 30% to promote as soba, so if it simply says “soba” on the bundle, it in all probability contains principally flour, which is extra doubtless darker colour udon.

If you wish to strive actual soba noodles, it is best to decide Juwari or Nihachi. You’d benefit from the taste of buckwheat flour and the feel.

My favourite is Nihachi soba.

By the best way, the image above is freshly made soba noodles that I bought from a soba restaurant in our neighborhood. It has a wealthy taste and texture. Nevertheless, I normally use dried soba noodles which might be simple to retailer.

Are Soba noodles more healthy than Udon noodles?

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Buckwheat flour features a excessive nutritious worth, so basically, we are saying soba noodles are more healthy than udon noodles.

  • Soba noodle’s Glycemic Index is decrease than udon noodles.
  • Soba noodles have extra dietary fiber than udon noodles.
  • Soba noodles have extra protein than udon noodles.

In the event you take note of blood sugar stage, soba noodles are extra really useful than udon noodles.

However bear in mind, some soba noodles embody extra flour than buckwheat flour (like 70% flour, 30% buckwheat flour), so in that case, it will not make a lot distinction.

If you’re on the lookout for a gluten-free possibility, it is best to use “Juwari soba,” which is 100% produced from buckwheat flour.

Soba Soup (Mentsuyu)

Substances for the soup

Noodle soup known as “mentsuyu” in Japanese. We make it from dashi (soup inventory) and season with soy sauce and mirin.

Kake Soba (Japanese Simple Soba Noodle Soup) soup ingredients
  • Dashi: Katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes), kombu (kelp), niboshi (dried child sardines)
  • Seasoning: Mirin, soy sauce

Dashi is the bottom of the soup and a key ingredient.

I exploit 3 completely different dashi substances on this recipe, however you may make different dashi reminiscent of Awase dashi (katsuobushi and kombu), niboshi dashi, or shiitake kombu dashi (vegan dashi).

If making dashi is an excessive amount of work, you need to use instantaneous dashi powder to avoid wasting your time. That is completely okay.

Soba soup can also be used for udon noodles. In the event you go to a noodle stand at a station in Japan, you may select both soba noodles or udon noodles, they usually pour the identical soup over the noodles.

Methods to make soba soup

When you get all of the substances, let’s make the soup!

How to make Kake Soba soup (Japanese Simple Soba Noodle Soup)
  1. Put substances in a pot: Put katsuobushi, kombu, niboshi (snap the top and take away the heart, watch: the best way to put together niboshi), water in a pot and convey to a boil over medium warmth.
  2. Simmer: When it begins boiling, decrease the warmth to low and simmer for about 2 minutes. In the event you verify the style, you may style the flavorful umami.
  3. Add mirin and soy sauce: Add mirin and soy sauce, carry it to a boil once more, then take away the pot from warmth.
  4. Drain: Drain in a colander and take away the dashi substances.
kake soba soup(mentsuyu)

If you don’t use it instantly, let it calm down, put it in a jar, and retailer it within the fridge for one week.

Please put it in a freezer bag or ice dice maker and retailer it within the freezer for one month for long-term storage.

Vegan Adaptable

Dashi is produced from katsuobushi and niboshi, and they’re fishes, so it is not vegan-friendly.

However I’ve a vegan possibility for you. In the event you change it with vegan dashi: Shiitake Kombu Dashi, you may make vegan Kake soba.

It is much less umami and taste, however I am certain you’d benefit from the light taste from shiitake and kombu.

What to Do with the leftover

dashi(soup stock) leftover

It is referred to as dashi gara (leftover dashi), and you may make a scrumptious furikake with it, so do not throw it away!

Finely chop with a meals processor, stir fry with soy sauce, mirin, sake, sesame seeds, and possibly somewhat spice combination (for those who like spices), and you will have a beautiful furikake.

Go forward, sprinkle on a bowl of rice, combine within the rice, make onigiri (rice ball), put it on a salad, or use it for seasoning for stir-fried greens. So some ways to take pleasure in it!


That is the enjoyable half! Put your favourite substances on, or simmer greens with the soup. There are such a lot of choices. Let me share the record!

Numerous toppings go effectively with Kake soba, however I’ve listed the traditional ones and those which might be simple to organize.

Toppings for Kake Soba (Japanese Simple Soba Noodle Soup)
  • Scallion
  • Wakame Seaweed
  • Kamaboko: A sort of fish cake.
  • Onsen Tamago: It is a half-cooked egg. Place eggs in boiled water and go away for 15 -20 minutes to prepare dinner slowly.
  • Agedama: Items of tempura batter.
  • Spinach: Boil for 1 minute.
  • Tororo Kombu: Flakes of kombu
  • Aburaage: Skinny deep-fried tofu. Bake on either side with a toaster.

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And extra

  • Satsuma Age: A sort of fish cake.
  • Natto: Sticky fermented soybeans.
  • Chikuwa: A sort of fish cake
  • Kimchi
  • Nori sheet

Kake soba topping examples

4 different way to add toppings in kake soba

Which one do you need to strive? Listed below are some examples of servings.

1. Basic Kake Soba:Scallion and Wakame

Kake Soba (Japanese Simple Soba Noodle Soup)

Scallions and wakame seaweed are traditional toppings that we regularly see at a soba noodle stand. It is easy, simple, and fast.

2. A Hearty Kake Soba #1

Kake Soba (Japanese Simple Soba Noodle Soup)

Scallions, wakame seaweed, onsen tamago, kamaboko, and agedama on high. That is my favourite one because it has extra colours and so appetizing.

3. Hearty Kake Soba #2

Kake Soba (Japanese Simple Soba Noodle Soup)

Scallions, wakame seaweed, spinach, aburaage, agedama, and tororo kombu. It appears to be like so scrumptious. I am certain you’ll be full after ending this particular Kake soba.

4. Use Leftover within the fridge

If you’re undecided what to decide on, you may strive it along with your leftover!

Kake Soba (Japanese Simple Soba Noodle Soup)

Even for those who do not put together the toppings, it is also scrumptious placing some leftover facet dishes on it. That is leftover stir-fried greens from the day before today. It tastes good as different variations.

You possibly can strive theses for toppings:

  • Tempeh stir fry
  • Hijiki salad (simmered hijiki)
  • Atuage teriyaki
  • Eggplant teriyaki
  • Japanese type stir-fried greens (no recipe but)

One thing season with soy sauce or miso would go effectively. Or you may go forward and experiment along with your favourite dish!

Simmer substances with the soup

In the event you really feel like consuming Kake soba with loads of greens, reduce them and simmer with the soup.

Kake Soba (Japanese Simple Soba Noodle Soup)

The photograph above is with carrot, shimeji mushroom, and scallion. Minimize greens, add them to the soup, then prepare dinner for 4-5 minutes till tender.

Listed below are different greens you may strive:

  • Daikon
  • Onion
  • Potato
  • Kabocha (pumpkin)
  • Mushrooms (maitake, shiitake, eringi)
  • Komatsuna (inexperienced leaf)
  • Napa cabbage

My favourite one is mushrooms. Put maitake, shiitake, eringi within the soup, simmer, and high with scallion. I’d be so glad to eat this hearty mushroom kake soba.

Boil soba and Let’s Serve Kake soba

Okay, that is the final part. In the event you already put together soba soup and toppings, then the remaining is very easy. Let’s end it up. (watch: the best way to make kake soba)

  1. Boil water: Put water in a pot, carry it to a boil, then put soba noodles.
  2. Boil soba noodles: Boil it in accordance with the time on the bundle. This one is contemporary soba, so boiling time is just one and a half minutes.
  3. Drain: After boiling, drain in a colander and shortly rinse below chilly working water to take away the starch.
  4. Serve soba noodles: Put together a bowl and serve boiled soba noodles.
  5. Pour soba soup: Gently pour the nice and cozy soup over the noodles.
  6. Topping: Place chopped scallions and wakame seaweed.

Right here you go! As soon as it is served, please eat immediately. In any other case, the soba noodle soaks up the soup and turns into soggy.

In the event you like somewhat spice, sprinkle with shichimi togarashi (Japanese spice mix) and luxuriate in!

Thanks For Stopping By

Like I discussed earlier, Kake soba is the most straightforward and hearty soba noodle soup. In the event you discover toppings you want, then why not making them at dwelling!

I hope you’ll take pleasure in this genuine recipe!

Thanks for taking the time to learn my weblog♡ In the event you’ve tried this recipe(or every other recipe on the weblog), please give it a star ranking under!

Additionally, be at liberty to go away feedback when you have any questions. I like listening to from you!

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